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Utah Trikes Online Catalog

Trikes and Quads at Utah Trikes

This is why you came here right? This is where we have recumbent trikes for sale. We keep hundreds of trikes in stock at any time and are masters at building custom configurations. We have adult trikes and trikes for children too. Choose a color, the components you want, and more. Special needs? We have our own machine shop and make our own custom parts. 95% of the trikes we sell are shipped out assembled directly to customers like you. Let us build you the perfect trike. Want an electric tricycle? We can motorize any of our trikes.

Accessibility Aids and Exit Assist Bars
Accessibility Aids

If you are looking for an easier way to get in and out of your trike then this is the place for you. We have various assists available that provide a taller handle you can use to support yourself while sitting on your trike.

Accessory Mounts
Accessory Mount

Since many of our trikes don't have horizontal handlebars like a standard upright bike, we have to be a little creative when it comes to mounting accessories. These mounts have all been tested by us and are suitable for attaching headlights, bike computers, and more to your trike. Typically the mount itself attaches to the front derailleur post, but you can put it other places depending on your needs.



Now is the time to let the world know who you are. Wear your personality with our keen variety of apparel.

Bar Bags and Mounts
Bar Bag

These bags are typically used on diamond frame bikes and mounted on the handlebar. On a trike they can be mounted next to the seat for easy and convenient access to your belongings. They can also function as arm wrests depending on the trike setup. The mounts attach to the seat of the frame of the trike and add a horizontal bar next to the seat for mounting a bar bag.

Bar End Plugs
Bar End Plugs

If you are looking here you won't be surprised at how many people tend to misplace these little plastic plugs. Use these plugs to hide the open ends of tubing and prevent water from getting in the frame, handlebars, boom, etc.

Batteries & Chargers

Looking for a replacement battery for your electric trike? Or, maybe you want to double your range with two batteries.

Battery Mount
Battery Mount

The days of mounting the battery high above the rear wheel are past! Our battery mounts are trike-specific and mount the batteries as low as possible.

Bells and Horns
Bells and Horns

In addition to making yourself seen on the road with flags and lights you can also make yourself heard. Our horns are LOUD and will definitely get the car drivers' attention. On the trails and bike baths a bell is more appropriate.


Do you remember these? Even though there is so much to read on the Internet it is still nice to hold paper in your hand. We have books for learning and books for fun.


Booms are the part of the trike that slides in and out of the frame to make adjustments for leg length. Often they are cut shorter for the particular rider, so if you are the new owner of a used trike you may need one. We offer replacement booms for all the trikes we sell,

Boom Easy Adjust Kits
Boom Easy Adjust

If you want to be able to easily share your trike with different size rider then you want one of these. Basically they work by taking up the extra chain as the boom is shortened. Combined with a quick release boom they make adjusting your trike on the fly a non-issue.

Bottom Bracket
Bottom Bracket

The Bottom Bracket, or BB, is the bearing assembly that the front crankset attaches to.

Brake Levers
Brake Levers

Squeeze them and the trike stops. Pretty straightforward on the surface. Our most popular brake lever upgrades are the locking levers to keep your trike from rolling away on you. We also offer single-hand levers that can operate both brakes with just the one lever.


We carry the full line of Jagwire cables and housing. Jagwaire cables are coated for low resistance. The housings use low-resistance sleeves as well. We sell bulk cable and housing bundles and can also cut them to length for you.


Enjoy the outdoors but keep the sun from beating down on you.

Cargo Bags
Cargo Bag

Many people are becoming interested in recumbent trikes as a mode of transportation for touring, commuting, and even the total replacement of other vehicles. Whether, you need a trailer to carry large loads, panniers to carry your laptop, or just a small bag to hold your tools and spare tube, we have it!

Cargo Racks
Cargo Racks


One of the most vital components of your trike can also be one of the most overlooked. We offer spare links, replacement chains, and all the tools you need to work on them. Don't forget to check out our lubrication section too.

