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How to Keep Your Trike from Being Stolen

Getting your trike stolen is something you never want to happen. Sadly it's something that a few of our trike riding readers have had to deal with. After having some readers email us with concerns about how to keep their trike safe we put together a list of some helpful tips to prevent theft and keep your trike safe.

In case your trike were to be stolen, we also included some tips for what to do in the scenario that your trike does get stolen. The tips in the section are some that we've had customers do that have been able to help them successfully retrieve their trike.

Use a Quality Lock:

The first tip for keeping your trike safe is probably the most important, get a good lock. Investing in a high-quality lock specifically designed for securing bikes and trikes is a major factor in keeping your trike safe. Choose a sturdy U-lock or heavy-duty chain lock made of hardened steel, and use it to secure your trike to a fixed object, such as a bike rack or sturdy pole. While this may not entirely stop thieves it's a great start.

Catrike offer a frame lock assembly for their folding trikes, the 559, the Trail, and the Dumont. This allows you to lock the frame of the trike.

Lock Properly:

Locking your trike properly is the next most important part in protecting your trike. When locking your trike, secure it to an immovable object using the frame and one or two wheels. Place the lock through the frame and front wheel or both wheels, as well as the fixed object, to prevent thieves from easily removing parts or lifting the trike.

Choose Secure Locations:

When parking your trike in public areas, choose well-lit, highly visible locations with heavy foot traffic. Avoid secluded or poorly lit areas where thieves may be more likely to get it, and consider using designated bike parking areas or racks equipped with security cameras.

Use Multiple Locks:

Using more than one lock can help to add extra security to your trike. Use a combination of locks to secure different parts of the trike, such as the frame, wheels, and accessories, making it more difficult for thieves to steal or tamper with your trike.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight:

Avoid leaving valuables or accessories on your trike when unattended, as they may attract thieves. Remove any accessories, such as lights, bags, or electronics, and take them with you or store them securely out of sight.

Be Vigilant:

Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings when parking or storing your trike. Keep an eye out for suspicious individuals or activity, and report any concerns to local authorities or security personnel.

Lock Up at Home:

Don't overlook the importance of securing your trike at home. Store it in a locked garage or shed whenever possible, and use additional security measures, such as ground anchors or bike racks, to prevent theft.

Use GPS Tracking:

Consider installing a GPS tracking device on your trike to monitor its location in real-time and aid in recovery in case of theft. Many modern tracking devices are small, discreet, and easy to install, providing added peace of mind for cyclists.

Register Your Trike:

Registering your trike with the its manufacturer, local law enforcement, or online bike registry services can help you to locate it in the case that it goes missing. Keep a record of your trike's serial number, make, and model, as well as any identifying features or customizations, to aid in recovery in case of theft.

Here a view links to different places you can register your recumbent trike through: AZUB, Sun, Catrike, ICE, BikeIndex. Many of these brands such as ICE have warranties that are activated once you register them. This is another plus side that comes with the added security of having it registered.

Insure Your Trike:

Consider purchasing insurance coverage for your trike to protect against theft, damage, or loss. Look for insurance policies specifically designed for bicycles or trikes, and choose coverage options that suit your needs and budget.

By following these tips and taking proactive measures to protect your recumbent trike, you can reduce the risk of theft and enjoy peace of mind while cycling. Remember to stay vigilant, lock up securely, and take precautions to safeguard your investment from opportunistic thieves.

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