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Rotovelo EV - Electric Velomobile

Starting at $8000

Availability: 1 In Stock

The classic Rotovelo with a super charge. The perfect commuter trike built on Trisled's philosophy of simplicity and functionality. The Velomobile fairing protects rider from the elements, and gives the rider added visibility. This trike comes stock with a 500w electric motor system and can be upgraded with even more power. Use a unique combination of human power and electric assist to shop, commute, or tour the world.


Please note that we do not charge for assembly and actual shipping costs to you are subsidized by Utah Trikes. Optional items chosen through our Trike Configurator will be installed on the trike prior to shipping. Any price differences shown between items here and our standard parts catalog reflect the cost of installation and/or additional hardware needed to install the item. If you would like to install the item yourself please choose the options separately through our catalog. Also note, our trike customizer calculates the price difference between the stock component configuration and the many upgrades that we offer. When you choose upgraded parts through this customizer you will not get the stock parts as the Trike Configurator calculates the price difference between parts. If you want all of the stock parts in addition to the upgrades you must choose the stock trike from here and then choose the full-price replacement components from our catalog. We are adding new options all the time. If there is an option you want us to add let us know. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Try the EV Lifestyle

Simplicity equals usability, with all the sleek curves and Trisled speed tweaks thrown in. Improve your commute, pick up your shopping, tour the country, or just take it for a spin. With a light system, hatch, mirror and built-in luggage space, Rotovelo is ready to ride!

Leave it on the street, park it outside and take it anywhere you want, without having to worry about scratching the paint. This is more than a trike, it's a sustainable way of life. Stay active daily with the perfect commuting vehicle. The combination of human power and eclectic assist makes biking available to anyone.

As Much or As Little Assist as You Need

This trike is designed so it can be a vehicle replacement. It helps to promote a healthy lifestyle, it decreases emissions and is perfect for commutes. The assist is there for commuters who want to get over that one nasty hill, or just want to relax on the way to work and pedal very little. You decide how much assist to use, and above all, enjoy the ride.

Falco: Leading 5 Phase Motors

This is a light weight, high efficiency propulsion system with 36V, 11.6Ah lithium ion battery battery pack. The motor is programmed to deliver a top speed of 32 km/h and power of 500W Max.

Hxm motor is a technical breakthrough in brushless permanent magnet motor technology. These five-phase eMotors have far superior power, torque and efficiency than the conventional three-phase motors. The battery is fully removable for charging and locks easily back in place.


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