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Catrike Clamp On Sport Return Idler Kit by TerraCycle



Availability: At Least 7 In Stock
(also see availability of parts below)

Terracycle Clamp on idler mount is composed of a Return idler, Single sided clamp on chain keeper, custom stainless bolt, spacers. This kit is for Catrike Riders who wish to eliminate all of their return side chain tube by running the chain path through an additional idler. The kit can be mounted either in front of or behind the trikes cross arm depending on how where the boom is set for length.

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This package contains the following:


TerraCycle Sport Return Idler (10+ In Stock)
The TerraCycle Sport Return Idler is the second best return idler on the market (second only to the Elite Return Idler). With aerospace grade ballistic nylon side plates, tough metal core, durable urethane chainbed and top of the line ABEC-7 steel bearings, this rugged, workhorse idler will give you years of trouble-free improved drivetrain performance. It's solid, it's quiet, and, quite frankly, it's beautiful. For miles and miles, the Sport Return Idler will prove itself a reliable, quality addition to your recumbent.
8mm Standard Bearing

Individual Price: $40.00


TerraCycle 2in 3 Hole Clamp On Idler Mount (10+ In Stock)

Individual Price: $39.00


TerraCycle Stainless Steel Single Chain Keeper - 33mm (9 In Stock)
This chain keeper is designed for use with 14T Terracycle power idlers, and return idlers mounting to 8mm bolts.
This is required for all idler upgrades, but is included in most idler kits.

-33mm Keeper Length

Individual Price: $14.00


Custom 8mm x 40mm Bolt with 25mm Shank with enough thread to allow single chain keep plus jam nut (10+ In Stock)

Individual Price: $9.95


8mm Half Nut (9 In Stock)

Individual Price: $1.00

This is the same setup as the Catrike Front Idler kit, but used with a return idler used in place of the power idler.

Notes: This upgrade kit is not for everyone. If your boom is not extended very far, or you don't have a problem with chain scraping on the top of the crossarm, we recommend you stick with what you've got. This kit is for those situations where running the power side chain over the top is a problem. Usually it's not. Moving the power side chain under the crossarm can lead to other problems on trikes that don't need it, like rubbing on the bottom of the deraileur cage in low gear. If the chain is low enough to be a problem on top, then the deraileur clearance is fine when you move it to the bottom. Move it when you don't need to, though, and it won't work.

We also offer a version of this kit that does away with the last remaining bit of chain tube on the return side. This version is restricted for use with trikes where the return chain coming off the bottom of the big chainring needs to be deflected downwards to get under the crossarm. If this is the case with your trike, and you'd like a power/return idler pair below and in front of the crossarm, please contact us. Since this is an uncommon situation, we want to make sure this is what is really needed before sending off parts to you.



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