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Schlumpf 34T/68 High Speed Drive w/170mm Cranks



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The Schlumpf High Speed Drive is our favorite piece of cycling engineering. This planetary gear setup will give you higher high gears and lower low gears. If you have a trike with a 20in rear wheel the HSD will give you back the high end you are missing.

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This package contains the following:


Schlumpf High Speed Drive (Basic model without chainring, trouser guard, crankarms, etc) (4 In Stock)
This is the core HSD. Can be combined with crank arms and chainring to make a complete kit. Comes with bolts and buttons.

Individual Price: $650.00


Schlumpf 34t Chainring with Integrated Trouser Guard for HSD (10+ In Stock)

Individual Price: $135.00


Schlumpf 170mm Straight Crank Arms - Black (10+ In Stock)
Schlumpf 170mm cranks arms. Only compatible cranks for the schlumpf hub. Fits all standard thread pedals.

Individual Price: $59.95


Schlumpf Lubrication 5ml (6 In Stock)
5ml tube with special flow fat Mos2 for lubricating gear 2-3 times

Individual Price: $6.95

We install the Schlumpf High Speed Drives in house, and can install it for you before or after the purchase of a trike. Either way, installation is free. The simplest way to get the Schlumpf on your ride is to send us your boom or bring in your trike.

Increase your gear range and simplify your drivetrain. Get a Schlumpf HSD.

The Standard Schlumpf High Speed Drive comes with:
HSD 170mm crank arms
HSD with integrated bottom bracket
27-tooth chainring
Integrated trouser guard
Lubrication syringe

The Schlumpf High Speed Drive (HSD) provides a very elegant solution that eliminates the standard front derailleur and improves the chainline besides just giving you higher gearing. Another big advantage is that you can shift at anytime, whether you are stopped or coasting, so youll never get stuck in too high of a gear.

The High Speed Drive eliminates the front derailleur and the double or tripe chain rings. It has a single chain ring with internal planetary gears.

The Schlumpf High Speed Drive is an internal gearing solution that uses planetary gears to increase the rotational speed of the chainring compared to the crank arms by 250% when engaged. When disengaged, the cranks are effectively locked to the 27-tooth sprocket. With such a wide gear range, the HSD completely replaces the front chainrings, derailleur, and shifter, even though it only has two gears. The wide gear range means virtually no overlapping of the gear ratios.

In-shop installation of the Schlumpf High Speed Drive on your trike or boom is free at time of purchase. Don't hassle trying to do it yourself, Send us your boom or bring in your trike and let us do it for you!

The Schlumpf Drive is the sleak solution to getting the gears you want.



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"I would love the Schlumpf Drive because of the elimination of the front derailleur. Having your chain jump over the big ring and jam in the middle of an intersection is the worst. And fast is fun."

"Gear range is terrific. I can go from gear 10 to 1 instantly. Wonderful for our hills in North Ogden."

"Give us the schlumpf. We want the Schulmpf. I mean seriously triples dont offer that range... its like have a quad up front."

"I hate fighting the chain drop on standard chain ring aapplications."

"tired of shifting"

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