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UTCustom Catrike Dumont eCat14 Electric Trike

$11000 Starting at $10800 SALE PRICE

Availability: Call for Availability

Welcome to a next level of touring trikes! The UTCustom Catrike Dumont eCat14 Electric Trike is built on the fan favorite Catrike Dumont frame! Paired with the classic Bosch Active Line Plus electric motor, an all new E-14 Rohloff electric shifter with full 14 speed Rohloff, and our most high tech display yet, the Bosch Nyon.

This is a configuration built for the modern rider. With all the Gadgets and information to; Plan, track, and improve your ride.


Please note that we do not charge for assembly and actual shipping costs to you are subsidized by Utah Trikes. Optional items chosen through our Trike Configurator will be installed on the trike prior to shipping. Any price differences shown between items here and our standard parts catalog reflect the cost of installation and/or additional hardware needed to install the item. If you would like to install the item yourself please choose the options separately through our catalog. Also note, our trike customizer calculates the price difference between the stock component configuration and the many upgrades that we offer. When you choose upgraded parts through this customizer you will not get the stock parts as the Trike Configurator calculates the price difference between parts. If you want all of the stock parts in addition to the upgrades you must choose the stock trike from here and then choose the full-price replacement components from our catalog. We are adding new options all the time. If there is an option you want us to add let us know. Please contact us if you have any questions.

A Motor You Can Count On

The powerhouse behind the UTCustom Catrike Dumont eCat-14 is the Bosch Active Line Plus! The classic motor of the fan favorite eCat. This is a class 1 pedal assisted motor with a top speed of 20 mph!

The Active Line Plus utilizes a torque sensor giving you the assistance you need perfectly tuned to your pedaling input and your ride. If you're hitting the hills and uneven terrain you wont even need to break a sweat! With 50 nm of torque and 250 watts of power output it adjusts itself to give you the power you need to tackle any terrain.

It also comes equipped with the Bosch PowerPack 500 battery. The 500 is a beefed up battery with 25% more riding range than the PowerPack 400 that comes with the standard eCat.

If you need even more range we now offer a double battery upgrade! For the first time we have created an aluminum sled allowing you to attach a second PowerPack 500 to your trike. This gives you 2 times the riding distance and 2 times the fun.

Gearing Perfected

With the electric motor in the front we have equipped the UTCustom E-14 Dumont Sport with a 14 speed Rohloff Hub in the rear. This contains all 14 gears snuggly within a hub inside of the rear wheel. The sealed nature of the hub protects your gearing and reduces the amount of upkeep needed. And functionally you can shift your gears while stopped with no issues like on a regular trike.

The Rohloff hub excels in efficiency. It has a 526% gear range, letting you hit any range needed to get you up those steep hills or through rough terrain. And in-between all of these gears the Rohloff hub has a 180 millisecond shift time, making all of your shifting smooth and effortless.

Electronic Shifting With the Rohloff

Integrated into the Rohloff 14 speed is the new Rohloff E-14 Electronic Shifter! An addition that only builds onto the amazing engineering of the Rohloff Hub. The E-14 has a lot of quality of life additions for your rides. The biggest feature in our opinion is the automatic downshift function which senses when you come to a stop and automatically shifts your gearing to a preset lower gear. Making starting from a stop easier than ever.

Shifting Made Easy
Along with the little shifter hub, it comes with a new shifter that will replace the Dumont's standard crank shifter. Its a super simple button shifter with two arrows moving the gear up or down. A cool feature with the E-14 is if you hold down the up or down button it will automatically shift you 3 gears in whichever direction you are shifting. Making quick gear shifts super quick and smooth.

Integration Made in Heaven
The Rohloff E-14 integrates perfectly with the Bosch Active Line Plus like a match made in heaven. As they work together the E-14 monitors when you shift, when you do it sends a signal to the motor telling it to cut the pedal assist for a split second. This decreases the wear on the internals of your Rohloff hub overtime. Improving longevity.

Our Most High Tech Motor Display!

To make this electrical trike even more honed in on its strengths the Dumont eCat-14 is equipped with the all new Bosch Nyon Motor display

Our Most High Tech Motor Display!

