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Hello and welcome back to Utah Trikes. If you've looked into trikes before you've probably noticed that prices can get pretty high, but what if I told you trikes can be affordable too! I mean all different types that are high quality and comfortable. There are a couple of brands who make affordable trikes along these lines and we've worked with almost everyone in the book. So trust me when I say the best entry level trikes that weíve found have to go to Sunseeker. Let's talk about them today.

We aren't the only ones that love the Sun either. A lot of our customers have purchased a Sunseeker and absolutely love them and how modular their trikes are. Making Sunseeker One of our most popular and affordable brands that we carry. And While weíre sure most of you have heard the name or seen some of their trikes available on our website we thought that today we would go in depth into Sun Trikes, what Sun Trikes we carry and why we think they are so great.

History of Sun Trikes

Sun Trikes have been in the cycling game for a long time, 53 years to be exact. Sun was founded in Miami, Florida all the way back in nineteen seventy one. It was there that they began their bicycle endeavors

Through the many years of making bicycles they eventually expanded their horizon to a wide range of tricycles in both the tadpole and the delta styles, and they still do to this day. The lineup of Sun Trikes that we carry has been refined over years of working with them. The models in our inventory have been chosen to best compliment our trike lineup.

The trikes that weíre going to share with you today are all professionally assembled and test ridden in our shop in Springville, Utah. We love Sun Trikes and we hope you will too!

SunSeeker Eco Tad SX.

The first trike we are going to cover is our most popular trike and the one you probably know best, the SunSeeker Eco Tad SX.

The SunSeeker Eco Tad is Sun's flagship trike. It's your standard tadpole design with everything you will need to get into triking comfortably. It has 3 standard 20 inch tires all around and a flat steel frame for maximum durability. For an entry-level trike you would expect them to skimp out on comfortability but that definitely isn't the case for the Eco Tad.

The Eco Tad comes stock with a mesh back seat with a padded bottom that is sure to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. The seat is also super adjustable. Itís able to slide up and down the center frame as well as 4 points of reclined adjustment. So you can situate your trike to fit you perfectly. And with its single piece frame it's a really solid build. The SunSeeker Eco Tad has a 300 pound weight limit with a 75 pound cargo capacity. Which if you could believe it is more capacity than a lot of higher priced trikes that are out there. For ease of access the seat height is at a nice 18.5 inches so you get an easier mountable seat than a lot of other trikes.

The Eco Tadís gear range reflects the lower cost of the trike, while still giving you all the gearing you'll need. Gearing is smaller than your average trike with only 7 speeds, 1 gear in the front and 7 in the rear. In our opinion 7 speeds is all you will really need for a beginner ride.

The price of the Sunseeker Eco Tad comes in at one thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars. If your price cap is two thousand dollars you still have some wiggle room to throw in some accessories or more comfortability options. This is our most popular trike for a reason. With its low price and great features it's the best of both worlds if you're looking for an affordable triking option.

EZ Tadpole SX

Next up we have the EZ Tadpole SX. The EZ tad SX is the upgraded version of the standard Eco Tad with tons of quality of life upgrades that the Eco Tad just can't beat.

Compared to the Eco Tad it has a lot that it can't reach due to its lower price point. On the EZ tad SX one of the biggest upgrades is the gearing. Unlike the Eco Tad with 7 speeds of gearing in the rear the EZ Tad has 8 speeds in the rear and 3 in the front giving you a great 24 speed gearing set up.

Comfortability is another aspect that has been upgraded on this trike. Again you have the whole frame to slide your seat up and down to get the perfect positioning, but where it kicks it up a notch is in the seat saddle itself. The EZ tad swaps out the Eco Tads mesh seat for the super comfortable Gel foam seat like on some of the deltas, which provides maximum comfort and a more personal ride.

It has a lower center of gravity as well that handles like a pedal powered go kart. The seat height on the EZ tad is 4 inches lower than the eco tad at 14 inches giving you a more stable ride and a speedier setup. Other upgrades include Direct Steering, the new Slotted Seat adjustment system, and rattle-free and infinite-adjust seat struts.

All of these quality of life changes for just $619 more than the Eco Tad with a total price tag of $2019.

The Sunseeker Eco Delta 3 SX

The next trike in the line up is the The Sunseeker Eco Delta 3 SX. This isnít a tadpole style of trike, but a delta trike. On a delta trike you sit more upright with a single wheel in the front and two wheels in the rear.

