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Best Sandwiches Near Springville Utah

We here at Utah Trikes love getting sandwiches for lunch so we thought that we would make you all a comprehensive guide of some of our favorite sandwiches near our shop in Springville!

1. Sensuous Sandwich

Sensuous Sandwich has been committed to making great sandwiches for the people of Provo and the surrounding area since 1980. They offer a wide range of sandwiches on some of the best bread in Utah.

They sell their sandwiches by the inch and we recommend getting a full 12" inches. They're sandwiches are so good that you may even want more after that.

All of their sandwiches that we've tried are awesome but some of our favorite sandwiches that they offer are The Stimulator and their namesake The Sensuous Sandwich.

The Stimulator comes with ham, turkey, and your choice of cheese. The Sensuous Sandwich comes with ham, turkey, roast beef with jack cheese. You also have the option to get them hot or cold.

Sensuous' also offers a 24 inch sandwich challenge where if you finish it in 30 minutes or less you receive a free t shirt and each time you wear it you'll get a medium drink for free (one per day).

2. Jimmy John's

If you looked for a quick and delicious sandwich with charm look no further than Jimmy John's Sandwiches. Jimmy John's specializes in fresh baked bread, hand sliced meats, and crisp veggies that are sure to satisfy your sandwich craving. Not only do they have a wide range of sandwiches that you can pick from or customizes they also have plenty of yummy sides and desserts. They have homemade potato salad, pasta salad, chips, cookies, and brownies there's sure to be a perfect lunch pairing for you.

One of our favorite sandwiches that they offer is the #17 Ultimate Porker. It comes with ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. This sandwich is the perfect lunch time meal and we especially love eating it at the duck pond across from our shop when the weathers nice. The other sandwhich we like is the #9 the italian night club. the italian night club comes with salami, capocollo, ham, provolone, onion, lettuce, tomato,mayo,oil, and oregano

all in all Jimmy John's is a solid lunch time choice located right here in Springville, Utah

3. Jersey Mikes

Jersey Mike's is next on our list. Located next to the Smith's in Springville Jersey Mikes an awesome lunch choice. Jersey Mikes takes pride in offering a "sub above". They take pride in everything that they offer. Some of the things that set their sandwiches apart are the juice they put on their sandwiches, fresh produce, quality ingredients, fresh meats, and oven fresh bread.

Jersey Mike's specializes in Hot and Cold sandwiches. While both types of sandwiches are great, we love their cold subs! We love how the Juice is on the cold subs. The Juice is red wine vinegar and olive oil blended together.

One of our favorites at Jersey Mike's is #2 Jersey Shore's Favorite. it comes with provolone, ham, and cappacuolo and we love to get it mikes way.

4. Zubs Pizza and Subs

Zubs Pizza and Subs is one of our favorite sandwich joints in Springville. In 2023 they were voted Utah Valley's Best Sandwich! You have a choice between a 6 inch sub or a 12 inch sub at zubs or if sandwiches aren't for you they also have a range of pizzas to choose from. Besides from sandwiches and pizza they also have salad, wings, sodas, and cheese sticks.

There isn't a ton of seating and there's no tables so we recommend getting your sandwich to go. You can also call ahead if you want your sandwich to be ready right when you get there. The parking is limited so be sure to plan ahead!

One of our favorite sandwiches they offer is the #4 Italian Combo in a 6 inch. The Italian combo features ham, salami, sausage, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomato, mozzarella, and mayo. You also have your choice to get it either hot we personally prefer it hot.

The next one we recommend is the #8 Turkey and Avocado 6 inch. The Turkey and Avocado 6 features turkey, cream cheese, avocado, tomato, and mayo.

Another awesome sandwich option that we love is The Meat Ball 6 inch. It features meat balls, onions, pizza sauce, and mozzarella. We love getting this one hot!

5. The Italian Place

The Italian Place has been building cheesesteaks in Utah Valley since 1978.

They serve a wide variety of cheesesteaks and salads and they're definitely a place you need to try at least once.

All of their sandwiches are made on their fresh baked buns. They sandwiches are available in a half size, a full size, and a monster size. Our recommendation to you is to get the Philly 'n Everything in a monster size because it's so good that you'll regret it if you don't.

The Philly 'n Everything features their signature steak, cream cheese, onions, mushrooms, green peppers with tomatoes on their fresh baked pillowy buns. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

6. Magleby's

Magleby's is the perfect place to eat if you want a gourmet dining experience in Springville. Magleby's has a wide range of tasty options that you're sure to enjoy.

We have a couple favorites at Magleby's. On their lunch menu we love Chet's Chicken Club - The Triple C. The Triple C has sourdough bread, grilled chicken, chipotle mayo, red leaf, tomato, provolone cheese, sweet pepper, carmelized onions, and avocado. This sandwich is an awesome twist on a classic club sandwich and makes an awesome filling lunch. You also have a choice of one side to make your meal even better.

They have another menu for dinner and one of our favorites then is the Turkey Avocado. The Turkey Avocado features homemade turkey on wheat bread, with thousand island, avocado, red leaf, tomato, and red onion. The Turkey Club along with all of their other sandwiches comes with your choice of side.

7. Steak Express

The Steak Express is an awesome restaurant located in Provo! They have a wide range of options from sandwiches, soups, burgers and more! We recommend checking them out!

The Smokestack Club is one of our favorites. It features grilled sourdough bread topped with grilled turkey, ham, bacon, avocado, provolone, american cheese, mayo, and tomatoes. It's served and is so good!

We also recommend the Steak and Everything Philly Cheesesteaks. It features seasoned steak grilled with mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, provolone cheese, and tomatoes.

8. Denny's

Denny's is a great a great choice for a meal whether that be breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Located right after the Springville Exit connected to the flying J it's an awesome choice if you're passing through!

Cali Club is one of our favorites. It features turkey breast, ham, bacon, swiss cheese, fresh avocado, sun dried tomato on toasted 7-grain bread. It's also served with wavy cut fries. The Cali Club taste so fresh and it's not overly heavy.

Our next favorite is the Slow Cooker Meaty Melt. It features tender slow roasted beef, caramelized onions and sharp white cheddar on grilled artisan bread. It's also served with wavy cut fries.

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