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FastBack Gear Belt



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The FastBack Gear Belt is what superheroes use when they ride recumbents with mesh seats. You, too, can ride superheroically with the ability to attach a 70LS, Double Century, and 4.0 Pack to seats that were previously impossible to mount upon.

14 different attachment points allow you to clip on FastBack accessories in readily accessible areas where you want them to be. No matter your seat, the Gear Belt will look like a natural fit. Need that kryptonite on hand? How about that bat spray nearby? Maybe you just want a couple extra CamelBak Bladders. Whatever the case, the FastBack Gear Belt lets you ride farther and ride faster.

Fits any standard width mesh seat from 14 to 18 inches (35 to 45cm) wide (Rans, Bacchetta, HP Velotechnik, ICE, TerraTrike, Volae, etc.
14 different attachment loops, some oriented horizontally, and some oriented vertically, give you lots of mounting options.
Made from top quality nylon packcloth and nylon webbing. Quick release buckles and webbing clips to keep things neat.
Suggested weight limit: 20 lbs (9Kg).

1. What exactly does this do?

This is a belt for attaching things to. It wraps around the top of a recumbent seat and lets you attach things. Some recumbent seats, like the Rans, Bacchetta, and HP Velotechnik mesh seats, have no way to attach things up at the top of the seat. They have smooth finished covers and there is no place to put anything. The Gear Belt solves this problem. It forms a pocket over the top of the seat and has a variety of loops and straps you can use to attach hydration packs, seatback bags, touring gear, all sorts of things.

2. Do I need one?

If you want to hang things from your seat, and have a full width mesh seat with no place to attach things up at the top, then yes, you will find the Gear Belt very handy.

3. What can you do with it?

Attach things to the top of your seat- packs, bags, touring gear, things you find by the side of the road, all sorts of things. It sounds silly in a way, unless you've tried to attach something to the top of this kind of seat. There is no easy way to do it without this, that's why we came up with it.

4. How does it work? I mean, if it's so hard to attach to the top of a seat like this, how come this

Very good question! The answer is "A very clever use of Velcro to custom form a pocket over the top of the seat". The basic form is a belt, but there are two straps that go over the top of your seat to big Velcro patches on the other side of the belt. You form these straps over your seat as you wrap the belt around, forming a pocket shaped to the seat. A pair of buckle straps let you tighten the belt securely to the seat. There are multiple loops of nylon strapping in both vertical and horizontal configurations on the back of the belt for attaching buckles and straps. Our 70LS, Double Century, and 4.0 Hydration Packs attach right on, for example.

5. My seat has a handy little pocket at the top. Can I still use that?

Yes, the Gear Belt is open in the middle and you can still reach the pocket if you have one.

Technical Info:

Belt body is 5 inches (12.7cm) tall by 27 inches (68.5cm) long. Straps extend 8 inches (20cm) beyond that. Six horizontally oriented 1 inch webbing attachment loops, six vertically oriented 1 inch webbing attachment loops, and two 1.5 inch horizontally oriented webbing attachment loops. Two 1" quick release buckles with webbing clips.



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