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Utah Trikes Local Routes

We are riding around the area everyday and have stumbled upon some really nice paths, roads and trails which are trike friendly. Out goal is to provide you with a summary of the local trails in map, written, and video form so that you can choose which trails best fit your riding style.

Alcoa Trail
2 Miles - Spanish Fork
This trail is not long enough to be a ride in and of itself, but it is worth incorporating into a longer ride or commute. The entrance is just off Main Street across from Napa Auto Parts. The end of the trail is unfinished, but dumps you near the rear of the old factory building. Most of the trail is next to the river and is wooded. To see a video of the trail, click here.

Hobble Creek Bike Route
5 Miles - Springville, Hobble Creek
This route starts at the end of 400 (South, I think) in Springville. For the first part of the route there is a wide sidewalk path that has been paved for bikes. Once you get to the mouth of the canyon the path becomes a paved two-lane route that goes through a nice Prairie (you may even view deer), and has a couple of bridges crossing the river. About halfway through the path crosses the main road and goes upward along the mountain edge. This part of the trail you'll be using your lower gears. After the trail passes the Hobble Creek golf course, it ends somewhat abrubtly. The fun part of this paved route is going down. Coasting speeds can approach 30mph, so you'll want to make sure your brakes are adjusted. Check out our video of the Hobble Creek Bike Trail here.

Provo River Parkway Trail
12 Miles - Provo
This is one of our favorite rides. While the trail itself is much longer, we typically start at the Mt. Timpanogos parking lot and head towards Vivian Park. This is the most scenic part of the trail. You ride on a nicely paved bike trail past camp site, Bridal Veil Falls, and the Provo River. The total distance up and back is about 12-15 miles depending on any extra loops you may take. The ride up to Vivian Park is a gradual uphill ride with only a couple of moderate hills. The downhill run is a blast, although it can be hard to stay under the trails 15mph speed limit. The trail has three marked lanes: one for joggers and two for bikes. To watch a quick video of the Provo River Parktrail at 160 mph, click here.

River Bottom Road
6 Miles - Spanish Fork
River Bottom Road runs from Main Street to HWY E-6. It runs next to the river and goes uphill when you are riding east.

West Mountain Ride
30 Miles - Lake Shore, Benjamin, Genola, Payson
Start at the Lincoln River Park and head counter-clockwise around West Mountain. The first half of the ride will take you along the shore of Utah Lake and then through the apple orchards in Genola. The second half is a gradual decent from the quarry in Payson and follows the base of the mountain back to the park.

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