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We love riding our trikes, modifying them, and sharing them!
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Discover the Joy of a Motorized Recumbent Trike

Unlock new possibilities with a motorized recumbent trike. Find more comfort, explore further, and enjoy the empowering ride! Click here to learn more!

Best Three-Wheel Bike for the Money

In this article we discuss some of the best trikes on the market that are worth the money too. Click here to learn more!

Why Carl Rides AZUB and ICE Trikes

In this article our friend Carl shares his experience riding the Azub Ti-Fly X, Azub 26", and the ICE RS. Click here to learn more!

A Hand Powered Trike? The Sun HT-3 and the UTCustom Hand and Foot Cycle

Are you looking for an all body workout? A handcycle might be perfect for you! In this article we dive in to some of the options that we have available for handcycles.

Ultimate Guide to Three-Wheel Bike for Adults

Explore the benefits and how to choose the perfect three-wheel bike for adults in this comprehensive guide.

How Mindfulness While Trike Riding Can Improve Your Life

Did you know that riding a trike can not only help your physical health but you're mental health? In this article we discuss how by practicing mindfulness while riding your trike can not only improve your ride, but your life click here to learn more!

Explore the Great Outdoors with a Fat Tire Mountain Trike

Discover how fat tire mountain trikes offer traction, stability, and comfort on all terrains. Perfect for your next off-road adventure. Shop now!

Why Peter Rides a Catrike Expedition

In this article our friend Peter shares about his experience riding a Catrike Expedition! He explains how he loves to ride to relax! Click here to learn more!

Ultimate Guide to Recumbent Three-Wheel Cruiser Choices

In this article we explore the ultimate guide to recumbent three wheel cruiser choices so you can know everything there is to know! Click here to learn more!

AZUB T-Trisek: A Folding Adaptive Trike for Kids

Are you looking for a recumbent trike for a young rider that can grow with them? Well look no further than the the Azub T-Trisek recumbent trike! Click here to learn more!

Explore the Path Less Traveled with the Catrike Expedition!

Get ready to set out on an adventure like something you've never experienced before with the Catrike Expedition! In this article we dive deep into what makes the Catrike Expedition tick and what makes it stand out among other trikes. Click here to learn more!

Customizing Your Trike: Personalizing Your Ride for Comfort and Performance

Customizing your trike can help you stand out when with other trike riders, but it can be difficult to know where to start. That's where Utah Trikes comes in! In this article we discuss some essential tips and trips to help you personalize your recumbent trike. Click here to learn more!

Why William Rides a Catrike 559

In this article our friend William shares some of the awesome photos from his rides from last year. He also shares how he got into riding trikes and his experience with the Catrike 559. Click here to read more!

Trike Tech: Uncovering the Coolest Gadgets and Accessories for Your Ride

In this article we dive into some of the coolest gadgets and accessories that are available on the market today. Click here to learn more!

Rev Up Your Ride With Recumbent Bike Electric Assist

Looking to enhance your cycling experience? Discover the benefits of recumbent bike electric assist at Utah Trikes.

Find Your Perfect Ride: Best Electric Recumbent Bike

Discover the best electric recumbent bikes for older cyclists seeking stability and comfort. Expert picks, features, and why Utah Trikes is your guide.

Why Peter Rides a Catrike Dumont

In this article Peter shares why he rides a Catrike Dumont. We also share a little bit about what makes the Catrike Dumont such an amazing trike! Click here to learn more!

Top 10 Things to do in Provo, Utah

Provo is the one of the biggest cities neighboring us in Springville, Utah. It's a great place for people to visit if they're stopping by Utah Trikes. In this article, we go over some of our favorite places to visit in Provo, Utah. Click here to learn more!

Essential Guide to Recumbent Three-Wheel Price Insights

In this article we dive into what goes into the pricing for three wheel recumbent trikes and what makes them cost what they do. Click here to learn more!

5 Most Affordable Trikes

Have you been looking for a trike but it feels like prices are all over the place? Well we here at Utah Trikes are here to help! in this article we take a look at 5 of the most affordable trikes that are currently on the market! Click here to learn more!

Take your Trike to the Next Level with a Bicycle Flag

In this article we dive into how you can take your trike to the next level with a flag! We also discuss different flags that we offer. Click here to learn more!

Why Michael Rides an HP Velotechnik Scorpion

In this article Michael shares his experience riding recumbent trikes over the last 20 years. Click here to learn more!

Accessibility Aids for Recumbent Trikes

Some people may find it difficult to enter and exit a recumbent trike, we're here to help! In this article we'll discuss some of our favorite accessibility aids that we offer so that you can find the perfect one for you! Click here to learn more!

Best Recumbent Tricycle for Adults

Discover the best recumbent tricycle for adults! Check out our comprehensive guide to find the perfect trike for you.