Being a Delta trike the wheel is in the front of the Eco Delta and the frame is elevated higher much like a bike. It also has a much similar form factor to a two wheeled bike, this has helped countless people get comfortable with trikes and is why a lot of people buy deltas over tadpoles.

The Eco Deltaís seat is the highest of all the deltas sitting at a comfortable 23 inches off the ground making for an extremely easy entry and exit. The seat itself is made out of the same material you will find on the Sun Seeker Eco Tads seat, which is a breathable and comfortable mesh on both the seat and seat back. This seat is also fully adjustable along the square frame of the trike as well as a fully adjustable reclining seat back. Like all Sunseeker trikes the Eco Delta has a wide range of adjustability so that you can adjust your ride to be perfect for you.

For an even wider range of accessibility the Eco Delta is built with a simplified and heavy duty frame. With this rigid built trike you have a total weight capacity of three hundred and seventy five pounds which is seventy five more than the sunseeker eco tad.

The Sunseeker Eco Delta 3 SX comes in at one thousand four hundred and ninety nine dollars. Which makes sense for being a delta version of the Eco Tad build.

If you want to have more carrying power on your delta we also have awesome baskets that you can attach to them.

The EZ Tri Classic

The EZ Tri classic is one of our most affordable recumbent trike standing at a one thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars. And this low price doesnít mean that it isnít chock full of awesome features either.

This delta trike is actually built off of the design of Sun's classic recumbent bicycle. Which gives you a nice laid back feel of a recumbent bike while still having the extra stability of a third wheel.

Just like the Sunseekers before this one the seat position is easily adjustable with a fairly wide range. But instead of the mesh seat you will get a contouring foam saddle that is super comfortable and compliments the riding experience. This foam saddle is perfect for a long ride and paired with the adjustability that you usually find on a Sun trike it's perfect for any ride.

If you're looking for a delta with a good amount of gearing the EZ Tri is going to have that for you. This delta trike has a solid 21 speed gearing. Beating out the Eco Tad, and ensuring that any hills you plan to tackle can be done with ease.

If you're more fond of the familiar bike style the EZ Tri features a classic handle bar design which definitely helps the transition to a new cycling platform that a tadpole trike just doesn't have.

It also features a 16 inch wheel in the front and two 20 inch wheels in the back which is a smaller wheelbase than some of our other Delta Trike

If you're looking for seat height that will deliver an easy entry, a delta trike is the way to go. The Sun EZ Tri Classic Delta boasts an impressive 22 inch seat height that will definitely come in handy when getting on and off of this trike.

EZ - 3 USX HD Delta Trike

Our next Sun Trike we have for you is the EZ - 3 USX HD Delta Trike. The Ez-3 provides all the stability and control that you would want in a recumbent trike while having a little more thrill.

The HD in its name isnít just for show. When we say HD we mean heavy duty. It comes with 110 psi tires, 48 spoke wheels with double-walled rims, setting this trike up to support 400 pounds of weight. Along with its heavy duty set up it still found a way to come stock with mid frame suspension. This added suspension brings a lot to the table and makes this already comfortable trike even better as you ride.

Form wise this trike is like a mix between a tadpole and a delta. It has two wheels in the rear and a single in the front, but the seat is situated more towards the back end of the trike and has the controls in a more relaxed position.

To set itself apart from the other trikes it doesn't stop there it has a much lower center of gravity attained by three 20-inch wheels that are cambered in the rear to increase cornering stability. With under seat steering and powerful disc brakes this funky delta trike will go a long way with a lot of comfort.

To make it even better this Heavy Duty Delta comes in at $2349.

Sun Baja Fat Tire Trike

Our next trike isn't a recumbent, but your standard style tricycle. Still in a delta format but with a more common bike seat. This is the Sun Baja Fat Tire Trike, built to tackle sandy riding or just a casual ride around town.

The Baja comes stock with three big twenty four by three and a half inch fat tires that can easily roll over obstacles that would stop an average two wheeler.

The baja sits higher than all the trikes that we carry with a seat height of 33 inches. making it much easier to get in and out of than a low to the ground recumbent.

Its large three wheels give it a fantastic amount of stability while also absorbing a lot of bumps that you may encounter along your ride.

