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Articles, Tips, and Reviews

We love riding our trikes and tweaking them out. Here we document some of our efforts and write our tips.

Why Michael Rides a Trike

Michael shares with us his history with cycling and how it lead him to eventually riding a recumbent trike. He now rides a full suspension Catrike Dumont.

Introducing the Catrike MAX - Catrikes Newest Model

Introducing the brand new Catrike Max! The Catrike Max is the newest release after the Catrike Dumont more than 3 years ago!

The Official Utah Trikes 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

What should you be buying your trike-riding loved ones this year? The team at Utah Trikes has assembled a collection of the most popular trike add-ons and favorite accessories! Check out out 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.

Why Dwayne Rides a Trike - The Catrike Trail as a Therapist's Couch

Dwayne shares why he's been sold on trikes since his very first ride on a Catrike Trail! Getting out in the open air and riding in comfort is a great way to clear the mind.

What is a Trike?

In this article we answer the age old question: What is a trike? Check out this article if you want all of your burning questions to be answered.

SportsCrafter Trike Trainer: Trike Riding at HOME!

Keep up with your trike riding from the comfort of your own home! With these SportCrafters trike trainers its the easiest way to turn your trike basically into a stationary trike right in your living room!

Why Jeanne Rides a Trike - A Go-Everywhere Electric Assist eTrike!

Making the switch from a standard bike to an electric recumbent trike has allowed Jeanne to keep riding at 72! Read her inspirational story and learn how a trike can help you.

Rohloff's E-14 Electronic Shifter and Catrike's Flagship Dumont Full Suspension Trike

The eCat14 is the brand new high-tech and rider conscious trike that we carry here at Utah Trikes. This is a UTCustom build totally electrifying this classic Catrike

Why Craig Rides a Trike! BMX meets Catrike!

Coming from a BMX background caused Craig to test the limits of trail riding with his Catrike. Read here to see how riding on a Catrike Trail has improved Craig's life!

Why Bob Rides a Trike - Heart Health eCat Electric Trike

When the doctor says that you can't risk falling off a standard bike but you still want to ride, a recumbent trike may be the perfect answer. With the eCat motor assist, your pedaling is supercharged so you still get heart-healthy exercise but can cover more ground.

How To Install a Rohloff Hub on your Catrike!

Upgrade your trike with an all internal rear gearing, protecting your gears and giving you higher gearing that external gearing just cant get on a Catrike. Our Rohloff wheel kits are the easy way to upgrade your gearing.

Annihilator Meets Full Suspension! The Dumont-Based Annihilator D90

The Electro Tad: Electric power with an affordable price tag.

A reliable, affordable trike with an electric upgrade. The Electro Tad features a Falco 500W hub motor and 36V battery to give you a little extra power on the road.

Electrify Your Trike

Ever wondered which electric system is best for you and your riding style? Take a look at this article and compare and contrast some of the most popular options.

UT Custom Differential

Better traction. Better triking. The all new posi-traction differential from UT Custom will eliminate slipping, avoid tire scrub, and enhance your off roading experience.

The Tricon by Azub

Youíre thinking about purchasing an Azub Tricon? Itís one of the best decisions youíre going to make. Itís adjustability, reliability, agility, and beauty built into one impressive machine.

Fat Tad Crawler - The Monster Truck of Trikes

The HUGE tires, incredible ground clearance, and awesome gearing on the Fat Tad Crawler will get you through all kinds of terrain. Don't let sand, snow, mud, water, or rocks stop you from enjoying your recumbent ride.

Meet the Catrike 559

A folding recumbent from Catrike. It features a 26-inch rear wheel, responsive handling, admirable gearing, and it's so comfortable to ride you'll want to be riding 24/7. An excellent combination of luxury and performance packed into a quality folding trike: the Catrike 559.

Quality You Can Afford - SunSeeker Eco Delta 3 SX

Learn all bout the Eco Delta. If your want to know how this delta trike from its tadpole counterpart, you came to the right place.

All About Shipping at Utah Trikes

We outline Utah Trikes method for packaging and freight Shipping Trikes. We highly recommend that every customer review this information.

Seeking an Amazing Entry Trike - Sun Seeker Eco Tad SX

This is a detailed review on the Sun Seeker Eco Tad SX. Some people want to know how this more affordable trike compares to the Terra Trike Rover. This article will give you everything you need to know.

Brians Thoughts on the Scorpion FS-26

Brian from California recently bought a custom Scorpion fs-26 with electric assist from us. Here are his preliminary impressions. . . .

Sun T-3 CX A Review

Looking for an intermediate cost effective trike? Look no further. The Sun T-3 CX is your trike.

Eggbeat 1/Clipless Pedal Review

Tonight at 9, Clipless shoes may be for you.
Styles, types, and purposes, all in the following article!

Thoughts on the Sun EZ Tad SX

Most people think you need to spend a lot of money in order to get a reliable, comfortable, and fun trike. The Sun EZ Tad SX tosses that misconception out the window.

Bikes around the Buttes

George Fisher writes about circumnavigating the Buttes is a 40 mile easy ride, both scenic and exhilarating in the northern Sacramento Valley.

The 2012 Catrike Cat-4 Quad by Utah Trikes

The Quad has been designed for those looking for a true pedal car. The additional cargo capacity, traction, and 4-wheel disc braking make it the perfect utility vehicle for touring and commuting.

