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ICE Quick Release Kit - DRUM brakes



Availability: At Least 5 In Stock
(also see availability of parts below)

If you would like to be able to fold your ICE trike without any tools, the ICE quick release kit for enhanced tool-less folding / split down would be perfect.

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This package contains the following:


ICE QR Front Wheel Axles Pair for Drum Brake Hubs (2 In Stock)
Quick release front axles which allow tool free
removal of the front wheels on ICE trikes with disc brakes.

Individual Price: $39.00


Ice Quick Release Levers for Boom with Spacers (5 In Stock)
These quick releases allow the front boom to be quickly collapsed for extreme folding and for the leg length of the trike to be adjust very slightly but as they do not adjust the chain length (for that you need the Easy Adjust kit 00724)

Individual Price: $30.00


ICE Quick Release Levers for rigid front mudguards (pair) (10+ In Stock)
This pair of quick releases allows you to remove the front mudguards/fenders without tools for dry rides or extreme folding situations where the size of the folded package needs to be reduced as much as possible. This kit is only compatible with the rigid front mudguards 00049, not for suspension mudguards 02137. Any color you want, as long as its black.
Not For Suspension Mudguards

Individual Price: $10.00

The standard Trike models can all be folded and split down into a small package. The rear wheel, seat, carrier (if fitted) and rear mudguard can all be removed and the rear frame folded under without tools. If you wish to make the trike smaller then you can also remove the front mudguards (if fitted), the front wheels, slide the front boom in and fold the handle bars down flat all with simple tools. However, if you would like to make all of the these adjustments WITHOUT ANY TOOLS then you will certainly need our additional quick release kit which consists of the following: QR front wheel axles Part # 02230 QR mudguard clamps Part # 02228 QR front boom clamps Part # 02227


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