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SportCrafters OverDrive Trainer MR110 w/Progressive Resistance



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This is the Overdrive Trike Trainer MR110. SportsCrafter's trike trainers are the only trainers in the world that are designed for trikes! This trainer is perfect for a casual rider who wants to have the option of riding their trike indoors. Perfect for the colder seasons or anytime you can't be riding your trike outdoors the Overdrive Trainer is Lightweight, compact, and easy to store so you can keep it around for any rainy day!

The Overdrive is a super dynamic trainer as well. Powered by ARC Technology it utilizes powerful magnets inside of the roller drum which are drawn closer to the drum wall as your speed increases. This increases resistance as you speed up. No need for adjustments or replacement parts; it all works with your gearing and your pedal power.

If you are more athletic or just want more resistance for your training we also carry the Double Overdrive and you can check that out here

Outdoor Riding At Home!

With SportCrafter's quality this trainer gives you the natural real road riding feel. With realistic resistance that increases with your gearing and speed it gives you the familiar feel of the road that is hard to find in a trainer. As an added bonus the resistance unit adds less than a pound to the weight of the Overdrive Trainer giving it a total weight of around 7 lbs!

Using your Trainer To get started with your trainer its easy as pie. There is no set up needed just take out of the box and you can get training! When you have it ready place it on the ground and then position your rear tire on both of the rollers. Before you start training make sure to lock both of your front brakes, if you only have a rear brake lock we have velcro brake lock straps you can purchase here. Once locked you are read to get training!

Difference Between The OverDrive and Double Overdrive

Above is a graph of the amount of resistance available comparibly between the two trainers. As you can see the faster you go the more power you have to put into your pedaling. The effort needed to reach top speed on the Double OverDrive is much steeper as your speed increases than the standard OverDrive.

If you think the Double OverDrive Trainer is the better fit for you, you can find its product page here

Product Information

  • Accommodates wheels of 16 inch diameter to 700c racing wheels, width is not a problem because there is no clamping needed just put your rear wheel on the rollers and get riding!
  • If you are using with a tadpole style trike or a one wheel drive delta you only need one trainer for the rear drive wheel with a block to prop up the second wheel
  • 100% manufactured and designed in Granger, Indiana, USA
  • Product Dimensions: 21" length x 4.25" Height x 10" Width

  • Utah Trikes does not offer a warranty on this product but there is a lifetime warranty through SportCrafters for all customers. If you ever need to utilize this warranty or get information about it you can contact SportCrafters or find out more on their website https://sportcrafters.com/warranty



SportsCrafter Trike Trainer: Trike Riding at HOME!

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SportsCrafter Trike Trainer: Trike Riding at HOME!
SportsCrafter Trike Trainer: Trike Riding at HOME!

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