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SunLite Locking Brake Lever Set - $10.00 OFF

$21.95 $11.95 SALE PRICE


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These locks act as parking brakes and replace having to use parking straps. Forget worrying about your trike rolling away, especially with two locking brakes instead of just one.

This is one upgrade that will really make a difference to the every day rider. While most trikes come with a velcro strap that is used to set the parking brake, it's easy enough to use, but eventually you are going to misplace the strap. This locking lever is easy to use and makes parking your trike a breeze.

Installation steps:

1. Disconnect the left brake cable by unscrewing the adjuster all the way. Once the cable adjuster is off slide the cable through the slot and pull the end out of the lever housing.
2. Remove Rubber grip from steering bar. This grip is just squeezed on so it may take some twisting and pulling.
3. Use an allen wrench to loosen the shifter from the steering bar. Once it is loose enough to rotate freely slide the grip up and off the steering bar.
4. Use an alen wrench to losten the brake lever. Once it is loose slide it off the steering bar.
5. Slide your new locking lever down the steering arm. Do not tighten it yet.
6. Slide the grip shifter back on the steering bar. Do not tighten it yet.
7. Slide the rubber grip onto the steering bar. Make sure that it is pushed all the way down.
8. With the rubber grip in place, slide the shifter into position and tighten it with an allen wrench.
9. Pull the new locking brake lever up until it touches the bottom of the grip shift. Rotate it so that it will be comfortable for you and tighen it with an allen wrench.
10. Remove the adjuster from the bottom of the brake lever and slide the brake lever through the slot.
11. Slide the end of the cable through the brake lever and pull the cable down through the bottom.
12. Screw the adjuster back in to the bottom of the brake lever and adjust as necessary.

We will install these on new trike orders or, if you already have your trike, you can install it yourself. -Designed for cantilever & caliper brakes -22.2mm (7/8") clamp -Forged alloy construction -3 finger design -Locking feature keeps brake engaged



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"I have been using locking brake levers for several years. They are so convenient, and whether on my trike or quad, I never need to look for a missing velcro strap."

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