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Electric Trike for Adults: A Complete Buyer's Guide

An electric trike for adults is becoming popular as more people are discovering the benefits of this type of transportation. Utah Trikes is a premier trike retailer that offers recumbent trikes and quads, including electric trikes for adults. With their expertise in customization and high-quality brands like Azub, Catrike, HP Velotechnik, ICE, Sun Trikes, and UTCustom, Utah Trikes is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy an electric trike.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Trikes for Adults?

Electric trikes provide extended range and improved speed, making them a great alternative to traditional bicycles or cars. Unlike traditional bikes, electric trikes are perfect for people who are looking for a comfortable and stable ride. This is because they have a recumbent configuration that allows the rider to sit back and enjoy a relaxed, ergonomic riding posture.

They’re Comfortable to Ride

Recumbent trikes put you in a relaxed, seated position with full back support. This distributes your weight across the seat instead of relying solely on your hands and sit bones. The result is minimal strain on your back, shoulders, and wrists, making longer rides a joy rather than something to endure. This comfort factor appeals strongly to older riders and people who have joint discomfort.

Stable Than Traditional Bikes

Three wheels provide a naturally stable base, especially noticeable at lower speeds or when coming to a stop. This stability is a significant reassurance for riders concerned about balance, whether that's due to age or specific physical conditions.

Better Range

The electric assist on a trike means that you can bike on hills with ease. You can also cover longer distances without exhausting yourself, or use your trike as a car replacement for local trips. Plus, electric power helps you keep pace if you’re riding with a group of mixed abilities.

They’re Inclusive

Electric trikes are inclusive. They are comfortable enough for people with physical limitations. You can ride an electric trike even if you have past injuries. Electric trikes are also an excellent options if you're not confident with traditional bicycles or if you have trouble balancing.

They’re Good for the Environment

Electric trikes are sustainable and low-maintenance, using electric power instead of fossil fuels. They also require little maintenance compared to traditional vehicles. E-trikes do not require oil changes, tune-ups, or other costly repairs, making them a more affordable option in the long run.

How To Choose the Right Electric Tricycle

Trike Styles

There are two primary types of electric trikes: tadpole and delta. Tadpole electric trikes have two wheels at the front and one at the rear, offering better performance and speed. Delta electric trikes have one wheel at the front and two at the rear, providing ease of entry and better stability. Consider which type of trike style better suits your needs.


Electric trikes come with either mid-drive or hub motors. Mid-drive motors are installed on the frame of the trike, typically near the pedals. This configuration makes for a more balanced ride and better handling. Hub motors, on the other hand, are attached to the wheel, making them more accessible to replace. Consider the type of motor you prefer based on your riding needs.

You also need to consider the power output and torque of the electric trike's motor. The motor's wattage determines how much power it can output, while the torque determines its hill-climbing ability. At Utah Trikes, we offer motor upgrades to improve your electric trike's performance, so you can bike on any terrain.


Consider how many miles you typically want to ride on a single charge and choose your battery accordingly. Manufacturers usually provide mileage estimates. Most trike batteries are removable for convenient charging. Some people may want more than battery for extended range. It's all up to personal preference and what you will be doing with your trike.


Consider the terrain in your area when choosing a trike. Hills require a wide gear range, while flatter terrain favors a simpler drivetrain setup. Look for trike models with suitable suspension for comfort on uneven surfaces. Moreover, accessories like racks, bags, lighting, and fenders can expand your trike's usability. Utah Trikes has wide accessory options and a guide to ensure everything is fitted.

Electric Recumbent Trikes at Utah Trikes

Catrike Electric Trikes

Catrike is a highly respected and renowned brand in the trike industry. Known for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, Catrike has become a go-to brand for riders seeking top-quality electric trikes. Their two most popular products are:

Catrike eCAT with Bosch Active Line Plus

This is a powerful and elegant electric trike that combines the renowned craftsmanship of Catrike with advanced Bosch electric motor technology. The eCAT system features the Bosch Active Line Plus motor, a 250-watt motor with a maximum torque output of 50nm.

Riders can choose between four pedal-assist modes (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo), customizing the power level to their needs. Paired with a durable 36 Volt, 11 amp hour Lithium-Ion battery, the Catrike eCAT offers both the range and the power to tackle varied terrain and extended rides.

UTCustom Catrike ElectroCat

For those seeking even more power and versatility, Utah Trikes offers the UTCustom Catrike ElectroCat. These are equipped with Bafang mid-drive motors in either 750-watt or 1000-watt options. Both choices feature a throttle and 9 levels of pedal assist, plus features like brake and gear sensors for smooth operation.

The 750-watt option is a fantastic balance of price and performance for most riders, while the 1000-watt version provides extra power for those who frequently face hills or carry heavier loads.

Revolution eQuad Electric Trikes

Revolution eQuad is a notable electric trike brand that we proudly offer at Utah Trikes. Known for its innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, Revolution eQuad produces high-performance electric trikes.

