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Delta AirZound Rechargeable Air Powered Horn - 115db



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An air horn that can be mounted on any handlebar and refills with any bike pump.

-No batteries or cartridges required
-Volume control switch
-Clamp for mounting on 22-26mm handlebar
-Refills with any bike pump
-Please note that clamps and knobs pictured in red are actually white

Our horn generates anything from a 115 dB blast to a moderate 30 dB toot thanks to an adjustable volume level.

The pressure vessel - the PET - bottle, is easily recharged with any auto-valve air pump or compressor up to maximum 80 PSI (5,5 bar).

The installation of AIRZOUND is very easy and takes only about two minutes. The horn clamps right onto handlebars, just like any other bell and the 500 ml PET - bottle one tucks into the water bottle cage on your bike frame or fastens directly to the frame with special fasteners.

AIRZOUND is very light - it weighs only 100 g! Since it does not have any metal parts and no chemical ingredients its use is often allowed in sport arenas and at other big events.


Under the AirZound's button is a standard Schraeder-type air valve that is used to re-pressurize the system. Just pump it up to 50-80PSI and you've got a lot of honking power.

AirZound Bottle

The AirZound's air reservoir is this water bottle which can easily be placed in your water bottle cage, or strapped under/behind the seat with the included ties.



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"Airzound has saved me several times from motorists. The 105 decibels put out by the horn draws plenty of attention, much better than the whistle I used to blow. Thank you Airzound for developing this product. I have alot of trouble with cars backing out of driveways and that blast of sound has brought the car to a stop. Hopefully that will always be the case."

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