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Why Anthony Rides a Not a Wheelchair

Anthony shared with us that he loves to ride his Not a Wheelchair because it allows him to be in the outdoors.

Anthony is new to the Trike and Quad world as he just got his Not a Wheelchair in March. We've enjoyed talking with Anthony and helping him troubleshoot as he's gotten used to his Not a Wheelchair electric quad.

If you are unfamiliar with the Not a Wheelchair, it's an awesome off roading vehicle that we manufacture in collaboration with JerryRigEverything.

Built with accessibility in mind the Not a Wheel Chair is a great offroad vehicle built to get you anywhere that measly old regular wheelchair couldn't. Built with an easy to access seat and secure foot straps the NotaWheelChair is perfectly secure. And with a top speed of 12mph don't worry about being left behind, because the sky is the limit.

What could be better than the most affordable offroad wheelchair in the game? Built to take you where ever you need to go with durable 20x4 inch knobby offroad tires, and the battery power to get you there. When our quads are built out of standard bike parts it makes everything about them, cheaper, and easier repair all for your riding experience.

Tons of Awesome Features!

The Not a Wheelchair has many amazing stock features that are sure to make your ride as enjoyable as possible. Like our 1000 watt hub motor. This motor is the driving force behind the Not a Wheelchair, giving you the power to go 12 mph. It also features a Reverse Function that makes maneuvering your quad so much easier.

Another great feature included in the stock package is all around suspension. There are two suspension spindles attached to the front wheels, and two DNM DV-22 Coil Over Spring Shocks in the rear. These suspension shocks give you the durability to withstand any of the bumps and jumps off road terrain is going to throw at you.

You also get a well padded, comfortable seat that is perfect for any ride. You can also adjust it forward and backward down the frame to get your seat situated just right.

We also sell a kids version of the Notawheelchair RIG, along with a ridge and mini version. If that's not enough for you there's a 4wd version coming out in the near future. With so many options there's definitely a version of the NAWC RIG for everyone!

Thank you Anthony for sharing your story with us if you want to be featured on our website and in our newsletter like Anthony fill out our survey and let us know you want to be featured and we'll get back to you. If you want to stay up to date with everything we're doing be sure to bookmark our article page and follow our YouTube Channel.

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