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Top Easy Road Bike/Trike Routes near Utah County

Utah Trikes, a renowned trike store established in 2006, centers its mission around promoting the exciting and healthy hobby of triking. Emphasizing both fun and fitness, Utah Trikes encourages all, from absolute beginners to experienced riders, to discover the fantastic world of triking.

Riding a bike or trike doesn't just provide an exhilarating sense of freedom; it also offers several health benefits. Regular cycling can help boost cardiovascular health, improve joint mobility, increase muscle strength and flexibility, and even boost your mood.

Utah County presents various beautiful landscapes ideal for outdoor adventures, especially biking and triking. Breathtaking mountains, expansive lakes, and well-maintained bike paths make this region a paradise for riders. Exploring Utah County on a trike not only allows one to enjoy the stunning topography but also offers a unique perspective on the familiar surroundings.

Understanding the Recumbent Trikes

A recumbent trike is a bicycle variant where the rider sits in a laid-back position, providing enhanced comfort and excellent stability. At Utah Trikes, you'll find a wide variety of recumbent trikes, encompassing top brands like Catrike, and ICE Trikes. They come in different types: tadpole style (two wheels in front), delta style (one wheel in front), and even some that are electrically assisted. The recumbent design offers superior aerodynamics, making these trikes faster and more energy-efficient for long rides.

Memory Grove Park & Canyon Road loop Review

-Distance 7.34 miles
-Location Memory Grove
-Difficulty - Moderate

The 'Memory Grove Park & Canyon Road loop from 900 East' is notably an easy, leisurely road ride that's perfect for trikers of all skill levels. This picturesque cycling route spans a manageable 7.34 miles, with an average riding time barely over a half-hour. With an elevation gain and loss of 575 feet, riders can enjoy pleasant changes in terrain without it being overly challenging. Be prepared to take in the beautiful city sights, lush greenery, and the tranquil stream that runs alongside.

Utah Lake Shoreline

-Distance 10.2 miles
-Location Provo
-Distance 2 hours and 56 minutes
-Difficulty - easy

The Utah Lake Shoreline trail is a 10.2 mile trail near Provo, Utah. This trail is generally thought to be an easy trail and it takes around 3 hours to complete. This trail is popular with the birding, hiking, and biking community and while itís fairly popular you can definitely find some alone time during the quieter times of the day. The best time to visit this trail is April through October.

The trail is paved for half of the trail and about half way through it turns into a dirt path. The trail wraps around the Provo airport and has an incredible view of the lake. Itís a fun place to watch airplanes go by. Itís advised that you enter on the west side of center street before you enter Utah Lake State Park.

Loverís Lane Trail

-Distance 3.4 miles
-Location Orem
-Duration 1 hour 6 minutes
-Difficulty - easy

The Loverís Lane trail is around 3.4 miles and is located near Orem, Utah. This trail is generally thought to be an easy trail that takes around an hour and 6 minutes to complete. This trail is popular with the birding community, the running community, and the biking community. The trail is open all year and itís beautiful to visit any time.

This trail does cross over a few private driveways so be respectful of landowners and stay on public areas. People recommend having bug spray with you as the trail passes over some tall grasses.

River Trail Loop from Sports Park

-Distance 2.3 miles
-Location Spanish Fork Sports Park
-Duration 40 minutes
-Difficulty - easy

The River Trail Loop from Sports Park in Spanish Fork, Utah. It's considered an easy trail that takes about 40 minutes to complete. This trail is relatively popular and youíll usually see a variety of people including birders, runners, hikers, and bikers. Though itís a popular trail thereís plenty of opportunities to get some time alone on the trail depending on the time of day you go. The best time to visit this trail is between April through January.

You donít have to leave furry friends behind on this trail, but it is required that they be on leashes. There are a lot of grasshoppers on this trail so you may have to dodge a few of them while on your ride. Thereís plenty of places to rest on the trail so youíll have plenty of opportunities to take it easy.

Dripping Rock Falls

-Distance 0.7 miles
-Duration 13 minutes
-Location Spanish Oaks Reservoir
-Difficulty - easy

The Dripping Rock Falls trail is 0.7 miles near Spanish Fork, Utah. This is thought to be an easy route and it takes about 13 minutes on average to complete. This is a very popular trail and youíll see a whole host of characters on it. This trail is open all year and is always beautiful to visit. Furry friends and welcome, but they must be on a leash.

Parking is located at the parking lot across the street from the oaks golf course. Itís an easy short trail that has water running out of the rocks. You can go into the water if you want to cool down, especially when it gets hotter during the day.

Pine Forest to Camp Maple Dell

-Distance 3.5 miles
-Location Uinta- Wasatch Cache National Forest
-Duration 1 hour 37 minutes
-Difficulty - easy

The Pine Forest to Camp Maple Dell trail is about 3.4 miles and is near Payson, Utah. Itís considered an easy trail and it usually takes about an hour and 34 minutes to complete. This trail is popular amongst hikers, horseback riders, and bikers. While it may seem busy thereís definitely quieter times during less busy parts of the day. The trail is open all year and is always beautiful to explore.

During the fall months it has beautiful fall colors that you definitely wonít want to miss.

Provo River Parkway Trail

-Distance 15.2 miles
-Location Provo River
-Difficulty - easy

The Provo River Parkway is about 15.2 miles long and is located near Provo, Utah in the Utah Lake State Park. It's generally considered to be a moderately easy route and on average it takes about 4 hours and 49 minutes. Itís a popular trail for birders, hikers, and bikers. You can still enjoy a quieter ride if you go during some of the less busy parts of the day. The trail is open all year and itís beautiful to visit anytime.

Dogs are welcome but they must be kept on a leash. Itís a very pleasant trail. Make sure to bring lots of water with you during the Summer months as it can get pretty hot. Thereís lots of wildlife to see as you ride as well as wildflowers of all sorts. Thereís also some picnic tables along the trail where you can stop for lunch along your route.

Customizing Your Recumbent Trike

At Utah Trikes, it's not just about buying a trike; it's about building your perfect triking companion. With an expansive list of customizing options, customers can tailor their trikes to their specific needs and preferences. From choosing your frame and wheel size to selecting various accessories like mirrors, racks, flags, and lights you can create a truly personalized machine. After you've designed your dream trike, Utah Trikes ensures prompt and safe delivery right to your doorstep.

Exploring Other Easy Road Bike/Trike

Routes in Utah County

Beyond the Memory Grove Park & Canyon Road loop, Utah County is home to many other fantastic triking routes. From the easy trails around Provo River Parkway to the slightly challenging paths at Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, there's something for everyone. Each route with its unique terrain, sights, and complexities offers a distinct biking experience. For beginners, starting with flatter, simpler paths like the Murdock Canal Trail can be an excellent choice.

The Utah Trikes Community

Being part of the Utah Trikes means being a part of a vibrant, passionate community of recumbent trike enthusiasts. Alongside exploring the scenic routes, you can also get involved in various biking events and meet-ups happening around Utah County. So why wait? Grab your trike and join the Utah Trikes community to share the joy of recumbent triking and make unforgettable memories!

Join the Trend

Embarking on the journey of triking opens up a world of adventure, fitness, and excitement. There's truly nothing as thrilling as exploring the great outdoors, all while cuddled in the comfort of your recumbent trike.

So come along and join the trike trend with Utah Trikes. Your journey towards health, happiness, and exploration is just a trike away.

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