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HP Velotechnik Gekko 26 US Edition - Sport Model

Starting at $2850

The following trikes are available for order:
Qty 2: HP Factory Color Lime Green

Availability to make custom builds: Call for Availability

This is the HP Velotechnik Gekko 26 US Edition! A great budget friendly variety of HP trike with solid features. This is all the great qualities of a trike at its simplest. Allowing for an affordable trike while still having HP quality.


The Gekko Sport is a simple trike with all the basics to a comfortable ride. With comfortable grips and a seat that's shaped just right you can get a smooth ride anytime.

Mesh Seat You'll be sitting on a mesh seat that is super breathable and is one of the best shaped seats we have (in Davy's opinion). It has a great ergonomic shape that holds onto you as you go over bumps and helps make any bounces or jump feel way softer, even without suspension.

24 Speed Gearing The Gekko Sport comes stock with 24 speed gearing. 3 gears in the front and 8 in the back. Perfect for a variety of riding conditions.

Grip Shifters The grip shifters are really responsive as well and have you changing gears effortlessly. Integrated very well into the handle grips themselves it feels very natural to change gears without your shifter feeling out of place.

Indirect Steering In tandem with the comfortable grips there is comfortable steering. Utilizing Indirect Steering technology the Gekko has crazy smooth turning that is easy and low effort. Allowing for a natural turning motion with a lot of power behind it.

Equipped with amazing tires that are made of heavy duty recycled materials, and built to last. The tread of these tires is perfect for urban riding on asphalt and a little offroad in light gravel. Taking you where you need to go!


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