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HP Velotechnik Hands-On-Cycle Scorpion fs 20

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The all new HP Velotechnik Hands-On-Cycle takes the already established HP trikes and uses them as a base for the best handcycle adaptation yet! The HP Hands-On-Cycle is a boom integration for HP trikes, allowing you to utilize the amazing suspension of the Scorpion FS or the simple upright seating of the Gekko. The Choice is yours!

Unique integration: HP Velotechnik integrates the hand-operated drive including gears and cables in a closed housing. This is an enormous safety advantage. With the Hands-On-Cycle you avoid contact of with rotating and oily drive parts with your upper body and arms. Other advantages over conventional handcycles: The vehicles have an astonishingly small turning circle, and the tidy cockpit offers the best possible operating comfort.

Built on the HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 20!

This option of the Hands-On-Cycle is featured on the FS Scorpion 20 model of trike. This is a low to the ground, ergonomic trike decked out with some of the best suspension you can find on a trike, and a folding hinge!

If you are looking for smoothest and most comfortable ride with the ability to pedal with your arms instead of your legs this is the trike for you.

If you want a taller trike base with a more simple build and a lower price tag check out the HP Velotecknik Hands-On-Cycle Gekko fx 26

Fits a wide range of sizes!

The Hands-On-Cycle can be seamlessly adjusted for people with a height of 1.60 to 2.00 m* (5.2′ 6.6′) and arm lengths of 70 to 94 cm (27.5″ 37″)*. Optimizations are possible in all three dimensions here. The length adjustment range of the Hands-On-Cycle unit in the main frame is 6 cm (2.4″); the footrest can be extended by up to 14 cm (5.5″).

The pole has an adjustment angle of 14. The grip width can be varied between 52 and 62 cm (20.5″ 24.4″). Another possibility for adjustments is offered by the flexible seat systems from HP Velotechnik.

Adaptable for any Requirement

HP Velotechnik mounts the Hands-On-Cycle on two models: the lightweight and compact Gekko fx 26 and the comfortable and full-suspension Scorpion fs 20. Both models can be individually adapted to your requirements and special needs with our modular custom system.

Even more accessibility with additional mounted accessories. You can find Foot plates with A velcro fastener and a solid plate at the end of the foot rest. You use this to secure your feet in place so no accidents can occur. You can also get a leg rest extender. This will provide more support farther up your leg so you don't have to support yourself as much.

Pack a Punch with a Unique Motor Option

The Hands-On-Cycle has a unique gearing situation where you can't fit a standard mid drive motor on the front gearing. So through HP you can order your trike from the factory with an integrated Hub Motor! One of the only trikes that we offer that can be customized with a rear hub motor!

In order to turn your hand powered bike into a pedelec (support up to 15 mph), HP usees the rear hub motor Z20 from Neodrive in combination with the 10-speed derailleur Deore XT from Shimano. All controls and the color display are right in your field of vision in the cockpit. The battery range is up to 90 miles. The 40 Nm of the extremely quiet hub motor transfers power directly to the rear wheel. Note: For safety reasons, the reverse function of the Neodrives motor cannot be used in combination with the Hands-On-Cycle.

Can my Scorpion Still Fold?

Yes it can! The tricycles from HP Velotechnik can be folded to save room for transport or storage. This also works with Hands-On-Cycle, yet the foldability is limited compared to the base model.

Youtube Review!

Detailed Specifications

Frame Material Aluminum
Trike Weight 55 lbs
Total Weight Capacity 286 lbs
Total Length 74.4 - 82.8in
Total Width 32.7in
Folded Size 41 x 33 x 39in
Frame Folding Options Yes
Rear Suspension Travel 3 in
Turning Circle 15.6 in
Seat Height 12.6 in
Country of Origin Germany


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