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Accessibility Aids for Recumbent Trikes


Welcome back to another Utah Trikes article. In today's article we wanted to feature some of the accessibility aids that we offer. Now when you first hear accessibility aids you might be curious by what we mean by that. When we talk about accessibility aids we are talking specifically about accessories that make it easier for you to get in and out of your trike. We offer a wide variety of different types of accessibility aids and exit assist bars so we thought we’d share some of our favorites with you.

Why Would I Need Accessibility Aids?

Accessibility aids can be helpful for a variety of people for a variety of reasons. One of the major reasons that a person might want to consider accessibility aids is because they have trouble entering and exiting their trike. Trikes have a lower ground clearance than you would find on a typical bicycle, while this is great for stability some people may find it difficult to get on and off with them being so low. That’s where accessibility aids come in. Accessibility aids allow you to easily get in and out of a trike without added trouble.

Some trikes have higher ground clearances than others and not every person is going to have a problem with mounting and dismounting their trike. Accessibility aids are an awesome option though if you want to make your life and trike riding game a little bit easier. With that said, let's jump into some of the options that we have to offer.

UtCustom EZ Entry Aids

The first accessibility aid that we’ll be discussing today is our UTCustom EZ Entry Aids, Our UTCustom EZ Entry Aids are made here in our shop in Springville, Utah. Right now we manufacture them for Sun Trikes and Catrikes, but they may be able to work for trikes that have similar handlebars.

For Sun Trikes

Due to Sun Trikes having one piece horizontal handlebars it can be a little tricky to add taller assist bars, look for us we found a work around. To work with Sun’s horizontal handle we paired one of our proven three-bolt clamps to our Super Mount bars. Because of this Sun Trikes can have an effective and workable assist solution.

For Catrike

For Catrike EZ Entry Aids we use a beefed up version of our popular Super Mounts. We also include grips that make grabbing onto the entry aids a piece of cake. These entry aids make getting on and off of your trike a much easier task. The UtCustom EZ Entry for Catrikes works for all Catrikes and other trikes that are direct steer and that have two piece handle bars and lower one inch bars.

If you decide to get these Entry Aids for your Catrike and are curious on how to install them you can check out our article here and our video here on how to install them.

If you have any questions on if the UTCustom EZ Entry Aids will work for your trike, send us an email at trikes@utahtrikes.com and we’ll do our best to help

HP Velotechnik Standing Up Aid

Our next accessibility aid that we’re featuring today is HP Velotechnik’s Standing Up Aids. The HP Standing Up Aids help to make it easier to get in and out of your HP trike. HP has a few different options that you can choose from depending on your trike and your preferences. If your trike has full suspension like the scorpion fs they have an option that works for that. You have the option to get one for the right side, the left side, or both.

Now if you have an HP trike that doesn’t have front suspension don’t worry HP has an option for that too. The HP Standing Up Aids for trikes without front suspension work for HP Trikes that don’t have front suspension and are made from March of 2012 to later. The trikes that would work for this would be the Gekko, Gekko fx, Scorpion, and the Scorpion fx. Like the full suspension variety of the standing up aids you have the option to purchase an aid for the right side, left side, or both.

Catrike Exit Assist Bars

Next up we have the Catrike exit assist bars. Catrike exit assist bars are the newest edition to the trike accessibility aid line up, coming out in 2023 with the release of the Catrike MAX. Similar to our UTCustom EZ Entry Aids they provide a comfortable and sturdy weight support for getting in and out of a trike. The Catrike Exit Assist Bars feature a unique curving design that curves away from the brakes and handlebars giving your arms ample room to adjust. They’re definitely a unique edition that we’re glad is around.

If you’re interested in getting the Catrike MAX you’ll be happy to see that the Catrike Exit Assist Bars come stock as well as a bunch of other cool features. If you're interested in learning more about the Catrike MAX, you can check out the article and video on the topic or check it out on our website.

Azub Grab Handles

Our next edition to our accessibility aids lineup is the AZUB Grab Handles. If you have an AZUB and find that sometimes you have difficulties getting on and off of your trike the grab handles are the accessory for you. Another cool feature of the AZUB Grab Handles is that they can be used to attach lots of other accessories, such as horns or phone or GPS holders.

ICE Helping Handles

Our last accessibility aid that we have for you today is ICE’s Helping Handles. Helping Handles offer the extra assistance you may need to get on and off your trike by giving secure leverage for a smooth recline and easier rise. ICE offers two different versions of the Helping Handles, one that works for the ICE Adventure, ICE Adventure HD, and the ICE Full Fat, and another that works with the ICE Sprint.

The Helping Handles clamp firmly onto the cross-axle of your ICE trike without interfering with the steering or ride; once fitted they don’t need to be removed. They’re made from lightweight anodised aluminum with laser etched detailing. The Helping Handles look stylish as well as being practical and convenient.

Get Out and Ride

And that’s all we have for accessibility aids! Thank you for reading this article. We hope that you were able to find a type of accessibility aid that will work for your trike. If you have any questions about any of these options or if you have them on your trikes let us know in the comments down below.

Trike riding is supposed to be fun and accessibility aids make getting in and out of trikes a little bit easier and help to prevent possible discomfort that can come from getting in and out of a trike.

That’s all we have for you today! We’ll see you later but in the meantime remember to relax, spin fast, and ride trikes.

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