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Bike Trail Review - Hobble Creek in Springville Utah

After picking up your trike from our shop in Springville, Utah, you may want to take a spin on your new ride. The question is where are you gonna ride first? In this article were going to talk about one of our favorite trails, the Hobble Creek Trail.

Hobble Creek Trail is located in Springville, Utah. It's a 9.1 mile trail and it takes about 3 hours to complete. Its a paved trail for about 4.5 and then turns into gravel. The trail starts in town, extending past the golf course to Rotary Park.

If you choose to explore past the paved road you won't be
disappointed. The view of the mountains further up the trail is amazing and is worth the ride. Many riders also mentioned that there are many beautiful houses to admire further along the trail.

How to get there

Take the 400 South Springville exit (260) from I-15, turning east on U-77. Go straight through Springville. As you begin to climb the foothills, you'll come to a 4-way stop. Turn right (southward) towards Hobble Creek Canyon. The road will begin to veer back to the east. As it turns eastward, a road comes in from the right (south side), and you'll notice that the sidewalk on your right has become a wide paved path. This is where the trail starts. Alternately, you can drive 1/4 to 1/2 mile up the road to find alternate parking.

What to see

There are lots of sights to see on the Hobble Creek Trailhead. In the spring and early summer there are lots of wild flowers and beautiful greenery. In the fall riders can expect to see beautiful fall colors. Many riders also say that you can expect to see butterflies as you ride in parts with more greenery.

The creek is full of self sustaining population of brown and cutthroat trout with a few rainbow trout that are lurking in the waters. One can usually expect to see anglers in the summer and fall months.

You can also get an amazing view of the mountains in this area. Depending on the season they can look especially beautiful. In the fall they are beautiful shades of oranges and reds.

When to go

The Hobble Creek Trail can be ridden most of the year. Most people go on the trail around March and December. The trail gains more traffic in March due to the weather improving. Visitor who come in March may notice that there may be obstacles such as fallen trees and mud. This due to harsh weather and lack of use in the winter months. Once the weather permits the path is cleared and ready for riders.

In the Summer months it's recommended to go early morning or evening so you can stay in the shade. It's also a good idea to bring water with you so that you can stay hydrated.

Who's on the trail

This trail is a relatively popular trail. On this trail you can expect to see a variety of people from hikers to mountain bikers. Skaters are also fond of this trail and can be found on it during warmer weather when the trail is clear. The paved portion of this is especially great for all kinds of riders. Due to being paved it makes it a bit smoother to ride on.

Amenities on the trail

Hobble Creek is full of amenities and things to do besides riding or walking the trail. Mentioned above at the beginning of the trail there is pond where people can try their luck at catching a fish. Hobble Creek Park has a playground, picnic tables, bbq grills, a walking path, and a basketball court.

There is a shooting range near the beginning of the trail and near the top of the trail there is a small shooting range as well. In addition to that there is also an area to play disc golf.

We hope you check out this awesome trail. Let us know in the comments down below if you do and what you think about it. If you want to see more of this trail check out our eCat14 video where we explore this trail. If you want to check out other trails in Utah County check out this article. And for trails outside of Utah County check out this article.

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