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Are the Ventisit Seat Pads Comfortable? Let's Take Your Trike to the Next Level


Picture this: you're out riding your trike and Itís a beautiful day. The sun is shining and the birds are singing and then all of the sudden you feel it: back sweat. Try as you may to stop it youíve already become sweaty and uncomfortable and you figure you might as well call the day a wash. Has this ever happened to you? If you donít have a well ventilated seat the chances are that this is all too familiar to you. That's why today we want to focus on a popular trike accessory that is built to eliminate this specific problem

Let's take a look!

How It Started

In 2003 a recumbent cyclist wanted to find a way to cycle more comfortably without his back getting super sweaty constantly. Which led him to creating the product we are talking about today the Ventisit seat cover.

The ventisit seat cover has now gone on to become the worldís best ventilated seat cushion. Providing excellent comfort and breathability that no other seat can beat.

So what is a Ventisit seat cushion?

Ventisit cushions are a seat padding constructed from a three-dimensional knitted polyester yarn. The resulting open weave structure makes it so that it can be extremely ventilated.

These seat cushions are comfortable and have an amazing bounce that while soft isnít overly squishy ensuring youíre sitting in a firm and stable manner.

They also come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to fit any seat you may have.

With its ventilated open weave design you would think that it's only optimal for warmer weather, but it's actually perfect for both hot and cold temperatures.

This is due to the layer of air between you and the seat ensuring that your seat stays cooler in the summertime but warmer in colder weather.

And in a variety of weather conditions rain can fall at any time, and thatís why Ventisit cushions are made to dry fast. With an open polyester thread design the material doesn't absorb any moisture so getting water off of it is easy.

This means you can simply leave it on your recumbent tricycle, there is no worry of removing it if thereís any rain. There's no risk of mold or odor that could be caused from it getting wet, all you have to do is pat or shake out the moisture and it will dry even quick and easy. Making Ventisit the ideal outdoor seat cushion all year round.

On top of being breathable and efficient for all weather use it's also comfortable too!

One thing to keep in mind though is that the level of seat comfort that the seat cushion will provide is dependent on the surface where it is placed. It's like a mattress topper, a Ventisit on a hard shell seat versus a Ventisit on a well padded Catrike seat is going to have different levels of comfort.

But it's still going to add leagues more to that hard shell over nothing at all.

And no matter what type of seat you put it on, every Ventisit has an anti-slip polyurethane coating underneath thatíll ensure a good grip and optimal support. Making sure your seat cushion is staying where it's supposed to be.

Where you situate your seat cover is important

As a result of the open structure of Ventisit, an air layer exists between your back and the seat. To get optimal ventilation the Ventisit should not be totally closed in. It is better if the seat pad is slightly longer or bigger than the seating area needed and not closed off by covers and/or clothing.

When placed correctly It will give better ventilation and extra suspension while elevating you enough so you no longer feel the side supports of the seat.

The Ventist seat cushions come in many varieties to account for all seat types to provide the most efficient ventilation, comfort and stability. Depending on what seat your cushion will be going on there are different configurations of seat cushion.

The seat cushions for hard seats (carbon/polyester) are fitted with a standard Velcro attachment. The Ventisit seat pads intended for mesh seats or soft surfaces like cushions) will stay in place without a problem during use with the standard non-slip padding. A Ventisit can also be easily secured with plastic zip ties or nylon straps if needed.

Comfort level

How comfortable your ventisit seat cushion is can widely differ from recumbent trike to recumbent trike. The exact size and model of the seat and the thickness of the Ventisit seat cushion can also play a major factor in how comfortable it ends up being.

The seat pads come in 2 centimeter and 3 centimeter variations, the Classic and the Comfort. The Comfort variation will of course provide more comfort due to the extra resilience and better ventilation.

A Classic (2 cm thickness) Ventisit seat cushion is perfectly suitable to use on a softer cushion. This combination provides a ventilated AND soft seat. The slimmer version of the Ventisit cushion takes on the form and softness of the surface being used. The actual seat itself is therefore just a little bit harder than if the cushion is used.

A Comfort (3 cm thick) Ventisit cushion is firmer and more suitable for users who want the maximum possible ventilation and firmness. The Comfort can also be used in combination with another cushion. It offers a firm, stable and ventilated seat.

One thing to note is that the Ventisit can feel a little rough on bare skin. So be aware if you will be wearing shorter shorts, or if youíre wearing a thin shirt or no clothes at all. Who cares itís 2023 ride your trike however you want.

Before purchasing your seat pad you need to make sure you have the right size for your trike. A correct fitting Ventisit seat pad is very important to make sure you can get the maximum comfort possible on your ride.

To make sure you have the perfect size cushion for your trike measure the length of your seat with a tape measure following the contours of the uncovered seat. A Ventisit works better if the seat pad is not too short. So make sure the Ventisit is 1 to 2 cm longer than your seat.

If in doubt about what seat to get, feel free to give us a call before ordering.

Hardly any Maintenance

The seat cushion is built with durability in mind. It is very tough, does not absorb moisture, it is UV ray resistant, odor free, color fast and will stay looking good for years to come. Itís also easy to clean.

Ventisit does not need any intense maintenance, and all that needs to be done is super simple. Any dirt can be removed by patting and shaking out the seat pad or if necessary rinsing it with water or a hose. You can also wash it (by hand or machine up to 104 degrees) but it is hardly ever necessary.

The Ventisit seat cushion is a hassle free way to elevate your trike riding comfort. Providing excellent air flow to your back while also adding extra cush to your tush. It's super easy to attach to your trike and maintenance is a breeze.

It really is the perfect seat cushion for a year round rider who wants a little extra comfort for those long rides.

If you are interested in buying this product from us we will leave a link to our Ventisit product page in the description below. Prices depend on size and shape ranging anywhere from twenty to one hundred and twenty dollars, but the most popular option is the eighty by fourty comfort pad which is one hundred and seventeen dollars and that is your average pad for Catrike.

We have tons of sizes and thicknesses making sure you can get the product you need, and if we don't have your size we can custom cut one for you so it is sure to fit. Remember when in doubt give us a call!

Thank you so much for reading. We hope you found this article informative and helpful. If so leave us a comment down below and let us know what youíve done to your trike to make it more comfortable.

And with that, remember to relax, spin fast and ride trikes.

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