Electric Trike for Adults: A Complete Buyer's Guide

In this complete buyer's guide, learn how to choose the perfect electric trike for adults. Explore essential features, maintenance tips, and expert advice.

Electric Recumbent Bike: Your Guide to Comfortable Fitness

Discover the best electric recumbent bikes at Utah Trikes, including the custom ElectroCat and eCAT with Bosch Active Line Plus.

Why Robert Rides a Catrike Expedition

In this article shares that he used to do triathlon's but due to aging he needed to find another way to stay active and turned to riding recumbent trikes. Click here to learn more!

Best Recumbent Trikes for Seniors - Stay Active Safely

In this article we discuss some of the best recumbent trikes for seniors that are available. We also discuss some of the reasons that recumbent trikes might be a good options for seniors. Click here to learn more!

What is the Best Folding Tricycle for Adults?

Explore top folding tricycles for adults by Utah Trikes. Learn about models like the Gekko FX 20, Scorpion FX, and ICE Adventure HD trikes.

Your Guide to Wheelchair and Trike Friendly Trails in the Uinta National Forest

The Uinta National Forest is one of the most beautiful forests around. In this article we cover some of the trails that are accessible for wheelchairs and trikes. Click here to learn more!

How to Unbox Your New Trike: Setting Up Your Trike for Your First Ride

You've just gotten your new trike, now what? Join us as we walk you through the journey of your trike from cardboard box to your first ride. Learn how we package your trike, how to track your trike, what things to look out for when unpackaging your trike and how to set it up for your first ride!

Why Jack Rides a Catrike 559 to Help With Cerebellar Ataxia

In this weekís article Jack shares how riding a recumbent trike has opened up his whole world and how heís trying to share the freedom heís found with others with Cerebellar Ataxia. Click here to learn more!

Summer Cruising: Tips for Enjoying Trike Rides in the Sun

As the summer months approach and warm weather starts to creep in riders may wonder how to stay cool and comfortable while riding. In this article we'll cover some essential tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your summer trike riding. Click here to learn more!

Utah Trikes Lego Show 2024

Are you looking for something fun to do May 11th? Well, look no further! Weíre having a super cool event at our shop in Springville, Utah †with Utah Lego Users Group, Utah Gambler 500, and J Dawgs! The event is free and open to everyone so be sure to stop by!

How to Prevent Damage to your Recumbent Trike

Damaging something on your trike is never fun. It's inconvenient, can be expensive, and is just be an overall pain. In this article we go over some essential tips that can help you to protect your trike from being damaged. Click here to learn more!

Bags on Board: Maximizing Utility with Trike Storage Solutions

Do you love riding your trike but feel like you never have enough space? Well now all your worries are over thanks to cargo bags for trikes! Click here to learn how to take your storage game to the next level!

Unboxing and Setting Up Your Not a Wheelchair Kid Rig

So the exciting day has come and your Not a Wheelchair Kid Rig has arrived, but what do you do now? In this article we discuss everything you need to know about your Kid Rig from unboxing to setting everything up! Click here to learn more!

Why Bob Rides an ICE Adventure FS with Bafang Mid Drive Assist

In this article Bob shares his experience using his ICE Adventure FS with a Bafang Motor as a medical rehabilitation device after several surgeries. Click here to learn more!

Maximize Your Workout: Top Recumbent Bike Benefits Explained

Have you ever wondered what the health benefits of recumbent trikes are? In this article we dive into how recumbent trikes can maximize your workout routine. Click here to learn more!

How to Keep Your Trike from Being Stolen

Nobody want's to get the trike stolen. In this article we'll discuss some tips and tricks to help protect your trike from potential theft. Click here to learn more!

Is a Recumbent Bike a Good Workout? Discover the Truth

Discover if a recumbent bike/trike is a good workout for you and how it can transform your fitness routine with less joint stress. Click to learn more!

Nuvinci and Rohloff Wheel Removal

Today in this Trike Tutorial we're going to show us how to remove and reinstall your trikes rear wheel if you have an internally geared hub installed.
We are going to go over our two most common hubs, the Nuvinci N380 and the Rohloff 14-speed. So letís get started!

Why Anthony Rides a Not a Wheelchair

Anthony, who just got his Not a Wheelchair, shares how riding a Not a Wheelchair has helped him be able to enjoy the outdoors! Click here to learn more!

Puncture Protection: How to Protect Your Trike's Tires

Have you ever started on a long ride, hoping to exercise and enjoy the fresh air, only to get a flat five miles in? Stranded out in the summer heat with no spare tire. It can become a pickle really fast. When riding any vehicle you want to protect your tires and be prepared for any situation that could stop you in your tracks. That's why today we want to talk about all the great options available to give your tire the armor it needs to keep you rolling. Click here to learn more!

