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Quality You Can Afford - SunSeeker Eco Delta 3 SX

SunSeeker definitely deserves a pat on the back. Theyíve created another cost-effective, comfortable, and cruise-friendly way to be a part of the triking community: the Eco Delta 3 SX. The Eco Delta is an easy, luxurious way to start triking, and it wonít cost you an arm and a leg. It features a much higher seat than some other trikes we carry that allows you an awesome panoramic, comfortable over-seat steering, and comes with that classic SunSeeker padded mesh seat to keep you cool on long outings. If you want adjustability, comfort, and affordability all in one trike, donít overlook the Eco Delta 3 SX by SunSeeker.

Frame and Adjustability

The frame has an appealing, simplistic design and, like other SunSeekers, is built with high-tensile steel. Itís lightweight and offers lots of adjustability. The seat can slide along the frame by using the quick release lever, and handlebars can be raised or lowered to fit you. The two-piece frame allows you to move the handlebars and the pedals closer or farther away from you, which is something unique to the Eco Delta.

If you decide to change the length of the frame, youíll have to cut or lengthen the chain, but youíll be able to fine tune the handlebars, pedals, and the seat independently to get maximum comfort as you ride. If you purchase a stock Eco Delta, you can order it in Navy Blue, Blue or Red. But keep our Utah Trikes custom color shop in mind. Our in-house powder coating offers over 35 colors for you to choose from.

The Ultimate in Comfort

Maximum Comfort
The stock seat on the SunSeeker Eco Delta is mesh and has a foam-padded bottom for great comfort. Itís breathable and keeps you cool so you can enjoy longer outings. This classic SunSeeker seat sits much higher than other trike models that we carry, 23 inches above the ground, to be exact.

As we mentioned before, the Eco Delta seat is very adjustable. Along with being able to slide it along the frame, you can adjust the seat angle anywhere between 45 and 90 degrees for maximum comfort. Ride more recumbent and comfortable, or ride upright and enjoy the scenery. The weight capacity is 300 lb, allowing the Eco Delta to carry a wide variety of riders, not to mention the extra 75 lbs of cargo you can pack on.

Steering and Handling

The Eco Delta has over-seat, direct steering. Unlike the tadpole-style trikes, the Eco Delta is a classic ďone wheel in front, two in backĒ kind of trike. The way the Eco Delta is designed makes you feel more like youíre sitting in the seat rather than on it, giving you a stronger sense of security. If you close your eyes, put on a leather jacket, and raise the extremely adjustable handlebars youíll feel like youíre sitting in a chopper. Instead of being on both sides of you, the handlebars are over the seat and give you direct control of the front wheel. For those making the move from a bike to a trike, the over-seat steering will feel very familiar and comfortable to you.

All in all, the over-seat steering is responsive, and the cartridge bearings used on the Eco Delta provide smooth, consistent steering. It has a natural tendency to go straight and youíll enjoy using just a light touch to steer.

Gearing and Brakes

No-Nonsense Setup
The drivetrain on the Eco Delta begins with efficiency and ends with a happy wallet. Itís a simple setup, and most trikers will be satisfied with the stock configuration. Much like the SunSeeker Eco Tad, the stock gearing on the Eco Delta features a 170mm 38T single crank up front, paired with a SunRace 7-speed derailleur and 11-32 cassette in back. That gives it a desirable gear range of 22 to 65 Gear Inches. If you want more gearing the Delta is easily upgraded. There are a lot options available to you and we would love to tailor the Eco Delta to fit your needs.

Front and Rear Brakes
The Eco Delta is set up with a front and rear brake. Youíll find a cantilever rim brake in the front, and Promax floating brake calipers in the rear. While the Promax calipers arenít our favorite, theyíre functional, although they may take a bit longer to break in.

The Eco Delta features two individual SunLite locking brake levers. Each lever can be locked into place so your trike wonít roll away from you as you get in or out. The brakes are easily adjusted at the caliper and by adjusting the cable going into the lever.

Wheels and Tires

The Eco Delta features 20-inch wheels, with black hubs, spokes, rims and silver nipples. The Delta features three 20 -inch x 1.5-inch 65 psi Kenda Kwest tires. They have Schrader valves and sturdy, single-wall rims. Youíll get a comfortable, smooth ride and, while they may not be the fastest, theyíre durable enough to last you a while on the road. The Kenda Kwest tires donít have any kind of lining for protection, so if you ride on rough roads and thereís lots of potential for punctures, you might want to look into an upgrade. These are excellent riding tires and if you run them at optimal pressure, theyíll typically stay in excellent shape.


Simple and Efficient
The chainline on the Delta is similar to the SunSeeker Eco Tad. Itís basic, but efficient, and allows for smooth pedaling. The Eco Deltaís straight frame means thereís no bend in the chainline and no need for idlers. Your ride couldnít be any smoother. There are strong plastic tubes on the chain, meant to protect it from dirt and debris. The tubes also protect the Deltaís frame from any potential scratches caused by the chain. You might notice a little bit of noise coming from the chain when youíre out and about. It can be minimized by flaring out the ends of the tubes using a lighter or torch. The chain will run more smoothly and youíll enjoy a more quiet ride.

You'll Love the SunSeeker Eco Delta

We think youíll enjoy the Eco Delta because itís cost-effective, comfortable, and classy. Itís everything you need and nothing you donít. The Eco Delta is a simple, no-nonsense trike that you can use to cruise your favorite bike paths. It offers so many adjustable features you can take care of your wrists and arms, those extra precious knees, neck and back. For less than $1000, you wonít find anything quite like the Eco Delta. SunSeeker has added a great buy to the market: a solid, durable, leisure trike at an incredibly reasonable price.

Extras and Upgrades

Before you think about upgrading, take a look at the extras this Delta already offers you: four water bottle cage mounts, two on the frame and two on the handlebars, a higher-than-average seat that gives you a great view, and comfortable, familiar over-seat steering. Now if youíre thinking about upgrades, remember that some riders like to upgrade right up front, others like to wait and add upgrades progressively.

Itís up to you, but if and when you do decide to upgrade, hereís some suggestions: for safety you might want to look into adding some rearview mirrors. Lights can be helpful as well, and a flag will make you more visible on the road. The Eco Delta is not built for speed but there are several upgrades you can make to increase the performance such as higher gearing and faster tires. Most people looking at the Eco Delta will find it perfect for enjoying your favorite bike paths or riding around the neighborhood. The Eco Delta will not disappoint.

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