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All About Shipping at Utah Trikes


If you’re reading this, you may have just purchased an incredibly awesome, off-the-hook, one-of-a-kind trike. As this may be your first time getting something so big shipped directly to your door using freight shipping, we want to give you some basic info on how it works. We’ll give you the inside scoop on our packing and shipping process so you know what to expect when your custom trike arrives.

Behind the Scenes:

We do our best to ship your trike fully assembled, but we won’t charge for assembly. We want you to be able to sign for your trike and immediately take it for a test ride. While most trikes we build fit comfortably in the box, there are a few exceptions and occasionally we need to make adjustments. But, if it doesn’t come ready to ride, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Packing a trike is like a really complicated game of Tetris. It’s not easy. Our number one priority is to keep your trike from being damaged during shipping, and we take as many steps as we can to ensure safe delivery. Once your trike is assembled, we start fitting it into it’s box. The box's dimensions are approximately 77in x 30in x 38in.

How Your Trike Is Packaged

Sometimes trikes are too tall and we remove the headrest, or fold the seat down, or take the seat completely off. Occasionally we’ll have to turn the handlebars in, take the boom off, or in some cases -if you’ve souped up your trike with a rack, mirrors, or baskets- we’ll remove accessories. To ensure the trike doesn’t move around during shipping, the empty space in the large shipping box will be filled with other, smaller boxes. More fragile accessories, like computers, lights, or Falco batteries, will be removed and shipped in one of those boxes to ensure safety. That’s how we’ll pack any items that are removed, so don’t throw anything away until you’ve gathered all your gear.

When We Remove Something

If something does have to be removed, don’t worry about losing bolts or putting the right one back where it goes; if we take anything off, we remove the bolt, take off the part, and then put the bolt right back where it goes. Be sure to grab the goodie bag as well, which will include a multitool for quick assembly.

From Us To You:

When we ship your trike we’ll ship it by freight. We’ll try to ship your trike to you with the company that can get to your particular area promptly and at the lowest cost to you. The company that carries your trike will call you to set up a delivery appointment at a day and time that is most convenient. They literally bring the trike to your door and you need to be there when it arrives.

When Your Trike Arrives


PLEASE take a good look at the box BEFORE signing. If there is any damage to the box (any at all) make note of it with the driver and then, TOGETHER, you should open the box and take a look at your trike.,

Report and take note of any damages, and then you’re safe to accept the box as “damaged”. This will hold the freight company responsible for the damages, making it easy for us to file a claim. If you accept the box damaged, without inspecting the trike or mentioning the damages to the driver, no one can be held responsible. We can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is that you record any kind of damage, no matter how minor it may seem to you.

If you somehow end up receiving a damaged trike, take pictures and get in touch with us as soon as you can so we can file a claim. If it looks like your trike is missing the boom, or a rack, or a headrest, or some other part, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s damaged. Be sure to double check for those other parts before throwing out the boxes. Find that goodie bag with the multitool and you can get started assembling those extras that wouldn’t quite fit.

Final Note

If any serious changes have been made to your trike (seat, headrest, boom, rack, basket, or accessory removal) you’ll be informed by our shipping manager. We’ll also help you find some video footage of how to get those parts back together. If fitting your trike into a box will require way too much taking apart and putting back together, we’ll just ship it fully assembled on a pallet.

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