Trike Safety: How to Avoid Injury on a Trike

Want to take your trike safety game to the next level? In this article we share how to stay safe and avoid injury while riding a trike. Click here to learn more!

Pedal Like a Pro: Power Grips

Do you want to take your pedal came to the next level? Now you can with Power Grips Pedal Straps. Click here to learn more!

Crankset Removal Tutorial for Recumbent Trikes

In this Trike Tutorial Jared is going to show us how to disassemble and reassemble your trikes crankset. Weíll go through your standard Catrike and Sunseeker model cranksets in this video. So letís get started!

Why Jim Rides an eCat Dumont with a Bafang Motor

In this article Jim shares his experiences riding an eCat Dumont with a Bafang Motor. Click here to learn more!

Top Recumbent Trike Workout Tips

In this article we go over some of the top recumbent trike workout tips to help you reach your fitness goals. Click here to learn more!

Top 5 Reasons the Catrike Dumont Is Not Your Toddler's Tricycle

Are you interested in getting a trike but you don't want one the run of the mill same old same old? We'll do we have the trike for you! The Catrike Dumont is a state of the art beast of a trike. In this article we discuss the top 5 reasons that the Catrike Dumont is not your toddler's Tricycle. Click here to learn more!

How to Improve Endurance and Distance on a Trike

In this article we discuss how to improve your endurance and distance while riding a trike. Click here to learn more!

UTCustom Revolution Headset Install

In this Trike Tutorial Chris shows us how to install the Utah Trikes Revolution Headset for Sunseeker CXS recumbent Trikes.

This headset is an upgrade for Sunseeker tadpoles and comes stock on the NAWC Rigs and the Revolution eQuads. They take less to maintain and last longer than the stock headsets.
So letís get started!

Why Charles Rides an ICE Adventure with a Bafang Mid Drive Motor

In this article Charles discusses how he got his ICE Adventure with a Bafang Mid Drive Motor with the help of the VA! Click here to learn more!

Brake Mastery: Navigating Safety and Control on Your Trike

With so many break options it can be hard to know what the perfect brakes for you are. In this guide we go over different types of brakes and how to brake on a trike. Click here to learn more!

Before You Buy: 10 Essential Considerations for Purchasing a Recumbent Trike

Are you considering buying a trike but don't know where to start? In this article we share some things to consider when buying a trike along with some helpful tips. Click here to learn more!

Bike Trail Review - Hobble Creek in Springville Utah

Hobble Creek is one of our favorite trails in Springville. In this trail review we let you know our thoughts about this trail and everything you need to know about it. Click here to learn more!

UTCustom CXS Ackerman Compensators

In this Trike Tutorial Jake shows you how to install a UTCustom Ackerman Compensator for the Sunseeker FatTad CXS suspension. Click here to learn more!

Jump Into Spring with These Riding Tips!

Spring is in the air! and with every Spring comes a new riding season. In this article we go over some essential riding tips to help you be ready for the Spring riding season. Click here to read more!

Rev Up Fitness: Your Ultimate Recumbent Trike Workout Program

Want to get the most out of your trike workout? With our trike workout program you'll be able to maximize your fitness routine. Click here to learn more!

Spring Into Riding With An Electric Trike!

Looking into taking your trike to the next level? An electric trike might be for you! In this article we talk about some of the most popular electric trikes we offer and how to know if an electric trike is right for you! Click here to learn more!

26 Rear Wheel Conversion

In this article we go over how to convert your stock rear trike wheel into a 26 inch diameter wheel and everything that comes with it! Click here to learn more!

Why Roger Rides an HP Velotechnik FS 26 Scorpion

In this article Roger shares why he rides a HP Velotechnik FS 26 Scorpion. Click here to learn more!

Made in the USA - The 2024 Catrike Recumbent Trike Lineup

Catrike has been making trikes in Florida for 24 years now and we have been selling them for almost as long. Catrike has a model for nearly every type of rider.

Recumbent Bike Workout for Seniors: Boost Health & Vitality

Discover the benefits of a recumbent bike/trike workout for seniors - a low-impact way to boost health, improve fitness levels, and increase vitality.

Know Before You Buy: Tips for Buying a Trike

Considering buying a trike but don't know where to start? We're here to help! In this article we go over what you need to know when looking into a trike and what questions you should ask. Click here to learn more!

Catrike Wheel Removal and Replacement

In this Trike Tutorial we show you how to replace the wheels on all Catrike models! Click here to learn more!

Why Jim Rides a Catrike Dumont!

In this article Jim shares how he started riding a Catrike Dumont with electric assist after battling with pulmonary fibrosis. Click here to learn more!

Pedal Power and The Importance of Crank Arms on Recumbent Trikes

In this article we go over what Crank arms are and that benefits that can come from having proper crank length on your recumbent trike. Click here to learn more!

