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AZUB T-Trisek: A Folding Adaptive Trike for Kids

The perfect trike for small riders, the AZUB T-Trisek has 20 inch wheels all the way around and is a perfect trike for young riders that can grow with them. The T-Trisek is based off of AZUB’s successful AZUB T-Tris 20 model that they have been producing since 2010. It’s a super adaptive trike that can help small riders have big adventures.

A Growing Trike

The AZUB T-Trisek fits riders that are 4 foot 3 inches all the way up to 5 foot 11 inches. This makes this trike perfect for shorter adults and for growing children. Many parents may be hesitant to buy a trike for their child because of the fear that they may quickly outgrow it and they’ll have to get a new one in a few years. The T- Trisek alleviates this fear because it is a trike that can grow with the child.


Motors can be added to this trike if your child has a need for speed or if they need a little assistance so they can easily ride with friends. We offer many different types of motors that you can choose from. Some of the motors that we offer are bafang and pinion motors. The Bafang motors we offer for this trike are 750w and 1000w. Motors can make a big difference for trike riders.


The seat on the T-Trisek is extremely comfortable and helps for cornering. One size fits all for the seat because there's straps on the back that can be adjusted. It can be adapted to the shape of your back. The seat may loosen after a few rides if this happens you can tighten it with the straps on the back. If you want even more comfort additional padding is available.

One of our favorite seat pads that we have available if you need extra padding is the Ventisit seat pad. The Ventisit seat pad is a great option for adding additional padding to your seat. If you want to learn more about Ventisit seat pads feel free to check our video on the topic.


The T-Trisek does not have suspension but it is a unique trike because it has the option to be purchased with a folding hinge for an added fee. This makes storage a breeze so you can easily fit it in your car, basement, or garage. If you choose not to go with a folding frame the T-Trisek comes stock with a separable frame so you can break it down for storage. Disassembly will be required for storing this option though.


The T-Trisek is highly customizable so it can be the perfect trike for any kid of any ability. There’s a wide range of accessories that can be added. Some of the most popular are mirrors and headsets. You can change what types of pedals you want so if you need extra support there's an option for that. We have lots of customers that rant and rave about or heel support pedals. There’s also space to add a cargo rack or bags so your kid can carry things with them.

Different color options and customization are also available at time of ordering. Just be sure to select the color option that you want at time of ordering or emails us to let us know what color option you want.


The T-Trisek can come in a wide variety of colors or color options. Some of these colors are light blue, yellow, orange, and a wide range of fun neon and metallic colors that can be done for an added fee. This makes it so that the T-Trisek can be unique to the rider.

Get Out and Ride!

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you were able to learn a little more about the Azub T-Trisek. The T-Trisek is an excellent option not only for younger riders but also for riders who may be a little bit shorter and are looking for an excellent quality folding trike.

If you have any additional questions about the T-Trisek let us know in the comments down below or shoot us an email at trikes@utahtrikes.com we would love to help you out!

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