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Best Recumbent Tricycle for Adults

With numerous benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, joint mobility, and overall physical fitness, cycling is favored as an effective form of exercise and a reliable means of transportation. Recently, recumbent trikes have been gaining a lot of traction in the world of cycling. When compared to traditional bikes, recumbent trikes offer a unique design that positions the rider in a laid-back reclining posture, which not only offers increased comfort and decreased fatigue but also reduces wind resistance, leading to increased cycling efficiency.

At Utah Trikes, we’re one of the leading names in triking and we love to see how popular riding trikes has gotten in the past few years; we offer a range of custom-built recumbent tricycles tailored to meet various individual needs and preferences. For the uninitiated, we at Utah Trikes would love to introduce you to the world of recumbent trikes and share what makes them appealing to adults.

Below, we will explore the invigorating world of trikes including a deep dive into what they are, why they are a great option, and the best recumbent trikes for adults.

What are Recumbent Tricycles?

Recumbent trikes have been revolutionizing the cycling world, representing a radical departure from the traditional upright bicycle design. Imagine a comfortable chair with pedals out in front, supported by three wheels - that's essentially the blueprint for the recumbent trike.

In terms of construction, a recumbent tricycle (or trike) has a lower stance and a more relaxed, reclined seating position compared to standard bicycles. This fundamental change in design redistributes the rider's weight over a larger area, spread across the back.

Unlike the conventional upright bike, trikes have a wider wheelbase for enhanced stability, eliminating the fear of losing balance no matter the gradient or speed. This design translates into comfortable, efficient, and safer rides, making this cycle type immensely popular among a wide array of riders

A key benefit of the recumbent is the high level of comfort it offers. The ergonomic seating position removes strain from the back, neck, shoulders, and wrists, which are usually stressed when riding conventional bikes. Given that it is lower to the ground, trikes also reduces the impact on your body if you were to fall off.

Additionally, the recumbent design reduces wind resistance, which consequentially results in heightened speed and efficiency, making them an ideal choice for ultra-marathon events and long-distance touring.

These qualities make trikes particularly appealing to adult riders, especially as they consider factors such as physical comfort and speed capability. Whether it's for fitness, commuting, or leisurely rides, a recumbent trike offers numerous advantages that are difficult to ignore.

Why are Recumbent Trikes Good for Adults

The unique design of trikes has led to a surge in popularity among adult riders, who appreciate the well-rounded blend of comfort, safety, and performance they provide. Let's take a closer look at some of the key benefits that have drawn adults towards trikes.


One of the primary advantages of opting for a trike is the exceptional stability offered by three wheels in comparison to the usual two on a standard bicycle. This additional wheel reduces the chances of tipping or losing balance, making it an ideal choice for adults who may have concerns about stability or have difficulty managing an upright bike.

Ease on the body

Long rides on traditional bicycles can take a toll on the rider's body, particularly the back, neck, wrists, and shoulders. However, with how trikes are deigned, the rider's body is better protected. The recumbent seating position allows for even weight distribution, significantly reducing the strain on delicate joints and muscles. This makes trikes an excellent choice for riders with pre-existing discomfort or those seeking a more relaxed cycling experience.

Comfort during long rides

The reclining position of the seat on trikes provides lumbar support and a comfortable pedaling angle, even on extended rides. The wide, cushioned seat distributes weight evenly, minimizing pressure points and saddle discomfort that can often be felt with standard bicycle seats. This comfort level is particularly beneficial for older riders or those with physical limitations.

Enjoyable upright position

A trike's upright position allows riders to easily take in their surroundings while cycling, contributing to a more enjoyable cycling experience. This increased field of vision not only adds to the overall pleasure of the ride but can also enhance safety by facilitating better awareness of traffic, pedestrians, and other obstacles.
Trikes are the perfect choice for adults looking for a stable, comfortable, and enjoyable cycling experience. With the added benefits of reduced strain on the body and a better view of the surroundings, it's no wonder more and more adults are opting for trikes as their preferred mode of cycling.

What to Know Before Buying

When in the market for a trike, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you choose the best trike for you that meets your specific needs. Here are some aspects every potential buyer should examine:

Intended Use

Figuring out what you want to do with your trike can help dictates the appropriate model for you. Whether you plan to use the trike for leisurely rides around the neighborhood, maintaining fitness, long-distance touring, or off-road adventures, it's vital to align your choice with these goals. This is because different trikes are tailored to various uses. For instance, some are built for speed on smooth surfaces, and others for durability on rough terrains. Understanding your unique requirements narrows down the options, ensuring enhanced satisfaction.


Your regular riding terrain plays a significant role in determining your perfect trike. This is because different biking models are crafted to optimally handle different surfaces. Some trikes strive best for flat, well-paved environments due to their lightweight construction and road-oriented features. Conversely, others are specifically built with rugged suspensions and fat tires, enabling them to withstand off-road use or steep gradients. By aligning your trike choice with your frequent routes, you optimize your safety and overall biking experience.


When it comes to purchasing a trike, your budget is a vital factor in shaping your decision. Prices can vary widely, influenced by features, brand reputability, and level of customization. Some high-end models offer advanced capabilities, such as electric pedal assistance or aerodynamic design, but come at a higher financial commitment. On the flip side, entry-level models provide cost-effective access to the benefits of triking. Besides contemplating the initial purchase price, remember to account for prospective maintenance costs, as these can add up over time.