Recumbent Trike Exercise Guide: Tips for Effective Workouts

Discover the ultimate guide to exercising with a recumbent trike in this informative article. From cardiovascular benefits to strength building and mental health advantages, explore how recumbent triking can enhance your fitness routine. Packed with essential tips and techniques, this guide empowers you to maximize your workouts and enjoy the full benefits of recumbent trike exercise. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, embark on a journey to better health and wellness with the power of recumbent triking.

How To Do Your Own Basic Trike Maintenance

In this article, we delve into the world of trike maintenance, highlighting the critical tasks and routines that keep your ride running smoothly. From checking tire pressure to cleaning and lubricating moving parts, we explore the essential steps every trike enthusiast should take to ensure optimal performance and longevity. With expert tips and practical advice, this guide empowers riders to take charge of their trike's maintenance, ensuring many miles of trouble-free enjoyment on the road ahead.

Why Noah rides a SunSeeker Eco Tad Electric Trike

Noah shares why he rides a SunSeeker Eco Tad Electric trike and how he came to find Utah Trikes after a battle with cancer. Click here to learn more!

A Trike David vs. Goliath: The Catrike Pocket VS. The Catrike Expedition

Dive into the world of Catrike as we compare two exceptional models, the Catrike Expedition and the Catrike Pocket. Uncover the distinct features that sets these trikes apart. Whether you're a long-distance adventurer or seeking a compact, nimble ride for urban exploration, this article serves as your guide to choosing the perfect Catrike for your cycling preferences. Join us on a journey of exploration as we dissect the Expedition and the Pocket, revealing the unique charms each brings to the world of recumbent triking

Mastering the Ride: Essential Tips for Recumbent Trike Enthusiasts

Do you want to become the master of riding your recumbent trike? Well now you can thanks to this article filled with tons of helpful tips and trikes to help you become the master of your trike and the road. Click here to read more!

Exploring the Two Worlds of Trikes: Tadpole vs. Delta Style Trikes

Have you ever wondered what the difference between tadpole style trikes and delta style trikes are? Wonder no longer in this article we talk about the major differences between these two types of trikes and how you can find out which type is right for you! Click here to learn more!

Sunseeker Larger Rear Wheel Conversion

Today in this Trike Tutorial Hayden is going to show you how to convert your stock rear trike wheel into a 26 inch diameter wheel and everything that comes with it! Click here to learn more!

Three-wheeling: An Alternative for Persons with Physical Limitations

In this article Marcia shares some of her history with trikes. She also shares her experience with them and how you should decided which one is for you.

Seeing Clearly: The Importance of Mirrors for Recumbent Trike Riders' Safety

Explore the indispensable role of mirrors in enhancing safety for recumbent trike riders. This article delves into the benefits of mirrors, including increased awareness of surrounding traffic, improved visibility, and minimized blind spots. Discover why mirrors are essential accessories for every recumbent trike enthusiast seeking a secure and confident riding experience on any journey. Click here to learn more!

Practical Uses for Recumbent Tricycles

Discover the comfort and health perks of recumbent tricycles, a guide to enhancing your fitness journey with ergonomic design and efficiency.

Easy Road Bike/Trike Routes in Utah County: Jordan River

Discover the best easy road bike/trike routes in Utah County for a scenic and enjoyable ride that suits all fitness levels. This article focuses on the Jordan River Loch Lomond Pond Loop. Explore now!

How to Install a Thru Axle Dropout Conversion on a Catrike

Today in this Trike Tutorial Sol teaches us how to properly install our UTCustom Standard Dropout Conversion to convert your Catrike model to a standard quick release rear wheel.

Why Ron Rides a Catrike Expedition

Meet Ron, a disabled veteran turned avid cyclist. After injuries sidelined their running career, Ron found solace and joy in recumbent trikes. Starting with a Catrike Villager, they craved more challenge and upgraded to the Expedition model. Now riding 5 to 6 days a week, Ron embraces the thrill of cycling, finding freedom and fulfillment on every ride. Click here to learn more!

Shifting Perspectives: Exploring the Power of the Pinion Gearbox on Recumbent Trikes

In this article we go into detail about Pinions and everything you need to know about them. Click here to learn more!

Embracing Inclusivity: Trikes and Accessibility

Discover the accessibility of trikes. In this article discover how trikes break down barriers, provide comfort and support, and allow accessibility for a wide range of riders.

Easy Road Bike/Trike Routes in Utah County: Highland Glen Pond Loop

Discover serene cycling with Easy Road Bike/Trike Routes in Utah County , perfect for a tranquil ride amidst breathtaking natural landscapes. Join us now!