The Revolution eQuad RS from Utah Trikes is an innovative and versatile all-terrain vehicle that offers a variety of uses, including serving as a car replacement, golf cart, or recreational vehicle. It features a patented tiller steering mechanism, 10-speed derailleur gearing (upgradeable to a 14-speed Rohloff hub and rear DNM DV-22 shocks for comfortable rides. This electric trike also has a Bafang 1000W mid-drive motor for ample power and hydraulic Tektro HD-E530 brakes.

Factors To Consider When Choosing an Electric Trike for Adults

Motor Type & Power

Mid-drive motors typically offer a more natural pedaling feel and strong hill-climbing, while hub motors can be lighter. Consider the terrain you'll mainly ride and your desire for power vs. weight savings

Battery Capacity

Think realistically about how many miles you want per charge. Manufacturers provide range estimates, but those can vary based on rider weight, terrain, and assist level used.

Display & Controls

Choose a display that's easy to read and controls that are intuitive for you to use while riding.


A wide gear range helps tackle hills and adjust to varying speeds.

Braking System

Hydraulic disc brakes offer superior stopping power and control, especially important given the trike's extra weight from the electric system.

Range, Speed, and Riding Position

Match the battery capacity to your typical ride distances and desire for longer outings. Some trikes cater more to performance, while others focus on steady, comfortable cruising. Explore various recumbent seat styles and ensure the trike is fully adjustable for your body size and preferred posture.

Test Rides and Expert Consultations

Utah Trikes encourages you to test ride different electric trikes to experience the difference in motors, handling, and overall feel. Our team is here to answer questions, explain different features, and help you narrow down the perfect fit.

Budget and Affordability

Electric trikes are an investment, but you need to weigh that investment against the benefits they bring in terms of expanded cycling access and potential car replacement savings. Assess your budget, and remember that Utah Trikes offers flexible financing options.

Tips for Maintenance and Care of E-Trikes

Simple Maintenance Practices

1. Check tire pressure regularly for optimal ride quality.
2. Clean the chain and drivetrain components, and re-lubricate as needed (ask Utah Trikes about chain cleaners suitable for e-bikes).
3. Examine brake pads for wear and replace them if they become thin.
4. Periodically tighten bolts, ensuring everything stays secure, especially after the first few rides on a new trike.

Battery Care & Charging

- Follow the manufacturer's charging guidelines – avoid overcharging or fully draining the battery.
- In extreme cold or heat, store the battery indoors at room temperature.
- For long-term storage (several months), keep the battery partially charged with periodic checks to avoid letting it deplete completely.

Regular Inspections and Service

Utah Trikes recommends bringing your electric trike in for annual check-ups and tune-ups. This allows us to catch potential wear early, perform adjustments, and ensure all components are in top condition.

Find the Perfect Ride at Utah Trikes

While any trike shop can add a mirror or a rack, Utah Trikes goes deeper. We specialize in modifications that ensure your trike fits your body and riding style. This could involve adjusting seat angles, changing crank lengths, installing one-handed shifters, or other adjustments to maximize your comfort and power output.

We assemble each trike, ensuring everything is adjusted and ready to ride. We also offer freight shipping, so your new trike arrives safely and without the headache of self-assembly.

Utah Trikes is actively involved in the local triking scene. We may sponsor group rides, offer demo days, or participate in cycling events. Joining this community is a fantastic way to connect with other riders, discover new routes, and enhance your triking experience.

Conquer Any Hill With Your Electric Trike

An electric trike for adults offers stability, and comfort, regardless of age or physical limitations. Whether you desire the thrill of conquering hills, the practicality of car-free commuting, or enjoy a relaxed ride, an electric trike opens up possibilities.

Utah Trikes is dedicated to helping you realize this potential. We help you find the electric trike of your dreams. We can also transform your trike into a perfect fit. Plus, our assembly, shipping, and involvement in the local triking community provide a complete support system for your e-trike adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do electric trikes for adults exist?

Absolutely! Electric trikes (or e-trikes) are becoming popular for adults of all ages and abilities. They combine the stability of a three-wheeled design with the convenience of an electric motor for effortless riding.

How fast can an electric trike go?

The maximum speed of an e-trike varies depending on the model and local regulations. In many areas, electric trikes are classified as bicycles, meaning they often have a speed limit of 20-28 mph with pedal assist. Some models may be capable of higher speeds when using a throttle.

Where can I buy an electric trike?

Specialty bike shops, like Utah Trikes, are the best places to find electric trikes. These shops have knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the right trike, get the perfect fit, and understand any local e-bike laws in your area.

Why would I choose an electric trike?

Electric trikes are ideal for limited mobility or balance concerns. They eliminate the struggle on inclines with electric assist. Extend your range and explore without exhaustion. The three-wheeled design boosts confidence, especially at lower speeds. Electric trikes make cycling easy and enjoyable for all.

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