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Catrike Trail - Lava Red

Starting at $3350

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The Catrike Trail is a folding recumbent trike that can be transported easily without removing the seat and features small wheels to roll the trike while folded. It's a fast adult trike with lots of options including electric motor assist.

It Folds!

It folds? Yes. It folds in half. The folding feature is a favorite feature of those who like to take their trike with them on the road, but don't have access to a rack or trailer to haul it. The Catrike Trail folds right up and can fit in the back of your car, SUV, van, or what have you. It's a durable and reliable hinge that's easy to operate.

Catrike Comfort

The frame of the folding trail is very similar to the previous non-folding version of the Trail. Why mess with success?!? The most noticeable change (besides the folding features) is the new and improved upper seat. The Trail is Catrikes first adjustable-seat-trike to feature the "ergo curves" found on the Expedition. In addition they made the seat a bit taller for better upper back and shoulder support. You'll also notice that the previous mesh has been replaced with a lightweight mesh with velcro supports for the new seat pad.

Ergonomic Design

The Catrike Trail comes stock with the Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes and Avid Cleansweep 160mm rotors. These are a proven brake. They work great and are easy to adjust. This American-Made trike is a fantastic example of Catrike's engineering skill. The new folding Trail features a redesigned seat with a curved lumbar support and higher mesh area for better upper back support. The seat also features a breathable pad making the Trail arguably the most comfortable trike in the world.

More Info

If you want more info take a look at the Catrike Trail Main Page here


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