How to Install Tannus Armour on a Recumbent Trike

In this Trike Tutorial we show you how to install tannus tire armour on your recumbent tires! Tannus is a tire shield that protects your tube from puncture in the most intense of situations

Why Bruce rides a Catrike Expedition

In this article Bruce from Ontario, Canada shares how riding his Catrike expedition has impacted his life. Bruce has been riding Catrike Expeditions for more than 10 years now and he's loved every minute of it. Click here to learn more!

Explore Advanced Road Bike/Trike Routes in Utah County: Battle Creek Trailhead

Explore some of best Advanced Road Bike/Trike Routes in Utah County, perfect for cyclists seeking scenic rides and gentle trails. Start your adventure now!

Recumbent Trike Commuting

Discover the joys of recumbent trike commuting: a comfortable, stable way to travel that enhances your health and dodges city traffic with ease.

Happy ValenTRIKE's Day from Utah Trikes!

Happy Valentine's Day from us here at Utah Trikes! We love you guys so we thought we would celebrate by making you guys some fun Valentine's Day cards that you can share with your friends!

SUNSEEKER FAT TAD CXS 2023 Options and Upgrades- A Utah Trikes Favorite!

The FatTad CXS is the affordable all terrain full suspension trike from Sunseekers. With great budget off-roading performance the FatTad CXS is understandably one of our most popular models we carry.

Why Fredrick Rides the Sun EZ-Tri Classic SX Recumbent Delta Trike

Fredrick shares how riding Sun EZ-Tri Classic SX Recumbent Delta Trike has impacted his life.

Easy Road Bike/Trike Routes in Utah County: Water fountain loop from Lindon

Discover scenic and easy road bike/trike routes in Utah County , perfect for a leisurely ride or boosting your fitness in breathtaking landscapes.

Top 10 Things to do in Springville, Utah

Check out our guide of the top 10 things to do in Springville, Utah. This is the home of Utah Trikes and in our time here we've found a couple fun things to share!

Top Easy Road Bike/Trike Routes near Utah County

Discover scenic Easy Road BikeTrike Routes near Utah County perfect for a leisurely ride through breathtaking landscapes and family-friendly trails.

A Fresh Look at the Catrike Villager

Come take a gander at the amazing Catrike Villager. This Catrike is extremely adaptable and customizable. Used in a ton of our UTcustom models this trike is a perfect start to your recumbent journey.

Why Norm rides the Revoution eQuad

Norm shares how riding a Revolution eQuad has impacted his life.

Catrike Villager vs the Catrike Max - Which Trike Is For You?

Having trouble picking between the Catrike Villager and the Catrike Max? In this article we go over some of the key differences between the Villager and the Max and what makes them both so great.

Top Easy Road Bike/Trike Routes in Salt Lake County

Explore scenic beauty and gentle terrains with our guide to easy road biketrike routes in Salt Lake County, perfect for a refreshing cycling adventure.

Top 10 Things to do in Payson, Utah

Here's our list of 10 fun and affordable things to do in Payson, Utah. After years of making and selling recumbent trikes there we've found some fun stuff to do. Check it out!

A Fresh Look at the Catrike Dumont!

Harold updates us on everything you need to know about Catrike's flagship model in 2023. Being a Full-Suspension model, the Dumont is the peak of comfortability and style that Catrike offers. If supreme comfort and great handling are your style, then look no further than the Catrike Dumont!

Why Tyler and Mochi Love Their Catrike Expedition!

Adorable pups Tyler and Mochi share why they and and their humans love their Catrike Expedition! They share how it helps them get out and exercise and how it brings fun to their life. Click here to learn more!

Catrike Front Fender Installation Guide

Need help installing a fender? We've got you covered check out our handy installation guide for all the tips and tricks you need to get your fender installed.

Sunseeker Trikes

Trikes are expensive, there we said it. You don't have to spend a lot to get into comfortable cycling though with a recumbent trike. Here we feature a few of our lowest-cost triking options.

Top 5 Places to get Ice Cream near Utah Trikes in Springville, Utah

Riding a trike can leave you feeling hot and nothing quite beats the heat like nice cold ice cream. In this article we go over some of our Utah Trikes employee's favorite ice cream joints in the Springville/Provo area.

25th Anniversary Edition ICE Trike Adventure HD

To celebrate our anniversary we have created beautiful new 25-year Special Editions that includes new matching accessories. The new color will be available soon on all folding trikes for a limited time. Click here to learn more.

How to Remove a Wheel on an Eco Tad or CXS Recumbent Trike

This is a step by step trike tutorial on how to replace your Eco Tad and Fat Tad tires!

Celebrating 25 Years with ICE Trikes

Inspired Cycle Engineering or ICE has been making some of the finest recumbent trikes available in the world for 25 years. In this article we touch on some of ICE's history and our partnership with them.

Why Herbert Rides a Dumont

Herbert shares how riding a Catrike Dumont has changed his life.

