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KMX Annihilator K90 Recumbent Trike

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The great outdoors are full of hills to climb, canyons to explore, and roads to travel. Donít just watch life, ride it! The KMX Annihilator K90's high quality and construction will annihilate your expectations. Hit the road in our most rugged KMX build to date, and tear up the trails with 90 speed gearing. Donít be afraid to put the K90 to the test. This trike features all the best components of our most popular Annihilator series at a lower price. Discover for yourself how incredible this trike truly is!

Unparalleled Value

  • Durable Steel Frame
  • 90-Speed Gearing
  • Comfortable Custom Seat Mesh
  • Custom Adjustable Headrest
  • 24in Front Wheels
  • 24in or 26in Rear Wheel
  • Bar End Shifters
  • Three Wheel Disc Brakes
  • Fully Adjustable Seat, Position and Angle

90 Speed Gearing

Want to climb hills with ease, or hit breakneck speeds as you soar down canyon roads? The KMX K90 features the Sturmey SCRK3 30 Speed back gearing coupled with a FSA Gossamer Crankset. Do the math! 10 gears in back x 3 Gears in front x 3 gears inside the hub = 90 Speeds

KMX + MTX = Awesome

The MTX is Sun Ringle's downhill/big mountain racing rim. These feature a deep sidewall and are incredibly durable. And honestly, they just look amazing on the Annihilator K90.

When it comes to tires, you don't want to sacrifice quality. The K90 features an all around durable and multi-use tire: the Kendra K-Rad. It's a Multi use designed tire - great for urban assault, street or park riding and great in the dirt and on the trails

Comfort and Style: Super Headrest and Custom Seat


No seriously, give your head and neck a rest. Just because you're working hard, doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable. The UTCustom Super headrest has a double hinge so you can place it just about anywhere you need it. So lean back and enjoy the ride.

Comfort Meets Function

We are pretty proud of this seat mesh. It started out as a remake of the muscle trikes we had a few years ago. Then we found an even more breathable material. then we triple reinforced the strapping. And finally we put a custom cargo bag on the back complete with insulated water bladder pouch!

More Wheel = More Comfort, More Clearance, More Speed

Let's talk wheel size. We jacked this trike up! The front wheels sit at 24 inches in diameter, with an option for a 26in back wheel. Why? Ground Clearance and Comfort. The bigger wheels raise the gearing and provides you with a smoother ride. It also increases your ground clearance making this trike great for more rugged terrain. As if you didn't have enough reasons to ride a KMX K90, then remember how much easier this trike is to enter and exit. This trike is awesome!

Detailed Specifications

Frame Material TIG Welded High Carbon Steel Box with Aluminium front boom
Trike Weight 54lbs complete assembled
Total Weight Capacity 250lbs for Off Road use and 300lbs for Road Use
Wheelbase 41.5in (105cm)
Wheel Track 30in (76cm)
Total Length 76in (193cm)
Total Width 31.75in (81cm)
Total Assembled Height 34in (86cm)
Ground Clearance 7in (18cm)
Bottom Bracket Height 17.5in (44.45cm)
X-Seam Range Min 35 Ĺin (90cm), Max 44in (112)
Gear Inch Range 15-154 GI (with stock gearing)
Steering Type Direct Steer
Steering Pivot Type Sealed Ball Bearings
Ackerman Steering Yes
Turning Radius 7ft (213.4cm)
Turning Circle 14ft (427cm)
Seat Height 14in (35.5cm)
Seat Width 15in (38cm)
Seat Angle 40-54 degrees
Country of Origin Taiwan/USA


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