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Protect Your Noggin and Get a Helmet!


Accidents happen. Plain and simple. It's not fun but it's part of life. The most important thing that you can do to protect yourself when accidents happen is be prepared. That's why today we're going to discuss one of our favorite ways to be prepared and safe while riding a trike and that is a helmet.

Why Wear a Helmet?

You might be asking yourself "Why should I wear a helmet? None of my friends do when we ride." or "I'm not going very far is a helmet really that important?" In this section of the article, we're going to dive into some of the benefits of wearing a helmet when you're riding on the road. By the end of this section, we hope you'll learn a little more on the importance of helmets and protecting your noggin while out riding. Who knows, you might even convince your friends to wear helmets too!


Our first benefit that comes from wearing a helmet is probably our most important and that is safety! Helmets are a vital part of keeping yourself safe while riding a bike or trike. Helmets help to reduce your risk of a serious brain injury or death because of a fall or accident by 65- 80%. The reason for this is instead of your head taking the bulk of the impact energy your helmet does instead. This makes it so that a fall that could end with you being terribly injured ends with you just have a few minor injuries and scraps.

Helmets also help to protect your face and neck in an accident or fall. Not every accident is going to be caused by a motor vehicle sometimes they're just simple falls, a low hanging tree branch, or a slick road. The only thing you should expect when out riding is the unexpected. Helmets help to protect you even from minor injuries.


Our next benefit that comes from riding a bike or trike with a helmet is confidence. Riding with a helmet allows you to have added confidence while riding. This is because helmets allow you to feel safer while riding on your bike due to less of a risk of injury. If you were to fall off of your trike or bike you can feel confident that your head will be protected.


Our next benefit that comes from wearing a helmet is visibility. Helmets can help other riders and vehicles see you on the road. Helmets come in a wide range of different colors with different decorations that can help you be seen from far away. This is great for protecting you and others from potential accidents that could be easily avoided.

Protection from the Elements

Helmets can help to protect you from the elements. Sometimes while riding it can be very windy, rainy, or sunny. Helmets can help you by protecting you from these things. Getting a sunburn on the top of your head is never any fun. A helmet can help to protect your head from the suns harsh rays. Helmets can also help to protect your head from mud and debris that may get kicked up while riding.

Be a Good Example

Our last benefit that we want to share about wearing a helmet is that it helps you be a good example to younger riders. By wearing a helmet you can help younger riders see that older riders wear helmets too. You can also help to destigmatize helmets so that younger riders don't think of wearing a helmet as something that is uncool.

Wear a Helmet

We that by hearing about the different benefits that come from wearing a helmet that you choose to make the choice to wear a helmet and be safe while riding. By doing so you're not only keeping yourself safe you're also being a good example to friends, family, people you ride with, and younger riders.

Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Helmet

Make sure that the straps are secured

Make sure that your straps hug your ears and that a "Y" is formed under each earlobe. Also make sure that the straps are laying flat and aren't twisted. Your helmet should also be buckled in a way where it fits snuggly and where there's enough space for one finger.

Make sure you have a proper fitting helmet

Make sure that your helmet is the proper size. A helmet that is too big or too small will not be able to adequately protect you as one of the proper fitting one might.

Replace your helmet after a crash

It is recommend that after every time you crash you replace your helmet. After crashing the foam inside a helmet can become damaged so it's recommended you replace it.

Check your helmet before you ride

Check your helmet before every ride to make sure there is no wear or tear or other possible damage.

Make sure your helmet is properly positioned

Make sure that your helmet is properly positioned. Helmets should protect your forehead and not just the top of your head. A helmet should sit level on your head with only enough room for 1 to 2 finger between your eyebrows and the rim of your helmet.

Wear it every ride

Make sure that you wear your helmet every time you ride so that it becomes a habit. By having it become a habit to wear a helmet it will become something you barely need to think about and will be almost second nature.

Helmets We Offer

We carry a few different options for helmets here at Utah Trikes the first option we want to mention is the Aerius Raven Helmet

Aerius Raven Helmet

The Aerius Raven helmet is CPSC approved 20 vent helmet. This helmet comes with a variety of features to help keep you safe. Some of the features that this helmet has is a head lock retention for a better fit, a removable visor, and a removable/washable pad system. We also carry them in a variety of colors from Blue, Black, Grey, and Matte Black The helmets come in a L/XL size.

Veteran Trike Brigade Helmet

The next helmet we have to feature is our Veteran Trike Brigade Helmet. These helmets are made by Forgotten Not Gone which is a Veteran group that works to combat veteran suicide.

We hope this article helped you learn a little bit more about some of the benefits that come from wearing a helmet while riding. We hope you'll be able to apply these tips into your riding routine.

If you have any suggestions for an article you would like to see next let us know in the comments down below! We love hearing from you!

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