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UTCustom Freewheel Posi Differential



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Get rid of one-wheel drive for good! Upgrade to the UTCustom differential and take advantage of increased traction and power to the wheels! Available individually or as part of an axle upgrade kit. The differential ships assembled.

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UTCustom Freewheel Posi Differential Cage (10+ In Stock)
This differential cage is designed and produced in house at Utah Trikes. This cage securely holds two 16T freewheels and a standard 88mm BCD chainring to make a strong, reliable, and user-serviceable differential for two-wheel drive conversions of quads and delta trikes.

This item is currently not available separately


Sunlite Freewheel single 16t x 1/8 (10+ In Stock)
Easy Off Single Freewheel

Individual Price: $27.99


Freewheel Adapter 15/35mm w/Bolts (10+ In Stock)
For use with delta trikes and our quads with 15mm rear axles.

Individual Price: $19.99


TruVativ Trushift 22T x 64mm Steel Chainring Black (10+ In Stock)
-Trushift middle and outer rings (32T, 36T and 44T) feature shift ramps and pins.


Individual Price: $17.99


M6 x 60mm Bolt (4 In Stock)

Individual Price: $1.00


M6 Locknut Stainless Steel (10+ In Stock)

Individual Price: $1.00


M6 Washer (10+ In Stock)

Individual Price: $0.75


M5 Set Screws

This item is currently not available separately

We've finally found the best way to avoid tire slipping and scrubbing on quads and delta trikes. The UTCustom Differential features a double freewheel design that is the preferred solution for most riding scenarios. It's user serviceable, and is built to handle the extreme off-road riding that many of our customers enjoy.

History Of Development

This differential has been in the works for a while. Its creation started back when we created our first quads. Our original design used two freewheels welded to a cage. While the design worked, they were difficult to make and impossible to service. The welding process was tricky and could potentially damage the freewheels.

As we shifted our focus to make bigger and badder quads, we switched to the Catrike frame, and ultimately created the UTCustom Fat Cat-4 Quad. With a lot of quads out there we got a lot of feedback. The lighter-weight Samagaga ETG differential just wasn't cutting it and the heavy-duty geared differential was allowing wheels to slip and lose traction. It was time to redesign our original differential with the primary goal of making it stronger and user serviceable.

The Final Product

We chose to use a single standard freewheel for each axle, making our differential twice as strong and capable of handling big wheels and motors. It can be installed on our custom quads and delta trikes. It can be made to be compatible with a wide array of axles so that you can get more traction and more control while you ride.
This is the final product and it is AWESOME!

We're excited to offer the UTCustom Freewheel Posi Differential. It is the solution to slipping and tire scrub that trumps all solutions. With our differential you can ride anywhere with and lose less traction and power. Wet grass? Loose dirt? Snow? You name it. You'll be amazed at how well your trike or quad handles.
Our design features a standard 16-tooth freewheel with a bolt-on chain ring. The whole unit can be taken apart and rebuilt or serviced, instead of having to replace the whole thing if, for some reason, one of the freewheels fails.


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