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SunSeeker e-Fat Tad Electric Trike

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This 24-speed, fat-tired trike from Sunseeker features a 500 watt hub motor and a 10.4 amp hour battery that's integrated beautifully into the rear cargo rack. Like the Fat Tad CXS, the eFat Tad features front and rear suspension, 20x4 inch fat tires, locking brake levers, as well as an adjustable seat and boom.

The 500 watt hub motor is an excellent pedal assist option for riders that need a little bit of help after long rides. With nine levels of pedal assist, you're able to decide how much work you want to put in or how much help you'd like form the motor. Long tours won't be a problem since you'll be able have the motor help you out on the way home.

The motor is paired with a 10.4 amp hour, lithium-ion battery. There's a red power switch on the underside of the battery. Make sure that switch is turned on so that you can power on your system. On the top of the battery, you'll see a small power button. If you press and hold this, there are four LED lights that will light up to indicate the remaining charge of the battery.

This motor system comes with a no-nonsense display that fits nicely on the horizontal handlebars. There are only three buttons: the Power/Mode button, the Plus button and the minus button. After you turn on your battery, press and hold the power button on the top side of the console to turn the system on. Use the plus and minus buttons to change the level of assist.

The display will show you your battery level, miles per hour, and assist level. A single press on the Power/Mode button will cycle through the menu which will show things like trip distance, odometer, max speed, average speed and trip time. You can access the system settings by pressing and holding the plus/minus buttons simultaneously.

Utah Trikes professionally assembles and test rides every Sun Trike we sell. We can customize any aspect of your trike down to a custom paint job or build any drive train you like or need!! We can also mount any accessory you would like and make sure when you receive your trike it is ready to ride, exactly how you wanted it!!

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