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Catrike Chain Tensioner by TerraCycle



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This Chain tensioner system made for all Catrike models by TerraCycle allows the rider to change the boom length without having to worry about adjusting the chain. It's easy to set up, hassle-free, and makes it easier for different friends to check out your cool new trike.

1. So I can move my boom in and out all I want and I don't have to change anything else?
Yes. You're free to move the boom as much as you'd like, and you won't need to mess with the chain at all.

2. How does it work?
One end clamps to the boom tube, and one end clamps under the boom clamp Quick Releases. Each end has a chain idler on it. The return chain goes through the idlers in an S curve. As you move the boom in and out, the length of the S curve automatically compensates for the chain length change from moving the boom. It's super simple.

3. What kind of range does it have?
The same as the full range of movement of the boom.

4. Is it hard to install?
Not hard at all. The front clamps on to the boom tube with a clamp specifically machined for the Catrike boom tube, so it goes right on. The rear goes under the boom adjust Quick Release nuts. Loosen the nuts, slip the plate on the QRs, and put the nuts back.

5. Does it add drag?
A little. It's in the return side of the chain, so the tension is low. The idlers run on ball bearings, and are larger than the jockey wheels on a deraileur, so the effect is less than a deraileur would add.

6. Do I need more chain to go with this?
Yes, a little more chain is needed. About eight links more will do well.




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