Chain Guards
Chain Guard

Sometimes those big chainrings on the end of the boom seem more like pedal-powered saw blades. Protect the chainrings and your leg with a chainring guard.

Chain Tubes
Chain Tube

Chain tubes are used on many trikes to protect pant legs and route return chain paths. For the most part these are replacement stock parts.


Want to play with your gearing? Need some higher gearing or maybe some lower gearing? We offer many different sizes of individual chainrings to attach to your crankset.

Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Supplies

Keep your trike shiny with our trike-friendly cleaning supplies. Sprays, brushes, and more!

Computer Display Mounts

Mounting a computer on a trike typically requires a few parts. Since most computers come with mounts for a standard bicycle handlebar it is necessary to add a place to mount it. Some of the mounts are trike-specific, but most mounts are universal and very adaptable.

Computer Sensor Mount
Computer Sensor Mount

Most trike computers are designed to be mounted on a bike's handlebar and the sensor mounted next to the front wheel. On a tadpole trike the sensor is typically mounted next to the front left wheel. The sensor mount connects up to the bolt on the tierod and positions the sensor next to the spokes.

Computers and GPS
Computers and GPS

Our computers can be used as training tools to let you know how fast you are going. Our higher-end GPS computers will even track your route and monitor things like cadence, elevation, speed, and more.


The Crankset is what you pedal. It is comprised of the crank arms (which come in different lengths) and the chainring(s) which set the gear range for the rear gearing. Larger chainrings result in higher gearing and faster potential speed. Smaller chainrings make it easier to climb hills with lower overall gearing.

Fairings and Aerodynamics

Increase your top speed by reducing your wind resistance, and keep warmer and dryer at the same time. Whether a fairing, tailsok, or other aerodynamic upgrade this is a good place to find what you're looking for. Our fairing kits include all the hardware you need to mount the fairing to your trike.


It's nice to keep water and mud off your face when you ride. Fenders not only look cool, but they'll keep the dirt off your face. And they're not just for rainy days either. Everyone waters their lawn which means often the roads are still wet.

Flags for your Trike!

Be seen and show your style. If you will be riding your trike on the street with cars we recommend making yourself visible with lights and a flag. Some people even put two flags on their trike.

Flag Mount
Flag Mount

Frame Kits
Frame Kit

Frame kits are a step below rolling chassis. Typically a frame kit will include only the base frame with the minimum of proprietary parts. See individual product for specific details.

Frame Protection
Frame Protection

Front Brakes
Front Brakes

While we love to ride fast, at times you need to stop. Keeping your brakes tuned up makes it easier to stop when you need to. In addition to brake maintenance items, we also offer upgrades.

Front Derailleur
Front Derailleur

The front derailleur and shifter are responsible for moving the chain from one chainring to another on the crankset. Most people never have any reason to change to a different chanring, but if you need one we got 'em.

Front Gearing Kits and Solutions
Front Gearing

More than just a replacement crankset, our Front Gearing kits are complete solutions. Whether you are looking for a planetary geared crank or a high-end road crank with derailleur and shifter, this is where you will find it.

Front Suspension Parts and Kits

Front Wheels
Front Wheels

Trikes have front wheels that are different than those on a conventional bicycle. The wheels are made to be supported from just one side and most have hubs with disc brake mounts. We offer replacement front wheels for all the trikes we carry as well as parts for the home-builder. Note that none of our wheels come with tires, tubes, brake rotors, or axles unless specifically listed in the product description. Wheels are also sold each and not priced as pairs.


Keep your hands comfortable with our selection of grips. We have a selection of different color grips made in rubber, cork, and foam.


Building a trike, or need replacement handlebars? This is where you will find them.

Hatches for Velomobiles

Stay dry, look cool, and be aerodynamic. These hatches fit over the top of the Trisled Rotovelo Velomobile.

