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Unbelievably Affordable Trikes: The Sunseeker Delta Line Up

In this article we'll be showing some love to the original recumbent style of trike, the Delta style trike. So forget about the tadpole style because today we are comparing three of Sunseeker's Delta Trikes, the EZ-3 USX HD, the EZ-tri Classic SX, and the Eco Delta 3 SX.

Sun Trikes began in the early 1960’s with the Miami Sun from Miami Bicycle & Supply Co. Throughout the years Sun created different styles of recumbent bikes until 2001 when they released their first Delta-style recumbent trike the EZ-3 for the Sun bicycle brand. Since then they have gone on to improve the Delta design and produce several different models including the three we are featuring here.

The Delta trike takes a lot of ques from the design of the original SunSeeker recumbent bicycles. At the beginning modifying the EZ-1 recumbent bikes frame to include the 2 rear wheels in the back.

Tadpole and Delta Trikes

The difference between a Tadpole trike and a Delta trike are pretty apparent. The most obvious difference between the two models is the location of the side by side wheels. On a Delta they are located at the rear behind the rider and on a tadpole they are at the front ahead of the rider.

Another big difference is the seat height and how you mount the trike. On a tadpole the seat is much lower to the ground which can make it harder to get into for some riders. Getting up and down requires a bit of upper body strength and mobility to mount comfortably, and that's where the Delta comes in. On a delta you mount the seat similar to how you would on a classic bike. Just step over the frame and take a seat. The taller seat height allows for less need of upper body strength and has an overall smoother transition from sitting to standing.

For higher-speed riders, the tadpole design offers some increased stability when turning, whereas the higher visibility of these Delta trikes offers a safety advantage when sharing the road with cars. If you are considering a delta trike for your first trike these are some points you’ll want to keep in mind.

Delta variants also look a lot more like a conventional bike, And let's face it the shape and size of a tadpole trike are a little funky if you aren't familiar with them. Many new trike riders feel more comfortable with the traditional bike-style handlebars found on the Eco Delta and EZ Tri Classic. The USX HD, on the other hand, has underseat steering with a pivoting handlebar under the seat similar to that found on many tadpole trikes.

There are a lot of choices available, and if you think that a Delta trike might be right for you, stick around because we are going to first talk about the SunSeeker Eco Delta 3 SX.

Released in 2014 the Eco Delta SX is Sunseekers newest addition to the Delta family. Combining the classic look of the EZ-3 from way back in the day with the SunSeeker EcoTad. Creating a simple but effective trike that is perfect for the beginning rider and easy on the wallet too. The Eco Delta 3 SX is the least expensive adult recumbent trike that we sell Period. Coming in at an affordable $1289 as of 2023 this Delta trike is easily accessible and a great intro into the world of trikes and all that they offer.

To achieve the lower price point, the Eco Delta has the simplest design of the three Deltas we are covering. The telescoping square frame tube design makes it easier to adjust for a wide range of riders, but the simple axle-driven 8-speed derailleur gearing may limit the hills you’ll want to climb with this model.

Just because it's simple and affordable doesn't mean it's not full of features. The Eco Delta SX comes stock with the classic mesh seat that is featured on Sunseekers tadpole variety of trikes. Even though it's simplistic it is a tried and true seat that is breathable and with the padded foam bottom this seat is comfortable as well.

The seat position and angle can both be adjusted without the use of any tools, The clamp on the bottom of the seat can be moved forward or back along the main trike frame nearly a whopping 20 inches. The angle of the seat can be adjusted independently to 90 degrees at maximum upright and 40 degrees maximum reclined. Because all of these adjustments can be made by using the quick release levers and pins, sharing your trike with other riders is a very simple process.

The Eco Delta SX has the highest seat height of all the Sunseeker Delta models that we sell with a seat height of 23 inches.

The Eco Delta is built with an incredibly durable frame that can hold over 300 lbs. Allowing for an even bigger entry point. And built on 3 20 inch wheels it really makes this trike a sturdy contender.

It also comes with spare bottle mounts on the handlebar and seat frame to let you carry plenty of hydration for those long hauls.

This is a perfect introduction to the world of Delta trikes with an amazing price point and all the features you’ll need as a beginning rider, or just the average hobby rider!

The next Delta we are covering today is the direct evolution of Sunseekers first trike the EZ-3, this is the EZ-Tri Classic SX

The EZ-3 was released way back in 2001 as Sunseekers first recumbent trike. As the years have gone by, tons of improvements have been made on the construction and quality of this trike, and in 2010 the Sun EZ-Tri Classic Trike was released.

The Sun EZ-Tri Classic Delta Trike is the perfect step up from the "granny" adult trikes with a more laid back and ergonomic design. Allowing for a relaxing ride with maximum comfort. This Deltas frame is very similar to SunSeekers Recumbent Bicycles allowing you to have the laid back feel of a recumbent bike but with the added stability of the extra wheel in your rear.

This trike is in a very affordable price bracket as well with the stock price being only $1399 as of 2023. Just a little bit above the Eco Delta 3 SX.

