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Falco Hx-500W-MT Hub Motor with Throttle

This item is currently not available for sale.

5-Phase Motor Technology with integrated controller, 40Nm Max. Disc Brake, Free Wheel Adaptors, Torque Arm, Torque are included. Throttle is also included.

Battery, Freewheel, Torque Sensor, Consoles, and wheelbuilding are not included.

Technical Specifications:
Number of Phases: 5
DC Supply Voltage (Max): 55V
DC Supply Voltage (Nom.): 48V
DC Supply Voltage (Min): 30V (Adjustable down to 12V)
Weight: 4.5 Kg (9.9 lbs.)
Torque (Max): 40Nm
Rated Power: 250W
System of Protection: IP54
Controller Current (Max): 35A (adjustable to 50A)
Battery Current (Max) @36V: 35A
Integrated Sensors (Motor): Current, Voltage, Magnetics, Hall Effect, Thermal, eBike Sensors (Optional), Torsional Torque
Off-Road Speeds: 25 to 30+ mph (48+ kph) (Optional Package)
No Load: 1000 rpm+
25+ mph (Pedelec@36V)
30+ mph (Pedelec@48V)

This is a light weight, high efficiency propulsion system with 36V, 11.6Ah lithium ion battery battery pack. The motor is programmed to deliver a top speed of 32 km/h and power of 500W Max ( customization available). This kit uses Hxm motor, Hxd display and Hxb-bb bottle battery pack. This system is optimized to deliver optimum battery range and torque. Hxm uses patented control methods for precise power and torque measurement. Optional onboard data storage exists in the motor, command console and the battery pack. Option of wired or wireless ANT+ pedal assist sensor.

Hxm motor is a technical breakthrough in brushless permanent magnet motor technology. These five-phase eMotors have far superior power, torque and efficiency than the conventional three-phase motors. Reduced weight of at least 25%, improved efficiency of 10%, increased power and torque of 30% and reduced cogging torque of 40% (to enhance ease of pedaling) over the conventional three-phase geared or gearless motors have been achieved.

Hxd command console is the first ANT+ wireless eBike console in the market. It has custom designed LCD and it can communicate with all the Falco components on an eBike wirelessly. It has integrated eBike, bicycle and fitness functions. Hxd can be mounted anywhere on the handlebar of an eBike, making it easy to reach and operate while driving. Hxd can easily interface with any ANT+ heart rate sensor.

Hxb-bb is a bottle battery pack. The pack merely weighs 2.5kg and it delivers 36V, 11.6Ah. The pack has a number of primary as well as secondary protections. The battery is mounted at the same spot as the water bottle on a bicycle.. It can be easily taken out for charging.



"Falco 500 watt Motor with throttle.. Id get Utah Trikes to install this baby and when I triked into the mountains ...the extra boost will help me up those long hills. Oh yeah baby lets get out there and TRIKE"

"I have a bad back and the combination of an electric motor and a recumbent is a dream come true. It would allow me to get out and cycle and feel the wind on my face."

"Awesome technology "

"I already have a catrike expedition with a 350w 48v bion x motor and its a lot of fun.I would love to win a new trike and put another electric motor on it for my wife.If i would be near your store you would see me there almost everyday."

"For those lazy days, I could use an assist. "

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