Rider Size/Height

Just like traditional bikes, trikes come in various sizes designed to accommodate different body sizes and heights. Selecting a trike that matches your physical dimensions is instrumental in ensuring a comfortable ride and efficient pedaling. A model that offers adjustability, specifically in seat angle and leg length, is highly recommended. This feature allows personalized fitting that not only increases comfort but also can improve pedaling efficiency and decrease the risk of strain injuries.

Available Storage Space

Storage consideration is another important point before investing in a recumbent trike. Unlike standard bicycles, recumbent trikes, particularly those constructed with a larger wheelbase, can take up significant storage space. It's important to measure your storage area before buying and ensure that you can store the trike safely and conveniently. Some models offer folding capabilities, which can be a worthwhile feature for those with limited space.


Customizability is one of the definite advantages of investing in a recumbent trike. Numerous models offer the flexibility of modifying or upgrading the bike's components to better suit your preferences or enhance performance. You could add accessories like mirrors, cargo racks, or lights, or opt for high-end components like upgraded gearing or suspension systems. If having a personalized trike is essential to you, seek models from brands known for supporting such modifications.

Test Ride

Performing a test ride before finalizing your purchase can't be emphasized enough. A test ride provides firsthand insights into the trike’s handling, comfort, and overall experience. It offers an opportunity to assess different models against your predetermined expectations, letting you feel how the tricycle responds to your weight, balance, and handling preferences. By taking the time to test-trike potential tricycles, you significantly increase the likelihood of finding a model you'll love for years to come.
By focusing on these key considerations, you'll be well-equipped to select a recumbent trike tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring fantastic rides for years to come.

The Best Recumbent Tricycles for Adults

Choosing the perfect recumbent trike for your needs can feel overwhelming with so many options available. We've curated a list of some of the best models out there, each with its unique features catering to a variety of needs:

The Revolution eQuad RS

As an electric pedal-assist trike, the eQuad RS offers a range of up to 60 miles per charge, permitting you to undertake longer rides with less fatigue. It embodies a unique 4-wheel design that promotes excellent stability, rendering it an ideal choice for those seeking a safer, more balanced riding experience. Moreover, its electric-assist features several power settings to support various ride types, whether you're aiming to achieve a rigorous workout or a leisurely stroll around the park.

SunSeeker Fat Tad CXS

Equipped with fat tires and full suspension, the SunSeeker Fat Tad CXS is engineered to tackle any terrain. This model is particularly suitable for riders seeking off-road adventures or those who reside in areas with challenging terrains. The adjustable seat back and boom accommodate varied body sizes and preferences. Furthermore, its disc brakes offer reliable stopping power in all weather conditions, while the rear cargo rack provides convenient storage for personal belongings or outdoor gear

UTCustom Catrike Fat Cat-4 Quad

The UTCustom Catrike Fat Cat-4 Quad beautifully blends the comfort of a recumbent, the stability of four wheels, and the resilience of fat tires. It comfortably cruises on the road while being capable off-road, making this quad ideal for riders desiring a trike for all types of expeditions. Built with high-quality materials, this quad not only assures durability but also contributes to weight reduction, enhancing overall maneuverability.

UTCustom Fat Tad Crawler

Designed for those desiring more speed and power, the UTCustom Fat Tad Crawler is outfitted with a potent mid-drive motor and shows off a sleek design. With full suspension in play, it adeptly navigates rough terrains while ensuring a comfortable ride. Interestingly, its low center of gravity enhances stability and control while maneuvering in tricky or off-road conditions.

Catrike Expedition

The Catrike Expedition prides itself as a superior all-around performer. Its larger rear wheel delivers sporty, fast rides while assuring excellent stability and comfort. Additionally, the lightweight yet durable frame contributes to easy handling while also upholding the model's sturdiness, ensuring you can confidently embark on various adventurous expeditions.

SunSeeker Eco Tad SX

Being an entry-level recumbent trike, the SunSeeker Eco Tad SX offers adjustability and versatility while remaining accessible price-wise. A fabulous choice for beginners getting a feel for recumbent riding, this trike not only allows for multiple seat adjustments for a personalized fit but also features a robust drive train for effortless terrain navigation.

Catrike 559 Folding

Catrike 559 elegantly combines a comfortable riding position, excellent performance, and convenient folding capabilities for easy transport and storage. This trike proves especially ideal for those facing storage challenges or individuals who frequently travel with their trike. Despite its folding mechanism, it does not compromise on quality, ensuring riders a full recumbent trike experience that doesn't shy away from comfort, control, and efficiency.

UTCustom Catrike Cat-4 Quad

Perfect for those seeking the ultra-stability of four wheels, the UTCustom Catrike Cat-4 Quad is specifically custom-built to cater to riders requiring extra balance or those eyeing rides on rugged terrains. With its independent front suspension, it smoothens rides over bumpy trails. A notable companion for those prioritizing comfort along with an adrenaline rush.
Pricing for these models varies greatly depending on their features, from around $1,100 for models like the SunSeeker Eco Tad SX up to approximately $7,000 for high-end models like the Revolution eQuad RS. Always remember to consult the dealer or manufacturer's website for the most accurate and current pricing information.


Recumbent trikes offer a unique and enjoyable cycling experience for adults seeking a stable, comfortable, and efficient ride. Their ergonomic design, low-impact riding, and versatility make them an increasingly appealing choice for various uses, from leisurely rides to long-distance touring. With our comprehensive guide to understanding, selecting, and purchasing the best recumbent tricycle for your needs, you'll be well-prepared to embark on countless enjoyable rides. So, go ahead and explore the invigorating world of recumbent trikes and experience the difference for yourself.

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