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Alpaca 1500 2Tadpole2 Carrier



Availability: Currently Out of Stock

The Alpaca carrier is designed to carry 1-2 Tadpole triks, or a combination of a Tadpole, and a Delta, Tadpole, and a standard bike, or two delta trikes with the use of available attachments

This carry keeps the trikes up and out of the way so you are't dragging, scraping or nudging anything by accident.

Also available in a 1.25in recievers.

Use this carrier with receiver hitches bolted directly to the frame of the vehicle or to a bumper or hitch with a 300 pound or higher tongue load rating. Limit the load to 100 pounds. Because of leverage smaller hitches are not strong enough for this carrier. The trunk strap provided can be used to reduce the leverage and stress on the carrier, hitch and vehicle. Be sure to attach the flat hook to a point on the vehicle strong enough for the forces applied.



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