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Catrike Pocket - Lava Red

Starting at $2850

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This tadpole trike really should be called the Pocket Rocket. With the lightest frame Catrike offers, this is one recumbent trike that can really get up and go. Comes stock with a 30-speed drivetrain. The pocket features a narrow track width and can be sized to fit taller children as well as being a great adult recumbent.

The Catrike Pocket

"But, isn't the Catrike Pocket for smaller riders?" You may be asking. While the Pocket has been a favorite trike with smaller riders for years, because of its 2 inch narrower frame and Catrikes ability for the booms to be cut down to smaller sizes. The Pocket and Expedition actually have the same seat and are the same length. Even though the Pocket is skinnier it still allows for a wide range of rider sizes. Its a great speedy trike that is built for transportation!

More Info

If you want more info take a look at the Catrike Pocket Main Page here


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