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Falco 48V Lithium Battery (Charger + Holder Included)

This item is currently not available for sale.

The pack merely weighs 3.3 kg (7.2 lbs.) and it delivers 556Wh of energy (48V, 11.6Ah). The 48V battery pack has a number of primary as well as secondary protections. The packs use Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery cells from Panasonic.

Highly Compact, Light-Weight, and Long-Lasting Packs

Falco's high-quality, durable lithium-ion batteries provide smaller, lighter batteries that last longer than the low-quality batteries so prevalent in the eBike world today. Protected by our proprietary battery management technology, Falco batteries provide the best combination of cost, energy density and cycle life in the industry, allowing you to fit more miles into your battery case and minimize customer returns. Take a look at our product brochure and data sheets for more information.

Falco's battery management technology protects packs from heat, voltage imbalance, under-voltage and over-current. Falco's BMS dramatically improves cycle life and prevents battery fires and explosions. All Li-ion cells benefit from Falco's precise battery and pack management technology.


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