And as an added bonus the Baja comes stock with a super nice and spacious rear basket that is sure to hold all of your ride must haves.

The Baja is a wonderful option for someone looking for an affordable and fun beachy trike. The stock price of the Baja is one thousand five hundred and ninety nine dollars. If you want to learn more about the Baja we have a video all about it that you can watch here.

SunSeeker Fat Tad CXS

If youíre looking for a recumbent tricycle that is perfect for offroading and has suspension, while still being leagues cheaper than the competition. The SunSeeker Fat Tad CXS is the trike for you.

The CXS comes stock with a wide range of features including rear coil over suspension and integrated front suspension. Not to mention all over 4 by 20 inch fat tires. The combination of these two features alone will make bumps and off road paths a breeze.

The CXS is the most affordable way to get into a fat trike and with those awesome tires and suspension we donít know why you wouldnít. This trike is a crazy value coming in at $2499. It's one of the funnest trikes around and we definitely recommend it. For its average road riding capability and its offroad expertise. If you want to learn more about the CXS watch our video about it here.

SunSeeker e Fat Tad

Next up is a spin on the CXS, Sun decided to give it a little upgrade with the SunSeeker e-Fat Tad.

The SunSeeker e Fat tad is a 24 speed fat tire trike built off of the Fat Tad CXS. It features a 500 watt hub motor and a 10.4 amp hour battery that's integrated beautifully into the rear cargo rack.

Like the Fat Tad CXS that we mentioned previously, the eFat Tad features front and rear suspension, 20x4 inch fat tires, locking brake levers, as well as an adjustable seat and boom. This electric trike takes the hard hitting design of the CXS and elevates it with an integrated motor and battery system that works beautifully with its design and form factor.

The SunSeeker e Fat Tad sells for a price of $4699

Sun HT-3 Handcycle trike

And last on our list If you're looking for an affordable AND accessible option, worry not the Sun HT-3 Handcycle trike is under two thousand dollars!

This is a delta style trike with hand powered pedaling instead of foot powered. The HT-3 utilizes a hand pedaling system that makes cycling for people with minimal leg mobility a possibility!

The HT-3 comes standard with a hand powered shimano 3- speed hub which can easily be upgraded to an 8 - speed shimano drivetrain and if you go with this upgrade you'll still be in the two thousand dollar price range.

For comfortability the crank height of the handle bars is adjustable and you can independently adjust the foot rests allowing you to find the setup that's right for you!

The cambered rear wheels and a long wheelbase gives this trike amazing stability for maximum safety. While also coming with a front parking brake for when you are transferring out of the trike.

The HT-3 is a unique trike because it is powered by your upper body rather than by your lower body. The ability to pedal these trikes with your hands make them perfect for riders who are looking to get an awesome upper body workout or for people who have limited mobility.

This is one of our most accessible trikes all for an affordable price of one thousand four hundred and forty nine dollars. if you want to upgrade to an 8 speed drivetrain the price will increase to one thousand eight hundred and forty eight dollars. This trike is also majorly adaptable with tons of combinations of hand and foot pedals to elevate your ride. If you want to learn more about this watch our video about it here

And there you have It! Thatís our comprehensive list of all of the Sun Trikes that we carry here at Utah Trikes. Our SUN line up is specifically crafted to work with our ecosystem of trikes that we carry. Chosen to fill a gap where other trikes may not. Thankfully SUN has such a wide variety for so many different niches of the trike world.

If you like any of these trikes but want them to be more your own we can customize any aspect of your trike down to a custom paint job or build any drive train you like or need!! We can also mount any accessory you would like and make sure when you receive your trike it is ready to ride, exactly how you wanted it!!

Sun Trikes are great for a variety of reasons, one of the main ones being that they are more affordable than many other trikes. Due to how affordable they are they are perfect for entry level riders.

We ship Sun Trikes all over the world and with such a wide range weíre sure we have a Sun Trike that is perfect for you and your life.

We hope you enjoyed this article. if you are an owner of a Sunseeker, leave a comment down below and let us know what you have and which ones are your favorite. And if you don't own one worry not we still would love to hear from you. Leave a comment down below with what trike on this list catches your eye the most and why. Be sure to bookmark our article page and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our content.
And with that to remember to relax, spin fast and ride a trike.

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