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Bags on Board: Maximizing Utility with Trike Storage Solutions

Trikes are a unique and fun way to explore the outdoors, and if you're a trike rider, you might have noticed that many trikes come with bags attached to them. But what are the benefits of having bags for your trike? In this article, we'll explore why bags are an essential accessory for trike riders and how they can enhance your overall riding experience.

With a wide variety of bags available in the market, choosing the right one that suits your needs can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you, we will also introduce some popular bags that we have in stock and that our customers have rated highly. By the end of this article, you'll clearly understand the benefits of having bags for your trike and know which bags would be the perfect fit for you.

Benefits of Trike Bags


Normally trikes have limited storage so you can only carry a few things at any given time. With such limited space you also risk potentially losing important items because they are not adequately secured. All of this can be changed with bags. Bags give you additional storage space for carrying essentials such as water bottles, snacks, tools, spare tubes, and personal belongings. This allows riders to travel longer distances or run errands with ease.

If you want to take your storage game even farther, cargo racks also allow the possibility for more storage on your trike. Cargo racks allow you to attach additional bags or baskets to your trike. This makes picking up groceries or transporting goods a breeze.


Staying organized on a trike can be a pain. It can be impossible to keep one thing separate from another from tubes, pumps, and other personal items. Bags can help alleviate this by assisting riders in staying organized while on their rides. They do this by providing designated compartments or pockets for different items. This makes it easier to access essentials quickly without rummaging through a backpack.

On rides, you can sometimes get dirty from a rogue puddle or some other unfortunate circumstance. Bags are a huge help if you become dirty, wet, or muddy while riding and need to store your equipment. With multiple compartments, you have space to keep your clean equipment separate from your dirty equipment.


Picture this: You're riding on your trike, your phone falls out of your pocket, and you hear the terrible crunch of a broken screen. This has happened to bike and trike riders way too often. This is where bags come in. Bags protect valuable or delicate items like electronic devices, cameras, or sunglasses.

Often, when riding, you're exposed to the elements. Bags protect your valuables from the elements, dust, and debris. Some bags feature padded compartments or weather-resistant materials to safeguard belongings during rides, ensuring they remain safe and secure. This helps with protecting your trike from potential damage that could come from exposure to dust.

Bags also protect your valuables in case you get in an accident. Instead of needing to replace your phone or laptop, they will be safely protected from possible damage. This makes bags an essential item for your trike if you're transporting delicate cargo.


One of the best parts about different types of trike bags is how much customization you can have with them. Trike bags come in various styles and configurations to suit different riding preferences and needs. From handlebar bags and frame bags to seat packs and rear racks, riders can choose bags that best fit their trike's design and their storage requirements, enhancing versatility and functionality.

At the end of our article we go over some of the main types of bags that are available. We cover pannier, bar bags, and cargo bags. There's many different types of bags and figuring out which type of bag is perfect for your ride can help you get the most out of your ride.


Bags mounted on the trike's frame or seat are easily accessible while riding, allowing riders to retrieve or stow items without having to dismount or stop. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for touring or commuting, where quick access to essentials is essential for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Gear Up: Bags for Your Trike

Bar Bags

These bags are typically used on diamond frame bikes and mounted on the handlebar. On a trike they can be mounted next to the seat for easy and convenient access to your belongings. They can also function as arm wrests depending on the trike setup. The mounts attach to the seat of the frame of the trike and add a horizontal bar next to the seat for mounting a bar bag.

Altura Heritage 2 Bar Bag

The Altura Heritage 2 Bar Bag is a stylish handlebar bag ideal for the daily commute, or a trip to the shops, which quickly converts to a cross body bag. Crafted from 12oz waxed canvas and using Rixen Kaul German made klickfix fittings the Heritage Bar Bag effortlessly combines classic style with a modern design.

The water resistant waxed canvas helps to keep your belongings protected from showers whilst the generous 5 litre capacity makes it ideal for the commute or shopping trips for those essential items. There is also a lid pocket with key clip and internal pocket so that small items are easy to find. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry off the bike.

Ortlieb Ultimate Six Free 6.5L Asphalt / Black

The Ultimate 6 Free Handlebar Bag is a superior bikepacking or commuting bag that fits everything we need and more. It's complete with a transparent flap compartment for our phones where we can easily control navigation while we ride, and the waterproof tarpaulin material keeps our essentials dry, no matter the weather. A detachable shoulder belt means we can easily carry this bag on the bike and off, too.


Axiom Seymour Oceanweave P4 Handlebar Bag - Black/Gray

The Axiom Seymour Oceanweave P4 handlebar bag with a pre-shaped main compartment and additional front pocket.

