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Easy Road Bike/Trike Routes in Utah County: Jordan River

Craving for scenic views without the strain of steep climbs? Whether you're new to recumbent trikes or looking for a fresh trail that respects your knees and back, this route checks all the boxes. Here's one of the best easy road bike/trike routes in Utah County.

Jordan River – Loch Lomond Pond Loop

Imagine cruising along a serene trail, where the gentle hum of your recumbent trike's wheels blends with the rustling leaves and chirping birds. That's what you get on the Jordan River – Loch Lomond Pond loop. It’s an accessible haven for riders of all stripes but especially sweet for those on three wheels.

The route kicks off in Lehi and takes you through landscapes dotted with greenery that feels miles away from city life. The flat terrain means you don't need to be a fitness guru to enjoy it. Just someone who loves fresh air and open skies is enough to finish this trail, making it one of the best easy road bike/trike routes in Utah County.

And if nature-spotting is your jam, keep your eyes peeled. This trail offers glimpses of Utah’s diverse wildlife without demanding any steep climbs or technical maneuvers, making it one of the most picturesque easy road bike and trike routes in Utah County.

Suitable for newbies yet rewarding for seasoned cyclists, this path serves up views that'll make stopping for photos irresistible. Plus, its well-maintained pavement makes sure your ride is smooth sailing. Whether looking to clear your head after work or seeking a weekend escape with friends, this loop has got you covered.

Preparing for Your Ride on the Jordan River

Packing the right gear can make or break your ride. For a spin around the Jordan River to Loch Lomond Pond, you'll want to bring along some essentials. A helmet is non-negotiable.

Also, pack layers because Utah's weather likes to keep us guessing. A good rule of thumb is to check local forecasts before heading out.

Beyond clothing and weather prep, be sure those tires are pumped and ready for smooth rolling. Nothing slows down a ride like a flat when you're far from home base.

What to Expect on the Trail

Picture yourself gliding along the Jordan River, pedaling effortlessly on your recumbent trike. The Loch Lomond Pond loop is a slice of paradise with its smooth pavement and gentle curves. Here are the things you can expect on the trail:

Pavement Quality

The path has fairly well-maintained asphalt that makes for a silky ride. No jarring bumps or pesky potholes to throw you off course. However, some of the surfaces of this trail may not be suitable for your trike.

Trail Terrain

If steep hills are not your cup of tea, breathe easy because this trail is flat. This is a dream come true for those who want to soak in the views without huffing and puffing up an incline.

That being said, don't be fooled into thinking it’s just an aimless meander. There’s enough distance here to give those legs a decent workout if that's what you’re after.


You won't find any mountainous obstacles waiting to ambush you on this loop. However, keep an eye out for wandering ducks crossing your path. They may waddle slowly but they sure add charm to the journey.

Accessibility Features of the Jordan River

If you're looking for a ride that's easy on the wheels, the Jordan River – Loch Lomond Pond loop comes with wide paths, allowing plenty of room for recumbent trikes and side-by-side riding. You can reach this trail through public transportation. However, parts of the route aren't suitable for trikes.

Points of Interest Along the Route

Riding along the Jordan River – Loch Lomond Pond loop isn't just about getting from A to B; it's filled with spots that beg you to stop and savor.

Birdwatching Hotspots

The area around Loch Lomond Pond itself is renowned as a bird-watching haven, so whether you're an avid birder or just enjoy nature’s tweets more than those online, this spot will not disappoint. Binoculars are a must here because who knows when you'll get another chance to see such majestic wings in action?

Beyond birdsong, if luck strikes, deer might grace your path too—nature’s quiet spectators watching on as bikers glide by.

Scenic Spots for Snacking

There are plenty of scenic views of the water and skyline along this route, an ideal backdrop for refueling both body and spirit before pedaling onwards.

Planning Your Next Bike Ride Visit to the Jordan River

Ready for a breezy ride along the Jordan River? The trailhead at Lehi offers ample parking space so you can unload your trike without hassle. If you're swinging by on weekends or holidays, aim to get there early as this spot is popular among locals and visitors alike.

Remember, it's always smart to pack some essentials like water and snacks before hitting the road. You'll find picnic areas perfect for a mid-ride break where you can munch and enjoy scenic views of Loch Lomond Pond.

Last but not least: timing is everything. Hit this loop during weekdays if you prefer a quieter vibe as trails tend to be less crowded then. Morning hours give that fresh cool air ideal for riding while avoiding peak sun heat later in the day.

One of the Best Easy Road Bike/Trike Routes in Utah County

The Jordan River – Loch Lomond Pond Loop stands out as a gem among easy road bike/trike routes in Utah County. Offering a harmonious blend of accessibility, natural beauty, and cultural intrigue, this trail is a haven for beginner bike rides around Salt Lake City.

Whether you are seeking a peaceful solo ride, a weekend escape with friends near Utah Lake, or a chance to explore connecting trails, the Jordan River – Loch Lomond Pond Loop promises an unforgettable experience.

So, gear up, pack your essentials, and take your trike on a journey that combines the thrill of road cycling with the serenity of nature on one of Utah's finest cycling routes.

Your adventure awaits at every sunrise or sunset—you choose!

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