Headlight Mounts
Headlight Mount


If you are going to ride at night a good headlight is a necessity. Even if you'll neverberiding when the sun goes down , a good headlight can add to your visibility. We offer many headlights with that are battery powered, rechargeable, and some that work with hub generators.

Headrests and Neckrests

Get comfortable with one of our headrests. Most trikes have specific headrests that attach to the seat. Many of the headrests can be used on other trikes, so if you see something you like and want to know just ask us.



Hydration Systems
Hydration System


Idlers are a crucial component of any recumbent chainline. The idlers guide the chain down under the seat and keep the chain away from the fraame. A good idler system will run smooth and quiet. We offer replaacement idlers for all our trikes as well as premium idlers by TerraCycle. Made in the USA, TerraCycle idlers are the best available, featuring replaceable bearings sand cogs. If you have a special situation and need help choosing the right idlers or kit let us know.

Locks and Security


Keep all the moving parts on your trike rolling smoothly. Like most recumbents, our trikes have long chains that need to be maintained. Keeping your chain clean and well lubricated will make it last longer and shift smoother.

Metric Hardware


Mirrors are a critical piece of safety equipment. Everyone riding a trike on the road or bike paths should have at least one mirror.

Mirror Mounts
Mirror Mounts

It used to be that if you wanted mirrors on your trike you had to cut the end of your grip and you'd plug it in. Now we have several mounts that get the mirrors in better positions.

Motor Display/Interface
Motor Display/Interface

NAWC Parts
NAWC Parts

Pannier Bags
Pannier Bags

Pannier bags, also called saddlebags, attach to a rear cargo rack. Most bags are sold in pairs with one mounting on each side. Panniers are essential for touring and great for commuting and day-tripping.


Getting the right pedals on your trike can make all the difference. Clipless pedals will attach your feet to the cranks and allow you to properly "spin" the cranks. This results in more power, faster speeds, and less impact on the joints.

Power Assist Systems
Power Assist

Looking for an easier way to handle hills? Want to go faster? Maybe you want a year-round commuter and you muscles just don't go as fast when it's cold out. We have motor systems to help you up the hills or even convert your trike to a full-fledge Go-Cart.


A portable hand pump should be an essential part of your trike kit. All of our smaller pumps can mount to the water bottle bracket, or mount under the seat. For more routine maintenance in your garage we recommend getting a floor pump.

Puncture Protection
Puncture Protection

Quad Parts
Quad Parts

Quick Release Kits
Quick Release Kit

Rear Axle
Rear Axle

These parts are for delta trikes and quad conversions.

Rear Brakes
Rear Brake

Most of the trike manufacturers have something against putting a rear brake on a tadpole trike. There is something to that though since during hard braking the rider weight gets shifted to the front of the trike and it's easy to lock up the rear. Nothing beats a rear brake for scrubbing speed off down a hill though. Many trikes already have the mounts for a brisken on the rear for "parking brake" purposes.

Rear Cargo Racks
Rear Cargo Rack

You got stuff and you want to take it you right? The first step is adding a rack so you can add bags to it. Most trikes require special hardware to attach the front supports.

Rear Cassettes
Rear Cassette

The Cassette is the cluster of sprocket that goes on the rear wheel. It must be matched properly with the rear derailleur and the chain. Typically aluminum cassettes will shift smoother and run quieter than steel cassettes.

Rear Derailleur
Rear Derailleur

We offer both replacement stock derailleurs and upgrades to keep you shifting properly. If you upgrade to a different model rear derailleur, be aware that you will usually need to change shifters as well.

Rear Gearing Setups
Rear Gearing

We define a "Rear Gearing Setup" as a package that comprises everything needed to swap or replace the rear gearing on a trike. This is mainly so that we can offer fair and balanced prices in our trike configurators, but also so that customers that want to do a complete swap out can. So that all rear gearing systems are interchangeable, they include the wheel, hub, cassette or sprocket, derailleur or tensioner, corresponding shifter with cables, and appropriate chain. If you do not need all of those parts you can choose the individual parts throughout our catalog. If you need help deciding which system is right for you please let us know.

