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Explore the Path Less Traveled with the Catrike Expedition!


When it comes to freedom nothing beats getting out on the open road. The Catrike Expedition does getting out on the open road better than anyone else. In this article we'll go over some of the features unique to the Catrike Expedition that make it stand out among other trikes.

The Expedition is a machine that is made for speed. It has a wide gear range and comes stock with the FSA Gossamer triple crank up and Catrike's adjustable boom. There are tons of gearing options available. Some of the option available are pinion- internally geared crankset, Rohloff- Internally Geared Rear Hub, and the Enviolo - Rear CVT Hub.

Gearing options are virtually endless for the Catrike Expedition. If you want to get rid of your derailleur and like the idea of being able to shift while stopped or coasting, maybe an internal gearing solution is the right choice for you!

The 26 inch rear wheel on the Catrike Expedition is what gives you the option for a better high end gear and better rolling resistance when going over potholes or off road trails. On the Expedition with the highest gear on the front crankset and the rear cassette you can expect to get up to 18-20 MPH with ease and you’ll still be able to pedal while going downhill.

The 26 inch wheel will also make it so that you can go faster on flat roads. You may loose some speed on hills. As the size of your rear wheel increases on a trike the amount of energy needed to power the trike will increase as well.

Besides wheel size there is also the inclusion of a thru axle on the expedition. The Expedition comes with a thru-axle rear wheel which makes the rear wheel more secure and eliminates any possibility of your rear wheel falling out.

Need a Motor?

The Catrike Expedition is also the perfect candidate for a motor. All of the motor kits that we offer let you pick the level of assist that you want. That means that as you pedal the motor kicks in automatically providing additional power to your own pedaling efforts. We also provide a thumb-actuated throttle with our Bafang motor systems that act like the gas pedal in your car. Don't want to pedal? No worries, just push the throttle and go!

Currently we offer three different options here at Utah Trikes: the Bafang mid drive motor which ranges from 750 watts, 1000 watts, and our Ultra which is a 1000 watt motor with a 1400 watt max output. We also offer the "eCat Bosch Active Line Plus" which is a pedal assist only motor that comes as the factory motor upgrade for Catrikes. And Our newest option which is the "UTcustom eCat Bosch Sport Upgrade" which takes the configuration of the regular eCat motor system and replaces the Active Line Plus with the "Bosch Performance Line Sport" a class 3 motor with a 28 mph top speed.

Boom-Mounted Bafang Middrive Motor

The Bafang Middrive comes in a 750 Watt, 1000 Watt, or Ultra. You'll want to choose the motor size based on your style of riding. We install the Bafang motor on your bottom bracket, which means it replaces the front crankset of your trike. The motor being mounted here means the motor can utilize the rear gearing ratios, making it the best for speed and climbing ability

Boom-Mounted Bosch Motor

The Bosch line of motors comes in two varients; The classic "eCat Active Line Plus Kit" which is the Catrike factory motor option, or our new "UTcustom eCat Bosch Sport Upgrade" These are both pedal assist motor that do not feature a throttle, but make up for it with their built in torque sensor. Unlike the Bafang motor systems which have a cadence pedal assist system the Bosch motors utilize a torque sensor which allows for a more natural feeling assist that adjusts to the amount of torque you apply to the pedals. The Active Line Plus is a class 1 electric motor with a top speed of 20 mph, coming equipped with a 400 watt hour battery. The Performance Line Sport is a class 3 electric motor with a top speed of 28 mph, that comes equipped with a 500 watt hour battery.

Custom Mounting

We make our own custom battery mounts to keep the weight down low and near the rear axle. This keeps the weight of the battery from affecting handling and puts the battery in an easily accessible spot of the trike. All our battery systems come with an AC charger and a two-year pro-rated warranty. We make our own mounts to put the control console, throttle, and other buttons where you need them.


The Catrike Expedition is also the perfect candidate for upgrades. If you want additional storage a rack and cargo bags can be installed so you can take all of your things on your adventure. There's also options for flags, water bottle cages, and displays.

The customizations don't end there though our UTCustom color shop offers a wide variety of awesome colors that are sure to make your trike uniquely yours.

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