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Take your Trike to the Next Level with a Bicycle Flag


Due to recumbent trikes being close to the ground it can sometimes be hard for high up vehicles to see them. This can be a cause of concern for many trike riders. Worry not though because there's a solution to help you stay safe and look stylish while you do it!

Be Seen

Flags can help add needed height to your trike. Recumbent trikes are typically close to the ground, because of this it can be difficult for taller vehicles to see them. Flags can help to prevent possible accidents by adding extra height to your trike.

On top of adding height to your trike many flags are bright colors or reflective. Bright colors can help you to be seen in situations where you may not be as visible. A reflective flag can come in handy if it's low visibility when you're out riding. Reflective flags will help people in vehicles be able to better see you.

With all of this being said it is also a good idea to wear high visibility clothing and protective gear while riding. while a flag can help you be seen, wearing high visibility clothes help and nothing beats a helmet.

Be You

Flags can help you personalize your trike or bike. With so many different types of flags with different designs or colors there's something for everyone.

For the Animal Lover

Do you love animals? We'll you're in luck! We carry a variety of animal themed flags that you can put on your trike. These flags let those around you know that you're an animal lover and can help you meet new friends.

If you're a dog lover we a few different dog themed flags in stock. some of these are an adorable pug shaped flag, a very cute beagle, a majestic golden retriever, and a friendly black lab. With these flags you show your love for your furry friends will adding some style to your trike.

Some other animal shaped flags that we offer are some barnyard friends. Our first one is a very cute pink pig flag and a brown cow flag that's sure to make you the hit of the neighborhood. If you want a more exotic animal we also carry one of a cuddly alpaca.

Don't worry we didn't forget our feline friends! We offer a few different cat themed flags that we're sure the grumpiest of cats would enjoy. The first one we have is an orange tabby and the second one is a tuxedo cat.

Looking to the sky we have some fun avian themed flags. some of the bird themed flags we offer are peacock, loon, wood duck, rubber ducky, flamingo, and chicken.

If you're an under sea fan we have flags for you too! We offer a variety of fish themed flags. Some of the one's we offer are anglerfish bones, fish bones, bright rainbow, clownfish, rainbow trout, salmon, bass, fairy basslet, angelfish, black and white, peacock, damsel fish,, and koi fish.

If you're an art lover or if you're just looking to add some color to your trike, we've got you covered too. We also have variety of brightly colored abstract shaped flags. These flags do an excellent job at helping you be seen on the road. They're also wonderful conversation pieces for when you run into bike or trike rider when out riding.

Lastly we carry flags from various brands so you can represent your favorite trike brands while you ride. Some of the brands that we have flags available for are AZUB, Catrike, HP, ICE, and Utah Trikes.

Flag mount

Now after you've found the perfect flag for you it's time to put it on your trike, but how do you do that? That's where flag mount's come in.Flag mounts can help you either install additional flags on your trike or install a flag when you may not have been able to before. Some of the flag mounts we have available are the Catrike Flag Mount and ICE Flag Mounts for mesh and hard shell seats.

Overall, having a flag can add a lot to your trike. Not only does it allow you to stay safe on the road by allowing other people on the road to see you, they let you customize your trike and make it uniquely yours. If you have any questions about any of the flags mentioned in this article or if your curious about other accessories you can get for your trike feel free to shoot us an email at trikes@utahtrikes.com. We'd love to help you out!

We hope this article helped you learn a little bit more about flags and that you were able to find the perfect flag for you!

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