Riding Tips for Recumbent Tricycles

Do you want to learn some awesome recumbent trike riding tips? Click here to learn more!

Recumbent Trike Fitness Benefits

Explore the world of recumbent trike fitness and discover how it transforms workouts with comfort, versatility, and fun for all ages. Click to learn more!

Best Sandwiches Near Springville Utah

In this article we talk about some of our favorite sandwich places near our shop in Springville, Utah.

How to Install the Utah Trikes Adjustable Cargo Rack

In this article we go over the installation of our Utah Trikes Custom Adjustable Cargo Rack. This Rack is suitable for most trikes and provides many storage options such as pannier bags, trunk bags, and baskets. It is an essential part of any trike build when you need cargo carrying capability.

Why Don Rides the Revolution eQuad

Don shares how riding a Revolution eQuad has impacted his life.

Recumbent Trike Winter Riding and Care

Is riding in the winter too cold or dangerous for you? Well, with a trike there are tons of ways for riders in inclement areas to be able to enjoy their rides in the snow without getting hurt and staying warm. Davy goes through some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your trike in the winter weather.

Easy Road Bike/Trike Routes in Utah County for All Ages

Explore the best Easy Road BikeTrike Routes in Utah County with our guide to scenic paths perfect for cyclists of all skill levels.

Hotels and Campgrounds Near Utah Trikes in Springville Utah

Check out some of the coolest hotels near Utah Trikes in the Springville area. Whether you love to be in the outdoors or you prefer to be cuddled up inside there's sure to be a place that you'll love to stay.

How to Install Easy Entry Aids on Your Catrike

In this article we show you how to install the UT Custom EZ Entry Aids on your recumbent trike!

Why John Rides a Villager

John rides a Villager to help with his Parkinson's. It's allowed him to keep cycling and enjoying life.

Movie Featuring Catrikes Comes to Select Theaters in 2023

Go On Be Brave, is back on the big screen! For one night only, January 17th, 7:30pm Go On Be Brave will be shown in 51 theaters across the United States. The film follows Andrea Peet as she attempts to conquer a marathon in all 50 states aboard her Catrike Pocket and Trail while battling debilitating disease ALS. This is a truly inspirational film that will motivate and inspire you.

Bike Trails Near Springville, Utah

There are lot's of wonderful places to ride in Utah! Here are some trails around our shop in Springville that stand out to us!

Best Places to Eat in Springville, Utah

Looking for somewhere awesome to in Springville Utah? Well look no further than this list! We will be updating this list with our favorite places to chow down in Springville so be sure to keep checking it out!

What are the Benefits of a Recumbent Tricycle?

Discover the benefits of recumbent trikes: ergonomic comfort, enhanced stability, and reduced strain. Learn about Utah Trikes expertise in custom builds.

Why Greg Rides an Ice Adventure

Greg shares how riding his ICE Adventure has allowed him to continue cycling after he was no longer able to ride typical bicycles due to being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The Enviolo Automatiq Hub ICE Sprint X Tour - Ride and Review

Come take an in-depth look at a decked out UTCustom Ice Sprint X Tour build. Featuring a Shimano EP8 electric motor and an Enviolo Automatiq HUB.
We will give you a price breakdown and take you on an in-depth ride letting you know what we like about it!

Why Tom Rides a Fat Cat V3

Tom shares the impact that Catrike trikes have made in his life. He also shares some of the amazing places he's been able to travel on his Catrikes.

Catrike Trail versus Catrike 559 - More Than Wheel Size

Two trikes that at first glance seem nearly identical except for the wheel size. The smaller Catrike Trail and the larger Catrike 559 have some meaningful differences you may want to consider.

Unbelievably Affordable Trikes: The Sunseeker Delta Line Up

Getting into a recumbent doesn't have to break the bank. While the tadpole style of trikes are more popular, the delta style trikes are familiar to a lot of people. Sunseeker has a full lineup!

How the Not-A-Wheelchair Rig Electric Quad has changed Paul's Life

The first thing you'll notice when you see Paul's ride is that it is definitely not stock. Paul has made his Rig his own and puts the miles on it!

How Safe Are Recumbent Trikes?

Explore the safety aspects of recumbent trikes, featuring a low center of gravity and ergonomic design, and learn about the expertise of Utah Trikes.

Utah Trikes Bafang Motor Upgrade Installation Guide

By popular demand, we've turned our easy-to-follow Bafang Installation Video into a written guide that you can use as a reference. Our Bafang Motor Upgrade kits are the best way to add motor assist to your trike.

Why James Rides a Trike! Cycling with Parkinson

We like to say that recumbent trikes are like the go-cart you always wanted when you were a kid. James has discovered that to be true and is riding like a kid again. The 7-speed Eco Tad has proven to be exactly what he needed.

