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 Bills 4 Seater Electric Cycle

This vehicle is a fusion between an electric car and a tandem bicycle. With seating for four and two EcoSpeed motors this vehicle is probably the funnest one that we have built.

Blinged to the extreme, this pedal/electric hybrid was made custom for running dogs.

Painted Flourescent Orange it is definitely noticeable.

This machine is setup with three dog springer attachments on each side.

Powered by two custom 1000W EcoSpeed electric motor systems and four 48V batteries this machine hardly needs the pedals. Each rider can pedal independently.

Just for fun we felt Bill's car really needed the spare wheel on the back.

With everything attached we ended up being just over 10 feet long.

The front riders get to take advantage of the Patterson 2-speed drives.

The rear riders have custom IPS systems so they can coast or help pedal.

The EcoSpeed motors connect as a middrive between the pedal chains and the jackshaft.

We used TerraCycle idlers and custom adjusting mounts to route and tension the chains properly.

Idlers are on the return/slack side of the chain.

The front-mounted idlers are used to tension the chains between the riders.

To tighten the idlers loosen both bolts on the mount and then push the idler up.

The chain between the EcoSpeed middrive and the jackshaft is tightened by loosening the clamps shown and pushing the motor assembly forward.

Both middrive clamps are shown here.

The Jagwire cable adjusters here are used to adjust the shifter cables going to the twin Nuvinci transmissions.

Because of the power delivered by the two motors and four riders we ultimatley decided to go with two Nuvinci N360 transmissions.

Both transmissions are synced together and pull power from the jackshaft. They are set up this way to split the load.

The output of both transmissions goes to a final jackshaft which outputs the power through a motorcycle chain to the drive axle.

Twin idlers are used to keep the chains going to the transmission tensioned.

The idlers are tensioned by loosening both bolts and swinging down the idler arm.

One of the most complicated drivelines that we've made. The bottom chain is the final power chain and goes to our differential.

The rear jackshaft assembly is bolted on to the rear so it can be removed to more easily service the transmissions.

The rear drive axle housing is allowed to pivot and provide a limited suspension. The red elasomers provide the dampening.

The tensioner shown here is used to adjust the chain between the Nuvinci transmission and the final jackshaft.

The top sprocketed idler is used to tension the final drive chain.

The Nuvinci N360 transmissions are tightly situated in front of the drive axle.

This machine is equipped with dual Velociraptor speed controllers. They are synced together with the throttle to provide matched power to both EcoSpeed motors simultaneously.

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