The EZ Tri Classic SX is similar to the Eco Delta 3 SX with a few key differences. Visually the Ez Tri Classic has a different frame utilizing a style more reminiscent of Sun's recumbent bikes instead of their tadpole trikes like the Eco Delta 3 SX. The EZ tri Classic SX has a smaller 16 inch wheel in front instead of the 20 inch tires all around like the Eco Delta 3 SX.

Functionally though there are still a few differences. The slightly higher price of this delta trike allows for 21 speed gearing to be featured, so climbing up hills is no problem.

While the back of the seat features a similar looking mesh, where the Ez-Tri Classic SX really shines is in the lower seat saddle. The extra padded Contouring Foam provides maximum trike riding comfort while cruising down town.

The seat can be adjusted the same way as the Eco Delta but only with a 5 and a half inch adjustable slide. The seat height is still pretty high at 22 inches just a little bit under the Eco Deltas 23 inches.

Able to hold up to 300 lbs as well and with all of its quality improvements its safe to say that the Sun EZ-Tri Classic is a great trike for the beginner or intermediate rider looking for a quality boost and more comfortable laid back ride.

Lastly we will be talking about the king of Delta quality and comfort the EZ-3 USX HD

The EZ-3 USX HD is a Delta trike like no other. Originally released in 2003 as the EZ-3 USX this trike has been remastered and was rereleased in 2008 as the EZ-3 USX HD. The HD stands for Heavy Duty. This trike has an all around rigid and durable build with some amazing features that really bring this trike to the next level.

Coming in at a starting price of $2349 as of 2023 This delta trike is a bit more than its competition but for good reason.

Just looking at this thing you can see the several visual differences between it and the other deltas. One of its biggest features is the built in suspension on the top of the frame here. It is just a basic suspension rig but it really makes a difference on those bumpy rides. Ensuring that you have a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Next up we’ve got that shiny new frame. A little funky looking, but it really does its job to provide a sturdy and high quality base. With the help of its 3: 20 inch, 110 psi, 48 spoke wheels with double walled rims, this bad boy is able to hold up to 400 lbs. This is the strongest trike out of the 3 deltas. Giving you an even more high quality ride.

The steering on this model is also very different from your standard delta. Taking from the design of tadpole trikes and implementing under the seat steering. The inclusion of the vertical handlebars provides a simple and relaxed arm position allowing your arms to sit naturally by your sides as you’re cruising.

The EZ-3 USX HD takes from the seating arrangements of both the ECO Delta SX and the EZ tri Classic combining them to create the perfect seating combination. Featuring the Contouring Foam extra padded mesh seat like on the EZ Tri Classic, but implementing that with the top notch adjustability of the Eco Delta SX allowing you to adjust your seat by 18 and a half inches up and down the frame. Letting you adjust your comfort however you'd like. This trike is also a little lower to the ground with its max seat height at just 18 inches, which is still higher than a tadpole, but it allows for a lower center of gravity increasing the stability of your delta trike.

With this comfortable and premium make up it's easy to understand why this delta trike is almost double the price of the other models we’ve talked about today. Taking all the best parts of the delta family and combining them for an all around good and high quality trike.

All of these Delta trikes have something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a cheap recumbent trike to not break the bank, or just looking for a taste of something other than a tadpole trike.

If you're looking for a lower cost entry level Delta Trike the Eco Delta 3 SX is the trike for you, with a simple build and easy mounting it's a really good hobby trike to get into the world of triking for an affordable price

If you want a functional and classic looking trike that is built for comfort and adjustability you may want to go with the EZ Tri Classic SX. A good compromise between simplicity, comfort, and stability. Still utilizing the high set seat creating an easy to use and easy to mount trike that for the tiny bit extra price is worth the upgrade depending on what you're looking for

And if you're more comfort oriented or just want a more complex and technical ride the EZ 3 USX HD has everything you'll need. Comfortable extra cushioning foam seat, vertical under seat handle bars, and ultimate seat adjustability. And with a higher weight capacity and lower center of gravity it is the most stable and reliable out of all of Sunseekers Delta trikes.

Once you’ve decided on which Delta you want there's a ton of accessories you can add to make this trike truly your own.

All of these trikes can be motorized using our Bafang motor system upgrades. A common upgrade is to add a Bafang motor to an Eco Delta 3 SX. With its 8 speed gearing it goes perfectly with a little help from an added motor.

Other popular upgrades include: fenders, tires, headlights, tail lights, cargo racks, and baskets. One of the coolest features of the delta trikes is that they can be coupled together with our UTCustom Tandem Coupler. Attaching them front to back for the perfect delta train ride. Even different models of Deltas can be coupled together, with no limit to how many can be coupled at a time.

Depending on which Delta trike you get they come in different varieties of colors, you can browse these color options on our website at UtahTrikes.com and if those standard Sunseeker colors aren't as custom as you'd like, never fear. We have over 40 plus UTCustom colors in our color shop that we can add to your trike, you can see our wide variety also on our website.

If this trike has interested you and you aren't sure what delta is for you give us a call or send us an email. We will be glad to help you get the trike that suits you the best. We have a ton of these Delta trikes in stock and they can be shipped out to you within a couple of days, so now's the time to order the delta of your dreams.

Thank you for reading this article. We appreciate all the support. Leave a comment down below which Delta Trike you like best. We love to hear from you! And in the meantime Relax, Spin fast, and ride trikes.

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