Are the Ventisit Seat Pads Comfortable? Let's Take Your Trike to the Next Level

At first look, the Ventisit seat pads look like they are made of a material that would best be used to clean dishes. Let's look at the composition and learn about airflow seat support.

Why Richard Rides a Catrike Dumont!

When it came to finding a safe and stable way to cycle, Richard chose a recumbent trike. He chose a Dumont with our Bafang Motor Upgrade so he can get the workout he wants in comfort.

Catrikes on Sale! Fire-ICE Discounts on all Catrike Models

For a limited time save $300 off the regular price of any Catrike model and $400 off when you choose one of four limited promo colors. Sale expires on 12/31/2023 so act soon!

Catrike MAX Basics - The Biggest Trike from Catrike Yet!

Let's go over some basics on setup and use of the newest trike from Catrike, the MAX! The Catrike Max sits up higher and has a wider seat than every other Catrike model. And, has a 400lb weight limit.

Why Trikes are the Hottest Trend in Cycling Right Now

More people than ever are choosing a recumbent trike as their preferred method of cycling. Could it be the comfort and stability that three wheels gives you over two?

Why Edward Rides a Catrike Villager Recumbent Trike

Edward shares how riding his Catrike Villager has positively impacted his life.

Are Recumbent Trikes Good for Seniors?

Discover why recumbent trikes from Utah Trikes are a top choice for seniors, offering enhanced comfort, stability, and unrivaled customization options.

Avoid Leg Suck: Essential Tips for Trike Safety

Leg Suck is a fairly unknown incident that can occur on a trike and we want to spread awareness of what you can do to prevent it and keep yourself safe! Much like wearing a helmet to protect yourself on a ride there are pedals and other accessories that can keep you safe as well. Some come along as Harold helps you learn how to prevent Leg Suck.

Why Michael Rides a Catrike Dumont Recumbent Trike

Michael shares with us his history with cycling and how it lead him to eventually riding a recumbent trike. He now rides a full suspension Catrike Dumont.

Introducing the Catrike MAX - Catrikes Newest Model

Introducing the brand new Catrike Max! The Catrike Max is the newest release after the Catrike Dumont more than 3 years ago!

The Official Utah Trikes 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

What should you be buying your trike-riding loved ones this year? The team at Utah Trikes has assembled a collection of the most popular trike add-ons and favorite accessories! Check out out 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.

Why Dwayne Rides a Trike - The Catrike Trail as a Therapist's Couch

Dwayne shares why he's been sold on trikes since his very first ride on a Catrike Trail! Getting out in the open air and riding in comfort is a great way to clear the mind.

What is a Trike? Recumbent?

In this article we answer the age old question: What is a trike? Check out this article if you want all of your burning questions to be answered.

SportsCrafter Trike Trainer: Trike Riding at HOME!

Keep up with your trike riding from the comfort of your own home! With these SportCrafters trike trainers its the easiest way to turn your trike basically into a stationary trike right in your living room!

Why Jeanne Rides a Trike - A Go-Everywhere Electric Assist eTrike!

Making the switch from a standard bike to an electric recumbent trike has allowed Jeanne to keep riding at 72! Read her inspirational story and learn how a trike can help you.

Rohloff's E-14 Electronic Shifter and Catrike's Flagship Dumont Full Suspension Trike

The eCat14 is the brand new high-tech and rider conscious trike that we carry here at Utah Trikes. This is a UTCustom build totally electrifying this classic Catrike

Why Craig Rides a Trike! BMX meets Catrike!

Coming from a BMX background caused Craig to test the limits of trail riding with his Catrike. Read here to see how riding on a Catrike Trail has improved Craig's life!

Why Bob Rides a Trike - Heart Health eCat Electric Trike

When the doctor says that you can't risk falling off a standard bike but you still want to ride, a recumbent trike may be the perfect answer. With the eCat motor assist, your pedaling is supercharged so you still get heart-healthy exercise but can cover more ground.

Why Alan Rides a Trike

Alan shares how riding a trike helped him after developing a benign tumor. He also shares how far he has now been able to ride on his recumbent trike.

How To Install a Rohloff Hub on your Catrike!

Upgrade your trike with an all internal rear gearing, protecting your gears and giving you higher gearing that external gearing just cant get on a Catrike. Our Rohloff wheel kits are the easy way to upgrade your gearing.

Why Jim Rides a Trike

In this article Jim shares his experience riding a Catrike Dumont. Click here to learn more!

Annihilator Meets Full Suspension! The Dumont-Based Annihilator D90

UTCustom Differential for Your Quad or Trike

Better traction. Better triking. The all new posi-traction differential from UT Custom will eliminate slipping, avoid tire scrub, and enhance your off roading experience.

