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Customizing Your Trike: Personalizing Your Ride for Comfort and Performance


If you ride in a group like many of our trike riding readers, sometimes it can feel difficult to stand out among other riders. That's why in this article we're going to dive in to how you can customize your trike to make it uniquely yours. In this article we'll cover a range of topics including but not limited to, custom colors, accessories, and other fun customization tips. If you want to learn about all of this and more make sure to stick around as we dive into the world of trike customization!

Customize your Trike with a Flag!

A flag can be a wonderful way to customize and personalize your trike. Flags can help keep you safe and let you look cool while doing it. With such a wide range of variety of different flags there's sure to be one for every rider.

Better with Bells!

Bells and horns let you add some pizzazz to your trike. Not only are they an amazing safety feature, with many different options and sounds you're sure to be the talk of your trike riding group.

Bangin' Bags

A good set of bags not only helps you keep all of your things organized it also helps you add some extra flair to your ride! There are many different types of bags that are available. Some of the types of bags that we offer are cargo bags, pannier bags, and bar bags. Each type of bag adds something different to a trike. We recommend mix and matching so you can find the perfect combination for you!

Custom Colors

If you're wanting to make your trike POP! then a custom color paint job might just be for you! All trikes are eligible to be powdercoated one of our over 30 custom color by our UTCustom color shop! The photo on the left features an AZUB TI-FLY X that's been powdercoated an awesome purple and yellow color scheme!

Awesome Accessories!

If you're looking for even more ways to set your trike apart from the crowd, we carry a whole slew of super cool accessories available for you to deck out your ride. One of the popular accessories that we carry for trikes is the Delta Smartphone Holder. The Delta Smartphone holder allows you to easily sure a smart phone to your recumbent bike or trike. The Delta Smartphone Holder also comes in a few different sizes being the standard, XL, and Hefty so there's sure to be a size that will properly fit your smartphone.

Get Out and Ride!

Thank you for reading this article. We hope that we were able to help you come up with some fun ways to personalize your trike. If you have any question about any of the products mentioned on this page or other ways you can personalize your trike you can email us at trikes@utahtrikes.com or call us toll free at 866-446-2065

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