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Why Norm rides the Revoution eQuad


Utah Trikes of Springville, Utah designed and built the Revolution eQuad. My rig is a pedal unit with electric assist, 14-gear Rohloff hub, and recumbent seating. I purchased this unit during the summer of 2023. 

I have customized some additions. I mounted the rear rack from my Surly touring bicycle. This carries Ortlieb panniers containing my camping gear, tools, and clothing. 

I built a “charging trailer“ on which I carry a propane tank and a generator. This gives me the ability to keep my batteries charged, even while I am using battery power while pedaling. This set up gives me the ability to travel an unlimited distance as long as I keep the propane tank fueled. With this setup, I have traveled as far as 320 miles on one journey.

I have ridden many miles on mountainous gravel roads in Cache County, Utah including Temple Fork, Left Hand Fork, and beyond Hardware Ranch. I rode a portion of the crushed limestone Mickelson Rail Trail in the Black Hills of South Dakota and out and back on the paved Paul Bunyan Rail Trail camping along the way in northern Minnesota. I usually ride my eQuad to do my local errands weather permitting.  

Finding myself as far as 15 miles away from the nearest city or assistance, I have decided to include an alternate form of transportation on my eQuad travels. Therefore, I have mounted my touring bike on my charging trailer just in case there is some sort of breakdown far from help.

this coming spring/summer I intend to ride the gravel roads/ trails and camp in the Arapeen region and the San Rafael Swell of central Utah. Time permitting, I would like to ride the crushed limestone Katy Rail Trail across the state of Missouri.

To transport my eQuad, I have a small toy hauler. This is the 1900 pound Intech Flyer Explore which has a tip-out bed and a slide-out kitchen for camping. I pull this with my Jeep Cherokee.

Wherever I ride with or without the charging trailer, I always draw a group of interested inquirers. Despite the fact that I am somewhat an avid cyclist, I am finding myself more and more drawn to the eQuad. Thank you Utah Trikes.

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