Rear Suspension Parts and Kits

Rear Wheels
Rear Wheel


Revolution eQuad Parts
Revolution eQuad Parts

The Revolution eQuad is proudly made in the USA by the UTCustom division of Utah Trikes.


In case you are a novice, rim refers only to the outer hoop in the wheel. The Rim is laced to the hub with the spoke. We offer a large variety of high-quality double-wall rims. We also offer spokes cut to length from our Wheel Building Dept.

Rim Liner
Rim Liner



We carry complete seat kits as well as replacement seat parts. Make sure that your seat is comfy.

Seat Brackets
Seat Bracket

We offer various mounting brackets for seats as well as brackets that change the seat position.

Seat Cushions
Seat Cushion

Mesh seats are comfortable by themselves but if you are looking for the luxury experience try one of our seat cushions.

Seat Meshes
Seat Mesh

One of the reason that our trikes are so comfy is that most of them have a wide seat mesh that carries your weight and supports your back. If you do a lot of riding, you'll eventually wear your mesh out. Manufacturers routinely upgrade their seat meshes to increase the comfort as well.

Seat Wings

This category only has a couple of items. Seat wings, also called love handles, are side extensions for the hardshell seats. Besides adding some extra support for your lower back they also keep you in the seat during hard cornering.


There are two main types of shifters, twist shifters and bar end shifters. While most front shifters are interchangeable rear shifters must always be matched with the rear gearing system. If you are not sure what you need check with us.

Steering Components
Steering Components


We consider a good taillight to be your the important safety device you can have on the road. Nothing will get a driver's attention like a bright flashing light. We have rechargeable models as well as standard battery models and even lights that work with hub generators. Most models feature bright LEDs and have different flashing modes to provide the most visibility.


There is generally nothing that will change your trike's riding characteristics more than tires. If you want to go faster then start with the tires. If you want a smoother ride then start with the tires. If you want more traction? You guessed it! Start with the tires. But, here's the clincher: Every tire is a compromise. A fast tire will ride harder and offer less puncture resistance. A fat cushy tire will ride smoother but won't handle as well as the narrow high-pressure rubber. If you need help choosing, decide what aspect is the most important for you and let us know.


We recommend that our customers learn to do their own basic maintenance. With just a few basic tools you can handle just about any maintenance on your trike. All of our trikes use metric hardware, so at a minimum a good set of allen tools should be part of your kit.


Most of our trikes will work with any standard bicycle trailer. Whether you're touring, living a "car-free" lifestyle, or want to tow your grandchildren on the bike trails, we have a trailer that will work for you.


Great for the winter months and also for doing tuneups. Easy to use, simply put the rear wheel of your trike on the rollers. Use your gears to increase resistance.

Trike Covers
Trike Covers

We have seat covers and trike covers. If you can cover it this is where we will put it.

Trike Storage and Transportation
Trike Storage and Transportation

One of the first questions people ask when they start getting into trikes is how to transport them and store them. If you don't have a folding trike you'll need to put the trike in or on your vehicle. We offer many hitch solutions to carry one or two trikes or even a combination of trikes and bikes. We also offer solutions for minimizing the storage space.

Trunk Bag or Basket
Trunk Bag or Basket

These bags and baskets attach to the top of the rear cargo rack over the rear wheel. Most can be combined with pannier bags for more storage.


Many of our trikes use Presta valve tubes which can be hard to find at your local bike shop, so we recommend always keeping a spare. We stock all the sizes of tubes in both Prestacycle and standard Schrader valves.

Turn Signals
Turn Signals

Let others behind you know which way you are turning.

Water Bottles
Water Bottle

Water Bottle Holders
Water Bottle Holder

Attaching water bottles to a trike is easy with the variety holders we have.

Wheel Building
Wheel Building

Whether you like to do your own maintenance and true your own wheel or want to learn the art of wheelbuilding, we have what you need.

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