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Your Favorite Trails in Minnesota


One of our readers favorite segments in our weekly newsletter is our survey where we ask YOU where your favorite trails and paths to ride your trikes are. In this article we'll share some of our readers favorite trails around the Minnesota area.

Root River Trail

- Distance 42 miles
- Location River Side State Trail, Minnesota
- Difficulty - Moderate

The Root River State Trail is located in Southeast Minnesota. The Trail is a paved 42-mile route that cuts through the driftless region. The driftless region is said to be one of the most beautiful parts in Minnesota. Many riders say that it is the perfect place to see a wide range of wildlife such as blue jays and foxes.

The driftless area is an area that was never covered by ice during the last ice age. This part of what makes the root river state trail so special. Itís characterized by very steep hills and the river that rushes through the valleys. Although the driftless area has steep hills the root river state trail is reported to be relatively smooth due to it traversing a former railroad line. This trail is full of fun and it has a very rich history and is definitely worth checking out if you are in southern Minnesota

Cuyuna Trails

- Distance 8 miles
- Location Crosby, Minnesota
- Difficulty - Easy

The Cuyuna Lake State Park is an 8 mile trail within the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area from Crosby to Riverton. The state recreation area contains six natural lakes, plus an additional 15 deep lakes that were former mine pits. Stop to fish, explore the Croft Mine, or ride the world-class single track mountain bike trail system with 25 miles of riding and over 30 purpose-built routes for riders at all levels.

Luce Line

- Distance 63 miles
- Location Plymouth, Minnesota
- Difficulties - moderate

The Luce line Trailhead is located in Plymouth Township, Minnesota. Itís a 63 miles long trail that's popular in the biking community. It runs on a former railroad line and stretches more than 60 miles. Between Plymouth and Winsted there is a limestone surface with a parallel treadway for horse riding. There has been many wildlife encounters along this trail that include deer, foxes, owls, and many different types of geese and ducks.

Paul Bunyan Trail

- Distance 119 miles
- Location Bemidji, Minnesota
- Difficulties - Easy

The Paul Bunyan State Trail is one of the largest trails in the country stretching 119 miles from Bemidji to Brainerd. The trail is mostly used by cyclists and hikers. It follows an inactive railroad and passes through forests and by many lakes and meadows.

There are different towns about every 8 to miles along the trail. There are also many bicycle repair stations along the trail.

The Gitchi-Gami Trail

- Distance 32 miles
- Location North Shore of Lake Superior
- Difficulty - Moderate

The Gitchi Gami Trail is composed of several trails that are about 29 miles. Once the trail is complete it will be around 86 miles long and will connect Two Harbors and Grand Marais along the North Shore of Lake Superior. There is a bicycle tune up station located at Gooseberry Falls State Park located behind the visitor center and at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. Restrooms are available at both state parks.

Thank you to all of our readers for sharing some of their favorite trails with us! Share your favorite trails with us in the comments down below or fill out our survey!

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