Introducing the 2012 Catrike Road

Catrike is know for their lightweight, fast trikes, and above all their fine engineering. For 2012 Catrike brought us rear suspension with the new Catrike Road.

Introducing the New Generation of Villager by Big Cat

When the Villager was first introduced it grabbed a lot of attention with its lightweight frame and high seat. The new Villager G2 adds an adjustable seat for a trike that will fit anybody.

The New Catrike Villager and Trail

Catrike has made some radical changes to the their lineup with adjustable seats ad a new frame design on the Villager and Trail.

HP Velotechnik Gekko FX

The HP Gekko is an fantastic trike for anyone that wants something with a decent gear range and foldability.
The folded dimensions, and style makes it easy to carry, and store this trike in small areas, even a cubical!

Customer Review: ICE Sprint with Golden Motor

Sean gave us an excellent report on his custom ICE Sprint that we equiped with the Golden Motor 1000W system.

330 Miles on a Catrike 700

George rode his Catrike 700 330 miles to raise money for those with HIV/AIDS in Northern California.

Matt's Catrike 700 Review

Looking for a fast trike? Well, Matt says this is the fastest trike available. Matt spent a lot of time in the saddle and has some good insight into Catrike's top-of-the-line model.

Catrike Expedition Review

The Expedition is the perfect trike for everday commuting or touring. Its extremely comfortable and is loaded with great components.

Sun HT3 SX Handtrike Review

The Sun HT3 is easy to ride and fun to use. This trike will give you the upper body workout that you won't get from your regular bike or trike.

The Dangers of Cross Chaining

With such a wide gear range and a long chain, the term "cross chaining" comes up frequently. Learn what it is and how to avoid it.

Catrike Trail Review

The Trail is a great trike for beginners and veterans alike. If you are looking for a trike that doesn't lay as far back as some of the others and has a little higher seat height consider the Catrike Trail.

Catrike Villager Review by Sonia

The Villager is the cutest trike ever! This trike is mine and you can't have it.

The 2009 KMX Typhoon

The new Typhoon from KMX Karts has been updated. It has a new seat and new tires which make it a serious contender for anyone looking for a bullet proof trike under $1500.

Catrike's New Plush And Pocketed Seat

Catrike recently unveiled a new seat for their trikes. This seat features padding for comfort and enough cargo capability to take care of the casual rider or day-tripper needs.

Catrike - A Different Kind Of Trike

The Catrike frame looks like a piece of pop art. Flowing lines and an integrated seat make this trike different than the others. Find out what makes the Catrike special!

Catrike Villager Review

The highest ground clearance recumbent trike from Big Cat HPV, the Catrike Villager, is a great trike. Read more about it in out Catrike Villager Review.

Why Ride a Trike?

Trikes are fun and comfortable, but they are also easy to ride. Whether you are looking to tour, commute, or just ride casually through the neighborhood, the trike should be on your list.

Trikes and PVC

Are you looking to make some accessories for your trike? The local hardware store may have all you need. With some PVC or ABS tubing, fittings, glue, and a saw you can make some great things.

The Nuvinci CVP Hub Transmission - It's So Smooth!!!

The Nuvinci CVP is a totally new type of gearing system for the cycling market. We've adapted this technology for use on our trikes. This is a different kind of ride.

TerraCycle Idlers and Your Trike's Chainline

Eliminating friction in your trike's chainline can make a huge difference. Less drag makes pedaling easier, which means you can pedal faster and go longer.

Are Trikes Safe?

An in-depth look at the pros and cons of Recumbent Trikes and how they are safe to ride in traffic or suburban areas.

Schlumpf High Speed Drive

Do you need higher gears? Would you like a simpler drivetrain? Consider the Schlumpf High Speed Drive. It's one of our favorite solutions.

Schwalbe Big Apple Tires

The Big Apples are the tire that has gained the reputation of being the comfort ride. These tires add built-in air suspension to your trike.

Learning Proper Pedaling Technique

Do you want to go faster? Does the thought of triking up a hill freak you out? Do your knees hurt when you ride? If you answered yes to any of these questions a new pedaling technique may help you out.

Riding the ULCER 2007 Century on a Trike

Riding the ULCER on a trike is something I've wanted to do since I had heard about it. Well, I did it. Over 100 miles around the Utah Lake in the hot August sun.

Preparing for the ULCER Century ride

111 miles on a trike. We ride around the Utah Lake in the hottest part of the year. Can I do it? I've tweaked my trike and trained for months.

Understanding your tires

The folks at Schwalbe have provided us with super great tire information. Choosing the right tires can make you ride faster and be more comfortable.

Increase your Energy and Speed with Proper Hydration

How to increase your triking speed by just one simple and inexpensive change.

Preparing your trike for high speed

Are you a speed demon like me? Does pedaling your trike up to 50mph sound like a thrill. Well, here are some of the tricks that I've used to make it happen.

Ultimate Gearing Modifications For Your Trike

If you are a gear head like me and like to ride fast, then you are probably looking for some way to modify your gearing. Here I talk about what I've done.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tires

If you are looking for some tires that are faster than the stock CST rubber, and you need something nearly bullet proof, then the Marathon Plus tires may do the trick.

Trike away the pounds

The only way to shed pounds is if you're having so much fun, it doesn't feel like exercise. Read about how I accomplished this with a recumbent trike and turn your daily commute into a cardio workout.

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