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Utah Trikes is the #1 online trike retailer in the world! And we want to keep it that way! Part of doing that is providing you with personal and high quality service. Allow us to do this for you and schedule an appointment with us! You can do so online, over the phone, or visit us in person at our shop in Springville, Utah! You're the reason we work so hard and we want to help you every step of the way.

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We are always here in the shop building custom trikes during our business hours, and we love showing them off! Before you come in, talk with an associate to let us know when you'd like to visit. We'll be sure to have someone ready to help you and show you around our showroom.

Many customers flock from far and wide to visit Utah Trikes in person and pick up their new ride. When you're visiting Utah for a couple of days with a brand new trike in hand there's a lot you may want to do or know about the wonderful town of Springville. Well we have you covered. There are tons of great bike trails to ride, hikes to see, and food to eat. And if your planning your stay we have recommendations for lodging nearby from hotels to campsites. Everything you will need to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

Where to Stay

Many a time we’ve had out-of-state customers stop by the shop. If you’re looking for a place to stay, There are 3 great options that are only a mile away from the shop and right off the freeway!

  • The Holiday Inn Express & Suite A great hotel right off the freeway across from the Maverick. It has friendly staff, an indoor pool, a gym, and complimentary breakfast.

  • The Best Western Mountain View Inn Another great hotel option across the road from the flying J right off the freeway. This hotel includes complimentary breakfast, highspeed internet, an indoor pool, a gym, and is pet friendly!

  • The Springville/Provo KOA Campground Unlike the other options this is a campsite with lodging or spaces for RVs and trailers. Located right across from the Maverick off the freeway this is a fun alternative to a standard hotel with a lot of cool amenities. The KOA features Included Wifi, a seasonal pool, camping pavilions, a newly renovated clubhouse with 2 lane bowling, community BBQs, and the full camping experience.

    All of these options are located directly off the 261 Springville Freeway Exit. They are easily accessible only a mile away from our shop, and just a couple of miles from all the fun that Utah has to offer!

La Casita Mexican Restaurant This is a community favorite Mexican restaurant that has been a resident of Springville, Utah for over 40 YEARS! This is a great sit down spot with a cozy atmosphere and amazing food.

Pier 49 San Francisco style Pizza A local pizza joint with a genuine vintage vibe. If you're looking for the best pizza in town this is it! With so many pizza options you are sure to find a pizza for you!

Maglebys Maglebys has been a Utah favorite for the last 35 years. A little more on the expensive side this is a fancy restaurant with fancy food. With amazing seasonal options and a rotating desert menu that is to die for, this is definitely a place to visit for a special night out.

Art City Coffee/Brand X Burgers
If your looking for some great local coffee this is the place to go! Stop by and grab some of the best local coffee around to start your morning off right!

Jurassic Taco Jurassic Taco has swept across Utah easily becoming one of the best street taco joints around. If you're looking for some fast Mexican food that will rock your world you NEED to check out Jurassic Taco.

Zubs Subs & Pizza
Voted Utah County's best sandwich and for good reason. If you've got a hankering for a hearty sub or a giant pizza these guys have both, and all of it is amazing! (Their pizza sauce is so good like how do they do that??)

When your picking up your brand new trike so far from home the anticipation of getting to ride may be too much to wait. If this is the case for you there are tons of great bike trails all over Utah, so we will be listing a couple nearby and at popular tourist destinations that you can go ride and get the trike thrill you've been waiting for!

Hobble Creek Bike Path

  • Distance - 5 Miles
  • Distance From Utah Trikes - 6.3 miles
  • Trail Surface - Asphalt
  • Difficulty - Easy-Moderate

    Hobble Creek Bike Path is 6 miles from Utah Trikes which is just a quick drive towards the canyon or a 40 minute trike ride to the location. The trail starts as a wide sidewalk in a neighborhood. As you ride the houses get more sparse until you are entirely on a double laned bike road winding through gorgeous canyon scenery. This trail is primarily a light uphill ride heading east with a variety of ups and downs that provides a good challenge for all skill levels. This is a beautiful scenic route that is the perfect ride to test out all aspects of a new trike! This is the route that we took in our E-14 Dumont video. So if you want to see a quick look at this ride check out our video!

Roads near Utah Trikes

  • Distance - 6.5 Miles
  • Distance From Utah Trikes - 0 miles
  • Trail Surface - Asphalt
  • Difficulty - Easy

    If you just want an easy ride right out the door of Utah Trikes this is a great pick. This route will take you along the roads near our shop in Springville down and around through the industrial district into lush farm land out into Provo. You will be riding on public back roads, but they are fairly empty of cars and as long as you practice standard road riding safety its a wonderful ride. This is the route that we took in our Ice Sprint X Tour Ride and Review. So if you would like a preview of this route go take a look at that video!

Provo River Parkway

  • Distance - 15 Miles
  • Distance From Utah Trikes - 6.6 miles
  • Trail Surface - Asphalt
  • Difficulty - Easy-Moderate

    The Provo River Parkway trail is an asphalt path that starts at the Utah Lake State Park all the way to Vivian Park up Provo Canyon. This is a ride that takes you through a ton of beautiful scenery, from scenic parks to the waterfalls of Provo Canyon. There are restrooms and rest stops all along this trail, so its great for those longer day rides. The location that is 6.6 miles away from us is near the middle of the trail at Riverside Park This will give you the option to go west down to the lake or east up the canyon!

Spanish Fork River Trail

  • Distance - 12 Miles
  • Distance From Utah Trikes - 8.6 miles
  • Trail Surface - Asphalt
  • Difficulty - Easy

    A wonderfully relaxing trail following the Spanish Fork River. This trail starts at the Spanish Fork Sports Park and meanders through lush farm land ending at the Canyon View Park at the mouth of the Spanish Fork Canyon. This trail has a bathroom and rest stop halfway through, and for most of your ride your a good distance away from any roads so the ride is nice and relaxing. A great place to start your ride is at the Sports Park Parking Lot. This will put you near the beginning of the trail with a place to park before hand.

Legacy Parkway Trail

  • Distance - 14 Miles
  • Distance From Utah Trikes - 65.4 miles
  • Trail Surface - Asphalt
  • Difficulty - Easy

    If you're going to be around Salt Lake on your trip to Utah this is a great biking trail to take!
    The Legacy Parkway Trail provides a useful, efficient commuting route as it is fully paved and has no street crossings. The trail runs adjacent to the Legacy Parkway in southern Davis County. It begins at Farmington Station and parallels the Utah Transit Authority's FrontRunner, the state's first commuter rail line, for some of its journey to North Salt Lake. Although most of the route is along a busy freeway, there is a connection to the Legacy Nature Preserve, which offers more scenic surroundings.
    If you're staying outside of Salt Lake but want to explore the area anyways the trail is accessible by taking public transportation, you can access the trail via the Farmington Station on the UTA FrontRunner

Potash Road

  • Distance - 13.5 Miles
  • Distance From Utah Trikes - 243 miles
  • Trail Surface - Dirt/Light Gravel
  • Difficulty - Moderate

    If you're taking this opportunity to travel to Utah you might as well go visit our great National Parks and outdoor recreation destinations. If you find yourself exploring Moab and seeing the beautiful red rocks you NEED to ride this trail.
    This is a relatively flat ride and the main difficulty comes from its more offroad profile. The trail follows the Colorado River leading you past tons of amazing sights of red rocks, petroglyphs, monumental buttes and gorgeous rivers. This is the most scenic ride on this list and definitely worth the trip.

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