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Catrike eCAT with Bosch Active Line Plus Electric Trike

Starting at $5450

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The eCAT system for Catrike models features the Bosch Active Line Plus motor with four assist modes: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. If you need extra power climbing hills or just want a boost on your daily commute, the eCAT system will get you where you need to go quickly, efficiently and quietly. Choose your Catrike model in the configurator below. Prices are adjusted according to base model.


Please note that we do not charge for assembly and actual shipping costs to you are subsidized by Utah Trikes. Optional items chosen through our Trike Configurator will be installed on the trike prior to shipping. Any price differences shown between items here and our standard parts catalog reflect the cost of installation and/or additional hardware needed to install the item. If you would like to install the item yourself please choose the options separately through our catalog. Also note, our trike customizer calculates the price difference between the stock component configuration and the many upgrades that we offer. When you choose upgraded parts through this customizer you will not get the stock parts as the Trike Configurator calculates the price difference between parts. If you want all of the stock parts in addition to the upgrades you must choose the stock trike from here and then choose the full-price replacement components from our catalog. We are adding new options all the time. If there is an option you want us to add let us know. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The eCAT system is built around a powerful and elegant Bosch electric motor. The Active Line Plus is a 250 Watt motor with a maximum torque output of 50nm. It offers four different pedal assist modes, each putting out a different amount of power. Those modes are Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. Eco is the lowest level, supplying 40% assist and Turbo is the highest level, at 270% assist.The motor is paired with a 36 Volt, 11 amp hour Lithium Ion battery that is easy to charge and install onto the battery sled.


So you're looking to add electric assist and you are trying to base your decision on range or how far a specific system will take you. STOP! Range is too hard to determine! There are way too many variables involved for us to tell you exactly how far you'll be able to go: rider weight, rolling resistance, load, and so many other things. While we can't give you any exact numbers, we can give you an idea of what to expect. If you're averaging 20 miles per hour, Eco mode will give you 60 miles, Tour: 35, Sport: 30 and Turbo: 25 miles on a single battery charge.


Electric assist motors use a sensor that tells the motor when to engage. When it comes to electric systems there are two types of sensors: torque or cadence. A cadence sensor tells the motor when the cranks are turning, essentially measuring if you are pedaling or not.

A torque sensor measure how much force you are applying to the pedal and bases it's assist off of that force. The Bosch Active Line Plus motor uses a torque sensor which lots of riders prefer. Compared to systems with a cadence sensor, the torque sensor tends to feel more natural. It provides more consistent assist as you pedal and the power from the motor is almost imperceptible.

Now Including the Supernova Light Assembly

Supernova Light Assembly (Headlight & Tail Light) The eCAT light system includes the SUPERNOVA MINI 2 headlight and TL3 PRO taillight to help keep your Catrike visible both day and night without the hassle of charging separate batteries.

Supernova Mini 2

The SUPERNOVA MINI 2 offer superb performance in a compact aluminum case. It has 235 lumens and 100 lux providing ample visibility without blinding oncoming traffic and is perfect for both daytime running light and nighttime visibility.

TL3 Pro Taillight

The TL3 PRO is the first SUPERNOVA taillight with a sensor brake light and emergency strobe. The brake light is controlled by a high-precision 3-axis sensor that works without being connected to the brake levers. During braking, the taillight becomes almost 70 % brighter.

More Info and Installation Instructions in the Video Below!

eCat Review


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