To make this electrical trike even more honed in on its strengths the Dumont eCat-14 is equipped with the all new Bosch Nyon Motor display. This smart display has a lot of additions that a normal motor display doesnt have, most prominently a clear and responsive touch screen with an informative UI. Built in with a crazy amount of stats and information the Nyon needs to cover a lot of ground, lets start with the essentials.

The Essentials

With a high tech motor display you still need your standard info, and the Nyon doesn't skip out on any of it.

  • Keep tabs on your speed in Miles Per Hour and Kilometers Per hour
  • Monitor your battery life while seeing your approximate range
  • Access to all 4 Bosch assist modes; Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo,
  • And see how far you've gone with the logged trip distance

But there is so much more beyond the essentials. One of which is the map and navigation options.


The touch screen gives you convenient access to functions that allow you to enter the next destination, zoom in on and move the map section and select the destination on the map. Acoustic signals let you know when the next turn is coming up so that you can concentrate fully on your ride.

Route planning
Good planning is everything. In the eBike Connect online portal you can conveniently plan your routes and transfer them to the Nyon computer. Planned stops are displayed as waypoints during navigation with Nyon.

Topographical residual range
Quick updates: On a map you can see how much further you are likely to get in the current support mode, taking the geographic conditions into account. You can use this additional information to better plan your route.

Range information
For long-lasting riding enjoyment: When planning your ride, Nyon indicates whether the destination can be reached with the set motor support. You are informed if a different support mode should be selected during your ride.

Smart Connectivity

Perfectly connected:
Nyon is part of an intelligently connected system and opens the door to the connected eBike World of Bosch thanks to the eBike Connect smartphone app and online portal.

Data synchronization
As soon as Nyon connects to your smartphone or Wi-Fi, the computer connects to your eBike Connect account and automatically synchronizes the riding data.

Fitness Tracking

Achieve your fitness goals:
The computer measures your pedal force and cadence to calculate how much power you generate. It also shows your actual calorie consumption and can be connected to a heart rate monitor. It is the ideal companion for achieving your fitness goals.

Online evaluation
In the eBike Connect smartphone app or online portal, you can receive a graphical representation and detailed analysis of your performance. This enables you to adapt the training to reach your goals.

Performance comparison
Nyon compares the speed, power and cadence of the current trip with the average values and shows you whether your performance is better or worse than the average value.

Share fitness data
If you wish, you can easily share your recorded data and rides with apps such as Strava and komoot. Once set up, the data is synchronized automatically.


With all of these informative features and so much more there is a lot of data to be managed on the Nyon. That's where the screen customization comes in handy. In the settings you can customize each page with whatever info you would like. Entirely malleable for what you find most important on a ride.

And to manage all of these screens you don't just need to swipe. The Bosch Nyon comes equipped with a manual controller making navigating through pages and adjusting your assist mode while you ride simple and non intrusive. The less attention taken away from the road the better.

All on the Dumont

The Catrike Dumont is one of the most versatile trikes that we carry. It has the quality of a standard Catrike with the added comfort of suspension and convenience of a folding frame.

The Dumont is an incredibly practical trike thanks to Catrike's exclusive folding mechanism incorporating the seat, frame, chain managing kickstand and rollers. It will fit in your car, apartment or you can fit it in your garage for easy storage and portability

The Fully triangulated swing arm developed into the frame works hand in hand with the air shock rear suspension. Utilizing Catrike's innovations to expertly minimizing vibrations and large bumps from the rear.

The front suspension is built to absorb those smaller road vibrations and reduce hand fatigue. Combining their award-winning engineering, design and techniques, Catrike has created front suspension for the Dumont as well that creates a more dynamic ride with anti-dive and anti-roll behavior without needing a torsional bar between the front ends of the trike.

Our Ride and Review

Detailed Specifications

Frame Material Aircraft grade 7005 Aluminum
Wheelbase 46.5 in
Wheel Track 29.5 in
Rear Suspension Travel 50mm
Steering Type Direct Steering with Ackerman and Center Point
Seat Height 10 in
Seat Width 14 in
Seat Angle 42-49 degrees
Country of Origin USA


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