Pannier Bags

Pannier bags, also called saddlebags, attach to a rear cargo rack. Most bags are sold in pairs with one mounting on each side. Panniers are essential for touring and great for commuting and day-tripping.

Axiom Seymour Oceanweave P25 Panniers - Gray/Black

The Seymour pannier series is designed with recycled materials to be environmentally conscious and offers features like ample storage, water resistance and easy off-trike/bike carrying.

Axiom Seymour Oceanweave P35 Panniers - Gray/Black

The Seymour pannier series is designed with recycled materials to be environmentally conscious and offers features like ample storage, water resistance and easy off-bike carrying.

Axiom Monsoon Oceanweave P32 Pannier Bags

Oceanweave 600D reclaimed fishnet polyester with waterproof polyurethane coating
-Hydracore liner provides an exceptional IPX5 waterproof rating
-Rixen & Kaul Vario 2 spring-loaded hooks immediately adjust from 6mm-16mm, without any need for tools
-Triple webbing tie-downs allow variable size/shape loads to be carried outside of the main cavity - ideal for stowing U-Locks on the go
-Ultra-stiff Polypropylene backing plate keeps the bags shape and structure for easy loading and unloading
-Intuitive waterproof roll-down closure system
-Ultra-visible three way 3M triangle logos
-Carry handles for convenience headed from and to the bike
-Lifetime warranty through Axiom
*Size - 15.4 x 10.6 x 5.9 inches

Cargo Bags

Many people are becoming interested in recumbent trikes as a mode of transportation for touring, commuting, and even the total replacement of other vehicles. Whether, you need a trailer to carry large loads, panniers to carry your laptop, or just a small bag to hold your tools and spare tube, we have it! Many cargo bags attach right to the frame of the trike.

Catrike Arkel Bags (pair) - Dash/Villager/Trail/Pocket

The Arkel bags are custom made to fit in the area under the rear of the seat. Easy access allows you to get quickly to what you need. Carry everything you need for your next outing. This version will fit the Pocket and any pre-2012 Villager, Trail, and Dash models

ICE Sidepods for use with Ergo-Flow or Ergo-Luxe seat covers

These custom ICE side pods have been specially made for our seat covers that have location loops on the side edging. They are
ideal for day riding or commuting. The bags each fit directly onto the side of the seat cover loops and can be used singly and can be quickly removed from the trike The zip opening is arranged so that the front of each bag can be opened whilst riding along - perfect for getting at the snack bars or a camera. Available in black only and supplied as a pair with reflective tapes at the rear.
This version fitís all Ergo-Luxe covers and any Ergo-Flow if the cover has side tabs.

The bags fit directly onto the seat (must be used as a pair) so there is no need for a rear carrier (saving weight) or you can run these bags and a conventional pair of panniers if you want to add more touring capacity. The bags can be quickly removed from the trike just by lifting the pair off of the seat. The two front straps are custom sized to the seat so no need for bulky buckles. The top strap has an adjustable snap buckle and fits with or without the neck rest. The zip opening is arranged so that the front of each bag can be opened whilst riding along - perfect for getting at the snack bars or a camera. Available in black only with reflective tapes at the rear.

FastBack NorBack Frame Pack

Inspired by Texas cycling legend Cletus Lee who provided the idea, and named to honor our head seamstress extraordinaire, the NorBack is a tool pack and more. Inside, a big grippy holder secures a Topeak Morph or other mini-pump, with room for tools, arm warmers, or even a light jacket.

Zippered pockets inside keep small items from rolling around; outside, high-friction material on the straps holds the NorBack firmly in place without swaying. Use it with the new Flash frame pack mounted on the top of the frame and they can share a strap, depending on where the NorBack is mounted.

Trunk Bags

These bags attach to the top of the rear cargo rack over the rear wheel. Most can be combined with pannier bags for more storage.

Axiom Seymour Oceanweave EXP15 Trunk Bag - Gray/Black

The Axiom Seymour Oceanweave Exp15 Trunk Bag is a highly functional expandable trunk bag with a thermal-lined main compartment. Optimized for use as an insulated lunch bag.

Axiom Seymour Oceanweave P9 Trunk Bag - Gray/Black

The Axiom Seymour Oceanweave P9 Trunk Bag is a trunk bag with a thermal - lined main compartment and multiple organizer pockets.

Get Out and Ride!

We hope this article helped you learn more bags on trikes and what an essential addition they can be. There are many different types of bags available and we hope that our guide to different types of trike bags helps you become familiar and decide which one is for you.

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