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UTCustom Catrike Dumont eCat14 Sport Class 3 Electric Recumbent Trike

Starting at $50000

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Welcome to a next level of touring trikes! The UTCustom E-14 Dumont Sport is built on the fan favorite Catrike Dumont frame! Paired with a brand new Bosch Performance Line Sport electric motor. This is our first ever Class 3 motor, able to get you going an insane twenty eight miles per hour! It comes stock with a Rohloff 14 speed internally geared hub, and an all new Rohloff E-14 electric shifter, making shifting leagues easier!

With full suspension and folding capability it is a benchmark in trike comfortability and convinence. While still being our fastest and smoothest ride yet.

Lets Go on Tour!

A Motor You Can Count On

The powerhouse behind the UTCustom E-14 Dumont Sport is the Bosch Performance Line Sport! This is our first ever Class 3 motor, meaning that it has a max speed of 28 mph!

The Performance Line Sport utilizes a torque sensor giving you the assistance you need perfectly tuned to your pedaling input and your ride. If you're hitting the hills and uneven terrain you wont even need to break a sweat! With 65 nm of torque and 250 watts of power output it adjusts itself to give you the power you need to tackle any terrain.

It also comes equipped with the Bosch PowerPack 500 battery. The 500 is a beefed up battery with 25% more riding range than the PowerPack 400 that comes with the standard eCat.

And if you need even more range we now offer a double battery upgrade! With this upgrade we will attach a second PowerPack 500. This gives you 2 times the riding distance and 2 times the fun.

Gearing Perfected

With the electric motor in the front we have equipped the UTCustom E-14 Dumont Sport with a 14 speed Rohloff Hub in the rear. This contains all 14 gears snuggly within a hub inside of the rear wheel. The sealed nature of the hub protects your gearing and reduces the amount of upkeep needed. And functionally you can shift your gears while stopped with no issues like on a regular trike.

The Rohloff hub excels in efficiency. It has a 526% gear range, letting you hit any range needed to get you up those steep hills or through rough terrain. And in-between all of these gears the Rohloff hub has a 180 millisecond shift time, making all of your shifting smooth and effortless.

Shifting Made Easy

Integrated into the Rohloff 14 speed is the new Rohloff E-14 Electronic Shifter! An addition that only builds onto the amazing engineering of the Rohloff Hub. The E-14 has a lot of quality of life additions for your rides. The biggest feature in our opinion is the automatic downshift function which senses when you come to a stop and automatically shifts your gearing to a preset lower gear. Making starting from a stop easier than ever.

Shifting Made Easy
Along with the little shifter hub, it comes with a new shifter that will replace the Dumont's standard crank shifter. Its a super simple button shifter with two arrows moving the gear up or down. A cool feature with the E-14 is if you hold down the up or down button it will automatically shift you 3 gears in whichever direction you are shifting. Making quick gear shifts super quick and smooth.

Integration Made in Heaven
The Rohloff E-14 integrates perfectly with the Bosch Performance Line Sport like a match made in heaven. As they work together the E-14 monitors when you shift, when you do it sends a signal to the motor telling it to cut the pedal assist for a split second. This decreases the wear on the internals of your Rohloff hub overtime. Improving longevity.


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