The Tricon by Azub

Youíre thinking about purchasing an Azub Tricon? Itís one of the best decisions youíre going to make. Itís adjustability, reliability, agility, and beauty built into one impressive machine.

Fat Tad Crawler - The Monster Truck of Trikes

The HUGE tires, incredible ground clearance, and awesome gearing on the Fat Tad Crawler will get you through all kinds of terrain. Don't let sand, snow, mud, water, or rocks stop you from enjoying your recumbent ride.

Meet the Catrike 559 - A New Folding Trike From Catrike

A folding recumbent from Catrike. It features a 26-inch rear wheel, responsive handling, admirable gearing, and it's so comfortable to ride you'll want to be riding 24/7. An excellent combination of luxury and performance packed into a quality folding trike: the Catrike 559.

Quality You Can Afford - SunSeeker Eco Delta 3 SX

Learn all bout the Eco Delta. If your want to know how this delta trike from its tadpole counterpart, you came to the right place.

All About Shipping at Utah Trikes

We outline Utah Trikes method for packaging and freight Shipping Trikes. We highly recommend that every customer review this information.

Seeking an Amazing Entry Trike - Sun Seeker Eco Tad SX

This is a detailed review on the Sun Seeker Eco Tad SX. Some people want to know how this more affordable trike compares to the Terra Trike Rover. This article will give you everything you need to know.

Brians Thoughts on the Scorpion FS-26

Brian from California recently bought a custom Scorpion fs-26 with electric assist from us. Here are his preliminary impressions. . . .

Thoughts on the Sun EZ Tad SX

Most people think you need to spend a lot of money in order to get a reliable, comfortable, and fun trike. The Sun EZ Tad SX tosses that misconception out the window.

Bikes around the Buttes

George Fisher writes about circumnavigating the Buttes is a 40 mile easy ride, both scenic and exhilarating in the northern Sacramento Valley.

The 2012 Catrike Cat-4 Quad by Utah Trikes

The Quad has been designed for those looking for a true pedal car. The additional cargo capacity, traction, and 4-wheel disc braking make it the perfect utility vehicle for touring and commuting.

Introducing the New Generation of Villager by Big Cat

When the Villager was first introduced it grabbed a lot of attention with its lightweight frame and high seat. The new Villager G2 adds an adjustable seat for a trike that will fit anybody.

The New Catrike Villager and Trail Recumbent Trikes - More Adjustable!

Catrike has made some radical changes to the their lineup with adjustable seats ad a new frame design on the Villager and Trail.

330 Miles on a Catrike 700

George rode his Catrike 700 330 miles to raise money for those with HIV/AIDS in Northern California.

Matt's Catrike 700 Review

Looking for a fast trike? Well, Matt says this is the fastest trike available. Matt spent a lot of time in the saddle and has some good insight into Catrike's top-of-the-line model.

Catrike Expedition Review

The Expedition is the perfect trike for everday commuting or touring. Its extremely comfortable and is loaded with great components.

Sun HT3 SX Handtrike Review

The Sun HT3 is easy to ride and fun to use. This trike will give you the upper body workout that you won't get from your regular bike or trike.

The Dangers of Cross Chaining

With such a wide gear range and a long chain, the term "cross chaining" comes up frequently. Learn what it is and how to avoid it.

Catrike Villager Review by Sonia

The Villager is the cutest trike ever! This trike is mine and you can't have it.

Are Trikes Safe?

An in-depth look at the pros and cons of Recumbent Trikes and how they are safe to ride in traffic or suburban areas.

Schwalbe Big Apple Tires

The Big Apples are the tire that has gained the reputation of being the comfort ride. These tires add built-in air suspension to your trike.

Learning Proper Pedaling Technique

Do you want to go faster? Does the thought of triking up a hill freak you out? Do your knees hurt when you ride? If you answered yes to any of these questions a new pedaling technique may help you out.

Riding the ULCER 2007 Century on a Trike

Riding the ULCER on a trike is something I've wanted to do since I had heard about it. Well, I did it. Over 100 miles around the Utah Lake in the hot August sun.

Preparing for the ULCER Century ride

111 miles on a trike. We ride around the Utah Lake in the hottest part of the year. Can I do it? I've tweaked my trike and trained for months.

Understanding your tires

The folks at Schwalbe have provided us with super great tire information. Choosing the right tires can make you ride faster and be more comfortable.

Increase your Energy and Speed with Proper Hydration

How to increase your triking speed by just one simple and inexpensive change.

Preparing your trike for high speed

Are you a speed demon like me? Does pedaling your trike up to 50mph sound like a thrill. Well, here are some of the tricks that I've used to make it happen.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tires

If you are looking for some tires that are faster than the stock CST rubber, and you need something nearly bullet proof, then the Marathon Plus tires may do the trick.

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