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Spring Into Riding With An Electric Trike!

Spring is here! With the new season and the warmer weather comes a new riding season! One of the ways that we're getting the most out of this riding season is with electric trikes! Electric trikes combine the benefits of electric assist with the comfortable seating that you can expect from a typical trike. Electric Trikes help you sit back and enjoy the spring scenery without having to overexert yourself. Letís dive into the features and advantages of electric trikes. With electric assist, riders can enjoy effortless pedaling, whether tackling long distances or conquering challenging terrains.

What Are Electric Recumbent Bikes?

Electric trikes use motor assist to help you get the most out of your rides. With motor assist, you can effortlessly ride through beautiful landscapes and conquer hills without pushing yourself too far. This makes cycling more accessible and enjoyable for riders of all fitness levels. It allows everyone to go on longer rides and explore different terrains.

Trikes have unique seating that is designed to make sure that you're comfortable during your ride. The seat's are able to cradles your back and neck, this helps to reduce unnecessary stress and to make sure your ride is as comfortable as possible, even during longer rides.

Top Electric Trikes

Check out some of our customers favorite electric trikes!

UTCustom Catrike Dumont eCat14

One of the top electric models that we have here at Utah trikes is the UTCustom Catrike Dumont eCat14. The eCat14 is built on one of our fan favorite trikes, the Catrike Dumont frame! It's also paired with the Bosch Active Line Plus electric motor, an all new E-14 Rohloff electronic shifter with full 14 speed Rohloff, and our most high tech display yet, the Bosch Nyon.

This trike is next level! The awesome suspension and folding ability of the Catrike Dumont combined with the power of the Bosch Active Line Plus electric motor makes this trike unstoppable! If you want to learn more about the UTCustom Catrike Dumont eCat14 check out our video and article where we do a ride and review all about it!

If the Dumont isn't for you then worry not! We can do the eCat treatment on any Catrike!

SunSeeker e-Fat Tad

Another popular model that we carry is the SunSeeker e-Fat Tad. The e-Fat Tad is a 24 speed, fat tired, BEAST! It features a 500 watt hub motor and a 10.4 amp hour battery that is beautifully integrated into the cargo rack. Similar to another popular trike that we offer, the Fat Tad CXS, the eFat Tad features front and rear suspension, 20x4 inch fat tires, locking brake levers, as well as an adjustable seat and boom.

Trikes not for you?

Are trikes not your style or you want to take things to the next level? Well quads might be for you! We offer a variety of quads that also feature motor systems.

Revolution eQuad RS

The Revolution eQuad is the perfect all-terrain vehicle you need in your life! This vehicle is not only highly versatile, but it also serves a variety of purposes, including being an excellent replacement for your car, a fun golf cart, and all-around fun riding vehicle. With standard equipment like a powerful motor and rear suspension, the eQuad is incredibly customizable to meet your specific needs. Rest assured that this vehicle is designed to tackle any terrain with ease, giving you the confidence to take on any adventure.

If you want to take things even further we recently released our Revolution 4x4 eQuad FS. The 4x4 eQuad FS is an extremely customizable, 4 wheel drive quad of your dreams. It features all new custom suspension and has a top speed of 20mph. If youíre interested in off roading or want to take your riding game to this next level you should definitely check out this epic quad.


The Not-a-Wheelchair RIG is the definitive off road vehicle for people with mobility impairment! Built with accessibility in mind the Not a Wheel Chair is a great offroad vehicle built to get you anywhere that measly old regular wheelchair couldn't. Built with an easy to access seat and secure foot straps the Not a Wheel Chair is perfectly secure. And with a top speed of 12mph don't worry about being left behind, because the sky is the limit.

Add a Motor

We specialize in customization and we can add motors to many of our trikes. We offer 750w, 1000w, and 1000w/1400w Bafang Ultra. We also offer a range of motors from Bosch. If you're interested in getting a motor equipped on your trike or quad but you aren't sure where to start, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

An electric trike can make a huge difference in the way you cycle. Motors are suitable for all kinds of different people of varying ages and abilities.

We've been in the trike game for a long time so believe us when we say that we love trikes and quads with motors and that you will too. If motors aren't for you though we have lots of non electric options in our extensive catalog.

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