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How to Install Easy Entry Aids on Your Catrike

Hello Everyone, welcome back to another tutorial. Today we're going to show you how to properly mount our Utah Trikes Custom EZ Entry Aids and Super Mounts. These mounts can be put on Catrike models and most Sunseeker models that have multi piece handlebars.

This kit has slight variations depending on the intended use. At its base, it has 2 'L' Shaped bars and 2 clamps.

If you wish to have better accessibility in and out of your trike, the Utah Trikes Custom EZ entry aids come with handlebar grips for more assistance.

Trikes are low to the ground and can be harder to get in and out of safely without some guiding. These handles can be mounted in a way that can make you more comfortable

Depending on the orientation you like the handles placed, they should not interfere with the foldability or use of your trike.

This same kit is sold without those grips as the Utah Trikes Custom Super Mounts. You can use these bars to mount your mirrors higher for your comfort.

You can also use the EZ entry aids with grips as mirror supermounts by just attaching your mirrors to the end of the L bar.

The tools you will need to have on hand to install then are a 4 mm and 5 mm allen key, and a flathead screwdriver.

here are two cavities for bars on the clamp, the one closest to the plate with the 4 bolts is where we will install and adjust our L handlebars. The other side with 2 bolts will connect it to the existing trike handle bar.

To begin installation, loosen the clamps on the side with the 4 bolts in the kit and insert the bar to your desired length, then tighten down the 4 bolts on the one side.

Slide the handle bar in so it has a little bit poking out on the other side. The bend in the bar should become parallel to the 4 bolt side. This is a good time to decide what height of bar you will need as you can adjust the height by pushing in the bar more.

You also may want to think about the orientation of your handle

After you tighten that down, you can add the grips if you have them, it helps if you have rubbing alcohol for easy application then they just slide right on

Now to prepare the trike, we will need to remove the wrist rest, original handle bar, and the mirror mount bar if you have one. The mirror mount bar is optional if you prefer to have your mirrors lower. Usually, we will reattach the mirrors to the end of the L shaped bar that you are installing. But it is your preference.

Now, we grab our preassembled EZ entry aid bar and place it on the trike horizontal handlebar. The clamp should be oriented with the 4 bolted side towards the wheel, and the 2 bolted side towards the seat.

Loosen bolts on the 2 bolt side to allow the clamp to slide onto the trike bar. It helps to install it horizontally and flip it back up to tighten. If needed, you can use a flat head screwdriver to pry the clamp open more easily.

Slide it into place. We install most as far up the trike bar as possible, but it is up to you where you would like to place it. You can also decide to leave it at a 90 degree angle straight up or swing the angle depending on your needs.

After you have it placed in a way you like, tighten down all the bolts, you do not want a lose bolt when applying your weight to enter and exit your ride.

Now we begin to replace most of what we took off. First the original handlebar, we cannot slide it forward to match the EZ entry bar, because it interferes with use of the shifter and the brake. Set it back on the trike bar about one inch from the end, to leave space for the wrist rest. Install the wrist rest behind the handle bar and tighten down all bolts.

If you desire grips and your mirror mounted, you will need to cut the end of the grip.

Finally, we attach the mirrors to the end of the EZ handles

And now we are complete!

I hope this article helped you install your Utah Trikes EZ entry Aids, or Super Mounts.

If you have a completely different trike that is not compatible with this option, like an Ice, Azub, or HP there are other versions of these mounts listed on our website. We will put a link to those here.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns give us a call or shoot us an email

In the meantime, Relax. Spin Fast. Ride Trikes!

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